North America, Europe · 61 Days · 217 Moments · April 2016

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela

7 June 2016

6 June 2016

Hello Madrid. Walked 27 km / 16 miles around the old city today. So much to see. So little time.
Goodbye Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

5 June 2016

4 June 2016

Last day in Fisterra.

3 June 2016

San Roque.
Astorga to Santiago in 10 days.
Simple Pilgrims' lunch.
So happy.
Rugged coastline.
Ancient castle.
Fishing village at end of the Camino.
Gorgeous Galician sunrise.

2 June 2016

Excellent way to end the Camino.
Much deserved cruise.
Fellow Pilgrims.
Heading back to my hotel.
Sunset cruise boat.
Appetizer (pulpo) with Estrella Galicia cervesa.
Old city section of Finesterre.
Fisterra. "The end of the world."
Pilgrims' Mass in English. Priest from Ireland.

1 June 2016

Official Credencial de Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Total of 221 miles in 10 days.
356 km in 10 days.
35 km. frm Arzua
Plowed fields.
Lunch break.
Long day ahead.
Day 10. Arriving in Santiago today.

31 May 2016

Day 9 covered 23 miles (44 km). Sunny and rolling hills. Total = 189 miles (292 km).
Need the calories.
Interesting sights.
Drinking water from fountain.
The best grapes, apple and orange I ever tasted.
Pilgrim fashion.
Lit another candle.
Breakfast after hiking 2 hours.
Started at 6:00.

30 May 2016

Day 8 = 22 miles (36 km). Total 146 miles (248 km)
Filled up one side of the Camino Passport.
My Camino Passport is full of stamps!
Cafe Americano
Lunch break.
Good intention.
74 yr old Pilgrim.
Got lost in the fields for a couple of kilometers.
Shedding unneeded stuff.

29 May 2016

Portomarin, Spain. Day 7.
62 miles to go.
Original Pilgrim.
Rainy and muddy hike.
Shoes not GoreTex.
Ancient Roman bridge.
Travel light.
Tip: bring plenty of Salonpas and Tiger Balm. So soothing at the beginning and end of a long hike.

28 May 2016

Dinner in Sarria. Home cooked in the Pilgrims' Alburgue kitchen.
Tip of the day: GoreTex anything works.
Yerba mate to soothe the Pilgrims. Another wet day today. Day 7 on the Camino.
Practical on the Camino.
Dancing in the Camino.
Filipinos. Retired. Now living in Stamford, CT 65 and 68 yrs old. Mr and Mrs Co.
Scenes in the Camino
Met Argentian Pilgrims and hiked together in the rain to Samos, Spain. Hiked for 24 miles (39 km) on day 6.
Hiking in the rain. Lovely.
The muddy trails become a Pilgrim's friend.
Hungry Pilgrim's Spanish omelette.
Ancient chestnut.
Sebastien from Germany and I were awed by the "arco iris"!
Italian Pilgrims taking a break.
Drizzling in the morning.

27 May 2016

Pilgrims' dinner. Germany. Manitoba, Canada. Australia. France. Ireland. Philippines.
Hearty meal for hungry Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.
Tip of the day: use the hiking poles to propel yourself forward. There is a hidden tune to dance to while hiking the Camino. Find it and the Camino seems effortless.
A toast. End of day 5. Completed 19 miles in 8 hours. Steep climb today then rolling hills. Total of 96 miles in 5 days. Still in good spirits.
Day 5 Alburgue for the Pilgrims. Quite a communal experience. Only 27 km to Sarria then another 100 km to Santiago.
From Germany.
Meet Peter, Ianna, & Gert from Germany. Emily from Ireland.
Greg from Poland. On the Camino for 22 days. He brought two pairs and prefers this combination.
Ianna from Germany. She has been on the Camino for 25 days.
The Pilgrims on bikes tried the uphill trail but gave up and walked instead among fellow Pilgrims.
Slow down and smell the roses and others in the trail.
Steep climb. Reminded me of the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains.
Departed Paraiso at 7:00.

26 May 2016

Simple Pilgrim's Dinner: Asparagus for appetizer; Fillet steak for main meal; Heavenly chocolate cake for dessert; and Cerveza to top it off.
Another tip: Carry only the ff clothes in the backpack - one underwear, three socks, one t-shirt, one long sleeve shirt, rain hat, rain pants, rain jacket. That's it. All others are inessential. Every ounce feels like a lb at the end of a long day.
Tip of the day: walk into every open Church to rest, give thanks, and reflect.
Views from Paraiso.
Day 4 walked 17 miles or 27 kilometers in 6 hours. Rolling hills. Cold in the morning then sunny by noon.
Nice place in the village just before a steep climb tomorrow. Hotel is newly remodeled and has friendly staff. I had the last room available. Others were booked days ahead. I sort of enjoy the thrill of knowing not where I will billet. "The Camino provides."
California Pilgrim. 26 years old. Fluent in Espanol so he helped me find a place tonight. He is proceeding on to the next village.
Day to day life in the Camino.
Total of 77 miles in 4 days. Lit a real candle inside the church.
Slowly filling up my Camino passport.
Lots of signs.
Hearty brunch. Bicylists along the Camino.
124 kilometers in 4 days so far. More miles to go. Timberland Chokurua boots. Smart wool socks.
The original ancient Pilgrimage trail. The other Pilgrim is 63 years old. He was using an app that gave directions along the Camino - in Nippongo.
Cafe Americano.
Almost there. One step at a time
Seven churches in Villafranca.
Early start.

25 May 2016

Pilgrim's dinner: Guisantes con carne norte, pork loin and caramel leche flan.
Appetizer for Pilgrim's dinner: chicharron and pizza verdura.
The Pilgrim, 2nd from left, with beard is 74 yrs old. He did his first Camino 2 years ago with his wife. He is from Toronto and his friend Peter is to his right.
Relaxing. The Pilgrim on the right is Father Gert who is an Anglican Priest from Germany. Mary and Joe are retired and moved from Tennessee to Flagstaff, Arizona.
Pilgrims' accomodation in Villafranca. Massage: pay according to your means.
Albergue Donativo: a Pilgrim pays according to his/her means.
Lit a candle for safe travels and world peace.
Catholic Church.
Wine country. Rainy day.
This rose made me think of Mama who loved planting and raising roses in San Franciso and Fresno, California. May she and Papa Rest in Peace.
Contrast. Life of a Pilgrim and life of a BMW owner.
Pharmacy. Got some blister ointment.
68-year old Korean lady on a solo Pilgrimage with prayer beads.
Not my normal and regular breakfast back in the States.
Just another morning in Fonferradon, Spain.
Ancient castle.
Early start - 6:00 am

24 May 2016

Around the village of Molinaseca.
Camino de Santiago. Astorga. Foncebadon. Molinaseca. Villafranca del Bierzo.
Roman Bridge.
Day 2 overnight in Molinaseca, Spain. Quaint ancient village. Hiked up and down two mountains for about 16 miles (25 km) with intermittent showers. Had to wear rain jacket and pants.
Rainy day. Slippery trail.
Good idea to wear arm warmer and t-shirt. As the day gets warmer, shed the arm warmer. The merino wool shirt is great. Kept me warm last night and cool as the day got warmer. When it rained, it dried fast. Worth its lightweight in gold.
Cruz de Ferro.
Tip of the day: foot care - antiperspirant at night then Vicks vaporub in the morning and two sock liners.

23 May 2016

Rabanal Albergue.
Albergue in Foncebadon. Fantastic paella with local red wine. The other pilgrims came from Lihuania, Russia, Italy, Germany, Colorado and North Carolina. The Proprietor said I was the first Filipino to stay in his Albergue.
Overnight in Foncebadon. Sleepy little village.
21 miles or 35 km the first day of the Camino. Great day.
Astorga to Rabanal in 5 hours straight.
Astorga to Santa Catalina. 2 hrs. Cool. Cloudy.
Day one of the Camino. Destination is Rabanal. Cool in the 40's. Nice sunrise.

22 May 2016

Camino Pilgrim's hiking staff.
Cool temps
First Spanish mass in the Camino. Lit 10 LED candles for safe travels and world peace.
Holy Rosary and Catholic Mass in Spanish in Astorga.
View from hotel room #203. Astur Plaza Hotel.
Temperature in low '60s. Sunny afternoon in Astorga.
Arrived in Astorga. Quiet little village. Got a hotel room overlooking the Plaza and Church.
First day in Spain.
Now in Madrid. Cool morning. Partly cloudy. Train for Leon leaves at 9:30.

21 May 2016


20 May 2016

Brown. Providence.

8 April 2016

Training hikes.