North America, Europe · 10 Days · 26 Moments · June 2018

Elaine's mission trip in Romania

16 June 2018

Just got into Austria 🇦🇹

15 June 2018

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow! I am going to miss this place and all of its amazing people! I found the kitty at Home of Hope, the orphanage here.
I love all these people!
Health fair today!! That field is covered in sun flowers!!

14 June 2018

We had a victory service tonight!
Ana, Lori, and Mimi were with us all week at VBS!! I will miss them!
VBS this morning!!💖💖

13 June 2018

We danced with some of the translators after VBS!
In the afternoon went to another village to do VBS. It wasn’t as poor as the one this morning. The kids were so sweet!! A old lady kissed my hand, and a little girl kissed my cheek!!
Three hour drive this morning to a village where we did goats. This was the poorest village our team had ever been to. They didn’t have running water and some of the kids didn’t have clothes. We gave a few families goats and then prayed with them!

12 June 2018

Tuesday night walk!! Tomorrow we are doing goats!
VBS this afternoon in different village. This was a gypsy village. We were in a church, with no AC, that was probably 90 degrees inside. The kids were so sweet!
Morning VBS!! We were in the same community we were in yesterday, and the kids loved it!

11 June 2018

We had VBS today at a school! The kids were so sweet! Only four of us from the clinic helped with it, but it went pretty well!
How they park here😂

10 June 2018

We walked on the river tonight! In the picture it is Te’a, Brynn, me, Luke, and Bridger.
After church we got to go to a home of a local family and eat lunch. One of the sons spoke English and we also had a translator. The food was delicious and everyone was extremely friendly!
We went to church this morning. The service was in Romania, but we had a translator beside us. The church was beautiful but had no air conditioning.

9 June 2018

We went on a walk around the town with some people on the team! There are tons of kids playing soccer or games in the streets.
We had team building with water balloons after dinner! Our team dominated!
We had a health fair today! I was on sticker duty, and my mom took blood pressure!
Ready for day 1!

8 June 2018

We have a room in the medical clinic that we will be helping in. The pictures are of our room and view.
Then a 4 hour drive to Braila. There were lots of solar panels, farming fields, and a few beautiful buildings!
We had a freezing 10 hour flight to Romania!

7 June 2018

On our way!