Singapore, Australia · 83 Days · 89 Moments · March 2017

Edward's adventure in Australia

20 June 2017

Decided that we'd head to the airport this evening rather than staying an extra night as we'd have to leave the hostel around 3am so didn't see the point in paying to spent a few hours in bed. Once we'd checked out we downloaded some things to watch for in the airport and on the plane. We had a walk round some of the shops in Perth this afternoon before coming back to the hostel to have a few games of pool before going out for dinner. Once we'd had dinner we walked back to the hostel and gathered our stuff together and arrived at the airport around 10:30pm. It's sad to be leaving such a beautiful country but it's been one hell of an adventure, we've seen some amazing places, meet some lovely people, laughed a lot (more than we argued!!) and most importantly made some unforgettable memories but I'm sure we'll be back one day, continuing exploring and making more memories.

19 June 2017

This morning we left at 7am so yet again another lie in! We stopped at a look out first thing in the morning down by the coast before going to pink lake which wasn't so pink as at this point the sun was still low which made it look more blue in area's than pink! Before heading to lunch we stopped a wildlife life where we got to feed kangaroos, horse and even a camel! There were also talking parrots and a crocodile which was quite cool! We then had a few hours in the minibus before we arrived in Lancelien Dunes where we went sand boarding which was a lot of fun especially after a couple of failed attempts I managed to stand up all the way down the dune. I didn't bother sitting like some people did as they seemed to get a face full of sand every time then came off, but that's not too say that I didn't end up with sand everywhere!! It was also had work getting back up the dunes so was glad it wasn't any hotter than the 25°c that it was! It was great way to end a awesome trip.

18 June 2017

Left at 6:30 this morning for a 15minute drive to Monkey Mia's from our accommodation. There is a pod of wild dolphins which live around the bay. Out of the 14 dolphins that came into the shallow water, they feed 5 of them 2 fish so that they don't become dependant on it. They make the feeding into a presentation and you can stand on the waters edge as they feed the dolphins and people from he audience are randomly selected to came feed them and I was lucky enough to be picked! We were also there early enough that we got too see the sun rise over the sea which was lovely to watch. Around 9 we left for shark bay which has a lookout over amazingly clear waters and then went and saw stromatolites which are living rocks only found in five places in the world and our the oldest fossil. We then started heading back down the coat to our accommodation in Kalbarri at which we arrived there around 4:30. We had a walk down the beach in the evening to watch the sunset once again before dinner.

17 June 2017

We left our overnight accommodation at 6am so as you can imagine we were all feeling fresh and ready to get going! We drove for an hour and a half so was to be able to go back to sleep before arriving at Kalbarri National park where we first visited at a lookout before going down into the gorge and abseiling down a 25meter cliff which was great. Afterwards we spent some time down by the river relaxing in the sun before visiting natures window which lived up to it's name and provided a great photo opportunity. We kept heading north up the coast were we had lunch at a road house and visited a shell beach which was different to your normal beach. On our way to our accommodation we stopped to watch the sunset over the sea which was beautiful. We've had BBQ'd steaks for dinner and off to bed nice and early as it's going to be another early start tomorrow.

16 June 2017

Started out Perth-Monkey Mia-Perth, 4day/3night tour today, got picked up at a nice responsible time of 7:45. Our first stop was around 11 at Numbung national park to see the pinnacles which are limestone formation which are sticking out of the ground, it was nice to be able go out in shorts and t-shirt again as the weather was lovely! We then drove another hour or so to where we had lunch and headed to the town of Geraldton where there is the HMAS Sydney II Memorial. Are final stop for the day was the accommodation which was on a farm in the middle of the nowhere. The stars were amazing and so where the toasted marshmallows. There was a lot of driving today so will be nicer to spent more time out and about tomorrow rather than being in the bus. The room lottie & I had was nice but the only problem was that a small mouse ran under the bed when we were in the room which made me jump and we ended up sleeping with it under the bed as it was easier than trying to get it out!

15 June 2017

Went to Rottnest Island today, got picked up around 7:30 and arrived at the island at 10:30 as didn't board to ferry till 8:15. The price of the ferry over included snorkel and bike hire which is the best way to get around the island which has some lovely beach, lakes and lookouts. We had a nice cycle round the top of the island in the morning before heading back to the town for some lunch and then headed south afterwards. We stopped at a nice beach which was meant to be good for snorkelling and decided to go for a swim which was nice and refreshing. Once we'd cycled back to the ferry terminal and returned the bikes we enjoyed a ice cream in the sun before heading back in Perth.

14 June 2017

We were meant to be doing a kayaking tour today but unfortunately it was cancelled because there wasn't enough people booked on the tour to make it worth ruining and disappointedly we won't have time to reschedule it for another day. We used the day to have a walk round Perth, buy some food as well go to the travel agents to get a refund for the trip.

13 June 2017

Packed up all our stuff this morning and had to get rid of a few extra things that we'd be carrying round in an extra bag before flying to Perth. We went out and got some early lunch before getting the bus to the airport. We took off around 3:30 and the flight was just over 3 hours long. Arrived at hostel around 6:30 local time as we gained an hour and a half from the time difference. We couldn't be bothered to walk to supermarket and cook so we decided to be lazy and get a takeaway pizza for dinner.

12 June 2017

Had bacon sandwiches this morning which was very nice before getting the bus to coast where went and did a sky challenge which is similar to go ape but it's a steel structure and not in the woods! It was great fun as there was lots of different challenges as well as different levels which kept us busy for nearly 3 hours and we managed to get it at nearly half price online on a website similar to wowcher. Did some washing this evening before we fly to Perth tomorrow.

11 June 2017

Had a nice chilled morning before heading out just after lunch. We caught the public bus to just outside Adelaide where we went go karting at a great track. I didn't win but I still beat Lottie so it's all good! This afternoon/evening we've cooked dinner as well playing some pool.

10 June 2017

Today we took advantage of the free bike hire around Adelaide and rode down to Henley beach along the river which was around 12km each way, the bikes weren't the comfiest either! We had late lunch on the beach front before slowly making our way back towards to the city. We dropped the bikes back around 4ish and stopped at a pub for happy hour for a few drinks on the way back as we thought we'd deserved it!

9 June 2017

Didn't get up to much today, had a nice relaxing morning as we were quite tired from the last couple of days. We went and got some food for our time in Adelaide in the afternoon as well as having a bit of a walk around the city. We watched some TV before cooking dinner, afterwards we played some pool and some table tennis before bed.

8 June 2017

We stayed in a cabin last night with a kitchen and a lounge so was an upgrade from a hostel but it was freezing first thing in the morning! We left the hostel at 7:30 and drove for about 10minutes were we did a hike for around an hour and a half up to a lookout over a different part the grampians. Which was a great way to start the morning with some amazing views. We spent some time up there before heading down and we hit the road just after 9 as we had to travel over 500k's to get to Adelaide which wasn't too bad as we played some games and stopped regularly enough and even did some time travelling at the boarder between states as there is a half an hour time difference! We had a nice long lunch stop where our tour guide cooked beef tacos which was nice. I'd brought a returning boomerang in Melbourne and gave that a go at one of the stops but it don't go too well so will have keep practising! Arrived in Adelaide around 6 so enough time to settle in and cook dinner before bed.

7 June 2017

PART 2: We kept heading inland into the Grampian's where we went to see Mackenzie falls before heading up to a lookout with amazing views over the national park to watch the sunset behind the mountains which was beautiful!
PART 1: We left the hostel at 7:15 so had a nice early start this morning and our first stop of the day was Port Campbell where they have some amazing rock formations and few different walking routes and we were there for around an hour. We then went to a location called London Bridge where there is an island which used to be attached to the mainland before the bridge collapsed whilst two people were on the island, who had to recused by helicopter! The waves there are great to watch crashing against the coastline but the wind was cold there as there is nothing in between us and the Antarctica. We then went the grotto which is another great rock formation. Afterwards we had a 2 hour drive to Tower Hill reserve where we had a kangaroo burgers in a dormant volcano! Once we'd had lunch we headed to a culture centre about the aboriginal people which was very interesting.

6 June 2017

PART 1: It was pouring with rain this morning so decided to get an Uber to our pick location instead of walking and getting soaking wet before sitting on a mini bus! There is 7 of us on the tour which is a nice small group. We had about a two hour drive to Torquay for a toilet break which is where RipCurl and Quicksliver first started out and luckily the weather had started to clear up. We then had a short drive to bells beach but it was quite cold and windy so didn't stop there for too long and had another short drive to the great ocean road sign for some tacky tourist photos which marks the start of the 243km road which took 13 years to build back in 1919. We then stopped at Kennett after driving along some amazing roads twisting round the coastline. At Kennett we started walking up this path and all these parrots would come and land on your shoulders, head and arms if you held them out which was very entertaining and we saw loads of wild Kola Bears here as well which was cool!
PART 2: We then headed to Apollo bay where we had beef wraps for lunch with salad which was nice and had a walk round the town. Afterwards we drove to Otway National park which was where we did a circular walk round, which took roughly an hour. For somewhere to become a national park in Australia it has to have something which is unique to that area and this particular one has carnivorous snails! They also have the second tallest tree's in the world which are around 100m tall. Once we had done that we headed to the 12 apostles which was where we watched the sunset, the views were amazing but the sunset was ok as it was quite cloudy and cold as it was probably around 5-10°c at this point! Had a nice warm shower when we got to the hostel and we went out for pizza as our tour guide didn't fancy cooking outside on the BBQ in the dark and cold!

5 June 2017

Didn't get up to much today, did a wash before we go on our great ocean road tour. We also went rock climbing in the afternoon which was really cool it was $30 and you get a brief telling you how to secure yourself to ropes and belay whilst the other person is climbing and then we were free and there is no time limit either was good. They had loads of different walls of different difficulty and all of good height so was really enjoyable. We're all packed up and trying to have an early night as we're getting picked up at 6:30 tomorrow morning for our trip.

4 June 2017

Today was Lottie birthday and I even managed to put up a birthday banner and blow some balloons as well! We had bacon sandwiches and hash browns for breakfast which was very nice. Had some birthday cake after breakfast just to be nice and healthy! We then headed out and walked to the south bank to the Eureka building which is just under 300meter tall so had some great views over Melbourne. We also did the edge experience where you stand in glass box which slides out the side of the building which was good fun. We had a walk along the river and found Melbourne grammar school boat club and had a few drinks in a near by pub before going back to the hostel. We then went out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurants and then went to a few rooftop bars before retiring for night.

3 June 2017

Went to the market this morning as lottie wanted to get something that she'd seen the day before. We then walked to the other side of the CBD to the Australian Moving Images Centre which is the national museum of film, video games, digital culture and art. We spent the afternoon there playing some off games as well as having a walk round as there were lots of fun & interactive things to see and do. They also had some of the retro games like the old tennis and space evaders which was good fun as I managed to beat Lottie! We stopped for a hot chocolate on the way back to warm up us as it had got a little nippy since we went in the AMIC. We've cooked dinner and watched some TV in bed before going sleep.

2 June 2017

Had a walk round the Victoria markets today which is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere which is over 17 acres so it took us a while to get round but was nice to do. Brought some souvenirs as well as a personalised passport cover. Had pizza for dinner this evening as there's an oven at this hostel which is another luxury here!

1 June 2017

Had a nice lie in and chilled morning today before we headed out after lunch on a self guided walk round the city which we found online. Melbourne is famous for culture, graffiti and laneways with nice coffee shops & restaurants so it was good way to see it all. There were some lans with some great graffiti on it and they were completely covered! Once we'd done that the afternoon was gone, we watched some tv before cooking dinner and watched a film in bed as we've got a tv in our room which is a luxury!

31 May 2017

Arrived in Melbourne around 7:30 this morning we got a taxi to the hostel as it was about half an hour walk away. Luckily our room was ready when we arrived so we we went back to sleep for a bit as even though the coach journey was good you still don't sleep as well as you would in a proper bed! We had a walk round this afternoon and stocked up on food as we're here for a few nights before we move on. They have a mini cinema here so we watched a movie in the evening before heading to bed.

30 May 2017

Had a nice chilled out day today, we checked out at 10:30 and watched the end of a film we started watching the other night before going to buy some food to have in some rolls for dinner tonight on the coach and I also managed to find a Cornish pastie for lunch which wasn't quite as good as the ones from home! We then sorted some trips out for when we're on the west coast with a travel agent and they all seem like good fun so looking forward to them as it's meant to nice and relaxing compared to the hustle and bustle on the east coast. We had a walk round Sydney afterwards before we got on the overnight coach to Melbourne via Canberra.

29 May 2017

Went to Taronga Zoo which is a zoo with a view as it looks over Sydney, we had to get a train and a bus too get there. We arrived around 10:30 and had a walk round to see the giraffes, zebra's and few other animals before going and feeding the giraffes which was great fun. Then got lunch and did the wild ropes course which is just like Go Ape but with a view over Sydney! We then went and saw the new 4 day old baby elephant which is pretty famous here! We had a walk round the rest the park and got the ferry back to the train station before getting the train back to the hostel. We went out this evening with some drinks and something to eat with a couple that we made friends with up in cairns which was a nice evening and we finished it off with watching a water fountain display as part of vivid light festival.

28 May 2017

This morning we had a scenic helicopter ride around Sydney Habour and the northern beaches which lasted around half an hour and was amazing especially as the visibility was great. We even got too see some whales in the distance and being in a helicopter has got too be the best way to see the harbour! We flew over an area where the house price range from $40-50million! After our scenic flight we got dropped back at the hostel in time to have some lunch and then we headed over to Bondi beach which is a lovely large beach which was nice and sheltered from the wind. It's defiantly a wealthy part of Sydney as there were some nice cars driving around! We had an ice cream just before heading back to the hostel around 5ish and we've had a nice quite evening in watching a movie.

27 May 2017

Went to the Blue Mountains today, we got picked up around 7:30 and had a 45minute journey to Featherdale Wildlife Park where we got to feed kangaroos and see some other animals including snakes, crocodiles and dingos. We then had an hours drive to the blue mountains national park to one of the lookouts which had amazing views and then had a guided walk round for about an hour or so where we saw the most venomous spider in the world! We then went and got lunch looking over the three sisters which is a rock formation before having a longer walk in a different location which was about 2 hours down into the valley too see a waterfall as well as a better view of the three sisters. It was about 4 o'clock by the end of the walk and we started heading back towards Sydney which took a while get back because of the traffic. We had a nice chilled evening in the movie room once we'd cooked dinner. So overall it's been a great day out but a long one!

26 May 2017

Arrived in Sydney around 10:30 after not the best journey as the suspension wasn't working for the first hour or so which made it very uncomfortable and had to wait around 3 hours for the mechanic to arrive and fix it, so the 9 hour overnight bus become 12. We dumped our bags at hostels, had some lunch and headed to manly Beach via the tube and ferry which wasn't too expensive as me managed to get a travel card like the Oyster card called the Opal. The ferry provided great views over the opera house and harbour bridge. Manly Beach was nice but once the sun went behind the trees the wind made it a bit nippy so we didn't hang around on the beach for long. We cooked dinner and then headed out too see some of the sights as the light festival, vivid has just started which was amazing too see.

25 May 2017

Had a walk around Coffs Harbour this morning and along the jetty but despite it being blue skies the wind was cold so we didn't hang round for long. We went back and had some lunch and chilled out before doing some stand up paddle boarding in the creek which was very nice as the water was flat and was warm as it was protected from the wind. We also saw a sting ray on the bottom which quite cool. We cooked steak and mash for dinner was very nice and now currently on the night bus which left at 10pm and should arrived in Sydney just before 8am so hoping that i'll be able to get some sleep!

24 May 2017

Tried to go surfing this morning with the free surf boards you can use from the hostel here in Coffs Harbour but did more swimming than surfing so decided to do some body boarding in the end! We got an ice cream on the way back from the beach and once we showered headed out to get some food which was a bit of a walk way so that took up quite a bit time. We had a nice chilled afternoon in the sun before heading to an Italian restaurant for dinner as we both had been craving lasagne!

23 May 2017

We were meant to scuba diving this morning but the dive shop cancelled all the trips for the day because the conditions were too bad which was annoying, we managed to get a 100% refund through the travel agent we booked it through and I got my dive medical done so hopefully we can find another good dive site somewhere else. By the time we'd done all that we had some lunch and had sit in the hammocks. We then had a nice walk along to beach and there were loads of surfers in the sea which were great to watch! We got on the coach around 6:30 and arrived in Coffs Harbour just after 10 o'clock.

22 May 2017

Went sea kayaking again this morning and had blue skies which was a nice change to last time, didn't see any dolphins this time but was still great fun. We got back to the hostel around 12:30-1ish when the person from the hang gliding company rung and said that the wind was powerful enough and in the right direction so he picked us up about an hour later so we had a chance to have a shower and eat. We went up close to the lighthouse where I got kitted up and they have a ramp where you launch from which was great fun running off the edge! It was amazing soaring around the skies as he even let me steer by myself and do a few 360's which was great fun! We soared round for about 20minutes before a nice soft beach landing and then we got driven back up to the top. It was then Lottie's turn and she was bit nervous to start with but loved it by the end! Overall the whole thing was awesome and I'm so glad we managed to do it in the end! Hopefully we'll sleep well tonight after a busy day!

21 May 2017

We had blue skies all day today instead of the rain which was initially predicted at the start of the week which was another nice surprise! This morning we had a walk around the town and then had a lay on the beach again. We then came back to the hostel for lunch and then I had a surf lesson which Lottie didn't fancy this time around. It was just me and the instructor so it was effectively a private lesson which would normally cost $250 compared to the $60 I paid so didn't do too bad! The waves were much better for learning compared the bigger waves we had at Noosa which made it great fun as I managed to stand up many times! Lottie had a sun sunbathe by the pool and a walk down the beach to where we were in the meantime. For the rest of the afternoon we relaxed in the hammocks enjoying the rest of the sun before going out and getting some pizza for dinner which was very nice.

20 May 2017

The forecast for today was rain all day and when I woke up it was cloudy but not raining so decided to go for a 8k run up the light house and back which was hard work with the amount of steps to the top! When I got back and showered it was blue sky which was a nice surprise from the rain forecast so we decided to head down to the beach to make the most of it. We came back to the hostel for lunch and ended up staying as it clouded up a bit and planned what we're going to do in Sydney. Unfortunately we were unable to hang glide today as when I spoke to them they said that wind wasn't blowing in the right direction which is a shame but hopefully there might be other places where we can give it go or even on Monday if the conditions are right. We cooked dinner and went and got an ice cream afterwards which was enjoyed down by the beach.

19 May 2017

This morning we went sea kayaking with the hope off seeing some turtles and some dolphins, we got picked up around 9:15ish and were on the water by 10. It was good fun getting out past the waves but was also hard work at times going against the wind and waves but we kept stopping for breaks which was nice. Despite it raining we were still nice and warm with are wetsuits on and at one point when stopped to look for dolphins we could go for a swim if we liked and it was nice and warm in the water, around 25°c which was warmer than the air temperature! It much easier on the way back going with the waves and was good fun trying surf them back to the beach. We did get to see some dolphins quite far in the distance but they said we could come back again for free if we wanted to see if we could get a better sighting which we may do on Monday. It rained for the rest of the afternoon so we had a nice warm shower when we got back and had a nice relaxing afternoon and evening.

18 May 2017

We got up just before 5 o'clock this morning and had an hours walk to the Lighthouse where we watched the sunrise. The best part was probably 10minutes before the sunrise where the sky was very red. We got back at the hostel around 7:30am and seeing as we had had an early start decided to go back to bed! We had a scuba dive planned for the afternoon but the dive medical I had from home for when I was Cairns wasn't done to Australian dive medical standard apparently so I wasn't able to dive so fingers crossed I'm able to get one done here and do the dive as it's meant to be very good site. It does mean that we'll end up staying here in Byron longer than planned but we've worked out that we've still got enough time to do everything we want to do.

17 May 2017

Went for a run along the beach this morning in the sun which was very nice, we then packed up and headed out for some breakfast before having a walk along the beach and getting the coach to Byron Bay. We've had a walk round this afternoon and sat watching the surfers in the sun. Off to bed early tonight as we plan on walking up to lighthouse, which is the most easterly point in Australia to watch the sunrise which is meant to be amazing from up there.

16 May 2017

Went to Sea World today which was a top day out, arrived about 9:30 watched some dolphins playing around in the nursery before going to a sea lion show which was excellent. We then went to see the sting ray's be fed and they came close enough to touch, there were some huge ones in there as well! Afterwards we went and saw the affinity dolphin display was awesome and very impressive! They had the dolphins doing synchro flips, throwing there trainers high in the air, giving crowd a wave as well as lots of other tricks! We then went to see the Antarctic penguins and then there was another dolphin presentation talking about dolphins and about where they came from and most of them are rescued which was very interesting. We then had lunch looking over the dolphin nursery before we went to see the polar bears and the fairy penguins be fed which were tiny! We then finished the day off with Jet Stunt Extreme show and an ice cream!:) We cooked chicken kebabs this evening which was delicious!

15 May 2017

Went to Wet'n'wild today, which is the local water park which was great fun! We arrived there around 9:30 and it opened at 10 as everything has moved into the off season times as off May. It was nice and quiet which meant we were able to do all the big rides more than once. The best ride was one where you stand in a pod and then the floor drops below you! The park closed at 3:30 so weren't late back so had time to get an ice cream on the way out of the park, it's been blue skies here all day which made the difference! We've had a couple of drinks this evening and played some cards. With the tickets we got today you can go to a few of the other parks in the area so we're playing on going to sea world tomorrow.

14 May 2017

Went for a 11.4km run this morning along the river as I'd been feeling guilty about how little exercise I'd done and the amount we've been eating! But we did have some veg with our dinner tonight! Had a nice short coach journey to surfers paradise which only took just over an hour. We had a walk around after lunch but has been raining ever since so glad we got out when we did. We've had a chilled afternoon and plan to go to the water park tomorrow as the weather is meant to be nice again.

13 May 2017

We headed out just after 11 today and walked to South Bank Parklands which is on the other side of the river to where we are staying. They had a market on which we had a walk round and they have a mini London Eye which we went on as it wasn't too expensive. After that we had some lunch and then got the City Hopper Ferry which is free to use to the other side of Brisbane. They have a cycle path all along the river so we decided to take advantage of the bikes available to use for $2 to make our way back to our hostel which was very nice to do. With the matching sunglasses, helmet & bike all I needed was the yellow jersey and I would of looked like I'd won the Tour de France! We then had a short walk back to our hostel from where we had parked the bikes and arrived back here around 5 for a beer which was needed after all our walking and cycling. We've just finished our dinner on the rooftop looking over the city, and it's quite mild this evening which has been nice.

12 May 2017

Arrived in Brisbane just after lunch time today, we had our lunch on the rooftop looking across the city. We had a walk round the shops this afternoon but although it's a fairly big place there isn't that much to do so glad we're only here for 2 nights! We've also worked out what we're doing for next week which will include going to surfers paradise and Byron Bay which is something to look forward too as we've got sea kayaking with dolphins and a scuba dive in Byron.

11 May 2017

Got up around at 10 this morning before getting the shuttle to the beach. We took advantage of the free bodyboard hire at our hostel and used them twice today and caught some great waves! We treated ourself and went out for lunch and had a very nice ice cream as well! We had a lie on the beach and got the 5 o'clock shuttle back and had a much needed shower as we were very salty & sandy. We watched a film and cooked our dinner. We're catching the 11:30 greyhound bus to Brisbane tomorrow so need to pack our stuff up this evening.

10 May 2017

This morning we had a two hour surf lesson, the waves bigger than usual as apparently there is cyclone sitting far out at sea which has been there for a few day which has created the bigger waves. I managed to stand up a few times but when I did fall off you usual get a mouth full of water and thrown around! It also made it hard work to get back out fighting against the waves, by the end I was finished and destroyed by the waves so we had a well deserved bacon roll when we got back. We spent the afternoon relaxing watching a movie at the hostel which was nice as the last few weeks have been busy! We had a walk round the town this afternoon but has been raining most of the day so hopefully it will be dry tomorrow! We've just finished washing up from dinner and got our seat on sofa ready for the movie evening:)

9 May 2017

Today we did a tour of Noosa River and Everglades, we got on the boat just before 10am, we headed up the river for just over an hour as we kept slowing down as the tour guide was showing us difference things along the way. When getting into Everglades which is a part of river away from the main part the water is very shallow so most of us had to stand at the front so the engines didn't touch the sand below! We had a tea & coffee stop before heading to where we had lunch. We had a walk around there whilst they cooked our steaks! Afterwards we canoed back to where to had our tea & coffee stop which was hard work against the wind! The water there has tea tree oil in it which means that the water creates a mirror affect but unfortunately it was a bit too windy to see. We arrived back at our hostel around 4:30-5ish, so it's been a great day seeing river and the wildlife that it has to offer!

8 May 2017

Left Rainbow beach at 10 o'clock this morning for Noosa which was just over two and a half hours so a nice short journey compared to the last one. This afternoon we booked our accommodation in Brisbane for the weekend as well a 2 hour surf lesson on Wednesday which should be good fun. Done more food shopping again today, feels like that's all we've been doing recently but as we're staying here for 4 nights it should be easier, as before we were just staying in hostels for a night in between trips. We've got canoeing on the Everglades tomorrow to look forward, we're just hoping the weather will be good to us as you can definitely notice it's colder here compared to when we started off in cairns!

7 May 2017

We had to leave at 7:30 this morning so a bit earlier than yesterday. We headed to Maheno wreck which has been on the beach for 82 years after being washed up in a out of season cyclone whilst being towed. It had been raining a bit in the morning but when we arrived at the wreck it had just stopped raining and turned out to be a lovely day! We then went to Lake Wabby, we parked on the beach and had a 2.5km walk to the lake through part of the rainforest and across a sand dune. We spent some time there enjoying the sun before walking back, we had lunch shortly after that and headed back to the ferry. We arrived back just before 2, we've done some washing this afternoon and a walk down the beach we've just finished doing dinner and about to pack our bags ready to move onto Nossa in the morning. Overall the 3 days in Fraser was great start to finish!

6 May 2017

We didn't have to leave camp until 9 o'clock this morning so got a bit of a lay in which was nice. We went to Eli Creek this morning which has some of the purest water in the world! It had a natural lazy river and we had some rubber rings to float down on which was nice and relaxing! The beach by the creek doubled up as a runway as well as a road, just before we left the pilots came over and offered our group a discounted price of $60(£35) for a 15minute scenic flight over Fraser Island so we decided we'd do it as that's pretty cheap compared to everywhere else and is meant to be the 2nd best scenic flight is oz and as Fraser Island is a sand island it was amazing to see all the sand dunes, hidden lakes and rainforest. We headed back to camp for lunch before going to Champagne Pools where the water runs over the rocks looking like champagne apparently?! We had a short drive to Indian Head which is 90m above sea levels which great views across sand dunes but not as good as the plane.

5 May 2017

Today was the first day of our trip to Fraser Island we meet just after 7 for our free pancakes. The divers had there briefing but unfortunately we weren't old enough to drive and then we headed out around 9 by the time we were all packed up. Took a while to get on the ferry as it was busy with 4x4 clubs. We had about an hours drive down the beach to where we had early lunch, which is a registered road as there are no real roads on Fraser Island only the beaches and 4x4 tracks. We drove in land to Lake McKenzie which was a perched lake with crystal clear waters, nice sound and overall very nice! The weather was a bit cloudy but was still nice and warm! We spent the afternoon relaxing before we went to the campsite around 4:30-5 we played cards before cooking our dinner with the food provided and played more cards as well as having a few drinks before heading off to bed.

4 May 2017

Not a lot to report from today, we took the overnight bus from Airlie to Rainbow Beach which arrived here at 10am and luckily I was able to sleep most of the way. By the time we'd stored our luggage and put our food away we had just less than an hour to kill before we could check in. We then went to the supermarket to get some food for dinner and we spent the afternoon playing cards and relaxing before we had a briefing at 4:30 for over an hour for our 3day/2 night trip on Fraser Island which commences tomorrow. We cooked dinner and packed our bags for and off to bed now as up early in the morning.

3 May 2017

So this morning we tandem skydived out of a plane at 14,00ft. We had to meet at the shop at 5:30am so it was very early start but was a perfect morning for it and the whole experience was amazing! It was a short ride to the local airfield where our tandem instructor was waiting and got us kitted up and then we 14 of us jumped in a small plane which took went to 6,000ft where 2 people jumped from before ascending to 14,000ft. Falling out of the plane was probably the best part as you have amazing views over the whitsunday island and next thing you know you're free falling at over 100mph towards the earth for about a minute until they open the parachute at 4,000ft and glide around taking in the views before he spirals down and you land back at the airfield. Lottie and I loved and would defiantly do it again!We're having a restful afternoon, the weather is still nice and sunny so will probably go lay in the sun before getting our night bus to rainbow beach.

2 May 2017

Had a well needed lie in this morning before going to get some more food and then cooked bacon sandwich's which we'd been craving for ages! It's been a lovely sunny day here so we went and laid by the water front but not on the beach as it's got lots of wood and debris on it from storm Debbie. We went to the same travel agents that we used to book the first part of our trip to get some help in finding the best trips/tours to do over the coming weeks, we paid for sea kayaking with dolphins, BBQ canoe along the Everglades, a certified dive in Bryon bay which is meant to one of the best places to dive after the GBR, blue mountains tour in Sydney and a 3day/2night trip along the great ocean road for when we eventually get there but it's nice that it's all paid for as we got a bigger discount because they can package it all together so we've got loads to look forward too in the coming weeks! Cooked sausage and mash this evening and will most likely have an early night to catch up on sleep.

1 May 2017

Got woken up nice and early again this morning and the weather was a bit nicer this morning compared to yesterday. They put a inflatable slide over the side of the boat and opened up the jump platform to give us a chance to try get rid of our hangovers and have some fun before we headed back to Airlie beach which was really good and the water was nice and warm! Once we got back to land we went to the hostel to check in and then out to got some lunch. We then spent most of the afternoon relaxing at the hostel, did some washing and was just speaking to the people in our dorm for a while which was nice. As it's labour day here no shops were open so we decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner. I had tandoori chicken skewers which was served on a hot rock so you basically cook them yourself which was very nice and something different. We went out for a few drinks with everyone from the boat this evening and got back just before midnight as 2nights on the boat meant we were tired!

30 April 2017

We were woken up at 7am this morning which wasn't very pretty as we hadn't had much sleep and were a bit hungover! We then had a short ride to where we were dropped of at a beach by the tender and we did a short walk up the hill to some amazing views over the white haven beach which was amazing. We then walked down onto the beach which has amazing sand it is the finest, most pure sand in the world! We jumped back on the boat and had lunch and then traveled further down one of the islands to a beach where we spent the afternoon sunbathing and sleeping off the last of the hangover! We started drinking again once we got back on the boat we've some fun games and seen dolphins in the water which was amazing and off to bed now as I expect we'll be woken up nice and early again tomorrow!

29 April 2017

We got up around 8 this morning to pack up and that took a while as there was a queue for the shower which the joy of staying in a shared dorm with an ensuite for 8 people! We had a walk round Airlie where you can see the affects of storm Debbie as most of the road sings were knocked down! We had a walk round the markets where I brought an iron on badge for my bag and then checked in for the Atlantic clipper which is the boat that we're on now which is a 2day/2day night sailing trip round the Whitsunday. We went and brought some alcohol for the boat and boarded about 2:30ish. We've spent the afternoon chilling out on the top deck in the sun and with a couple of drinks, we had the opportunity to go down the slide or jump of the boat but we didn't fancy getting wet and possibly cold as we had already started drinking! We had a nice chilled evening with some fun games, looking forward to a full day tomorrow seeing some amazing sights as well as spending some time on the islands.

28 April 2017

Spent the morning relaxing at the hostel before getting the ferry back to Townsville about midday and then a bus from there to Airlie Beach which took about 4 hours because we had a dinner stop for about half an hour so arrived here at 7:00pm. We had a short walk to the hostel before we went out and got some alcohol and some snacks for the Whitsundays trip which I'm looking forward as it's meant to be amazing!

27 April 2017

Had our free breakfast this morning looking over the sea and blue skies before getting the bus to the start of Forts Trail which is basically a 4km round trip up to the lookouts that were used in the war which had some great views and because magnetic island has a very high population of koala's the trial is meant to be the best place to spot wild koala's and we saw 3 so was a worth while trek! We then got the bus to horseshoe bay where I had a rocky road ice cream which was very needed before getting the bus back to the hostel. We had a cocktail while the sun set which made the sky over the horizon nice and red so was a nice reward for all our walking!

26 April 2017

Got about around 8 and went for a swim in our rooftop pool and lie in sun before we heading to magnetic island which was roughly a half an hour boat journey and it's been hot here so far! The hostel has a nice pool right on the beach front. We walked to the supermarket which took 15minutes and was rubbish so might try and find a bigger one tomorrow. We did a sunset walk up to hawkins point this evening, organised by the hostel which was very nice and then played trivia when we got back which was good fun but don't think we where ever going to win it!

25 April 2017

Travelled 4 hours to Townsville this morning to a hostel which is called rambutan which has been designed to feel like a hotel but with hostel prices, but does have a fairly swish bar/restaurant and because of ANZAC day there were lots of people smartly dressed and very drunk as that'd be drinking since after there service which was before dawn so felt very underdressed! We walked up castle hill which has 1315 steps but had some great views at the top! We cooked dinner tonight and then having a few drinks this evening before getting a short ferry ride to magnetic island where we will stay for 2 nights.

24 April 2017

We were up nice and early this morning to catch our 8:30 bus to mission beach and arrived here just after 10 where there was a mini bus waiting to take us to hostel to save us walking 15minutes with our bags which was very handy! We had a walk along the beach before going to supermarket to get some food for the next couple of days because it's ANZAC day here tomorrow which is basically the same as remembrance day and it's a public holiday so everything will be closed! When we went in the supermarket it was blue skies and walking back we got caught in a huge rain shower and got soaked! We had a nice chilled afternoon after drying out and was good to get a few things to sorted out. Had a BBQ at the hostel for $5 this evening which was much better than cooking! Had a swim after dinner to try and help the land sickness but hopefully that will wear off soon!

23 April 2017

The first dive brief of the day was at 6 o'clock in the morning which wasn't easy getting out of bed for as we had to squeeze in 3 dives in the morning. This dive was the last one before I got padi advanced open water certified and was the deep dive where we went down to 27.3m! We do this one at the start day as the shallower dives later in the day will help release nitrogen from our system. We moved to multiply dive sites over the trip and the last one was a nice and close to boat so was easy to navigate! The journey back was very warm and sunny and I slept all the way back on the top deck getting a nice tan, but lottie burnt! We got some pizza at our hostel before heading out for the evening for a few drinks with everyone, made good friends with a couple that reminded me of Simon and Louise so much! They said we can crash with them if Sydney if we wanted which was nice! Got back around midnight as got to be up early for our coach to mission beach in the morning.

22 April 2017

Completed another 4 dives today, starting with the first one at 7:30am and the last one at 7:30pm, woke up and saw the sunrise over the horizon out of my bedroom window which was something I could get used to seeing! I did 2 dives towards my course, fish identification and underwater photography so two easy ones! I did 2 fun dives, one with lottie and then one with my dive buddy as you have a guided night dive if you're newly certified diver which lottie was. Like all of my fun dive I had to navigate to the Reef and back to the boat which we managed every time except for one occasion where we did get lost and had to come up to the surface to look for the boat but we can forgot about that! A couple on the boat got engaged underwater and he'd arranged for some drinks to be on the boat in the evening so that we could celebrate which a great way to finish of a great day!

21 April 2017

I started my padi advanced open water course today with a nice early start to get the Reef. The journey was rough on the way out, worse than the first time and I thought that was bad! Completed 4 dives today, some being towards being certified and some fun dives, the night dive was amazing yet again but can't wait for tomorrow's night dive in a new location with new exciting things to see as well doing our deep dive down to 30metres!

20 April 2017

Sorted a bit more of our trip out today as booked our Fraser Island trip, some more accommodation for later down the road as well as 15hour coach journey from Airlie Beach to Rainbow Beach which will be the highlight of the trip! We could of stopped for a night half way but thought we'd save money and get the night bus and hope we sleep! Went out for dinner tonight as we had a $9 dollar voucher for a meal and drink at a local pub which wasn't too bad! All packed and ready for the trip to Reef (3days/2nights) which is very exciting as doing the padi advanced open water course this time around, should be great fun to get back out there and hopefully some more cool photos, especially now that I've got a red lens to add some colour to the photos!

19 April 2017

Didn't get up to much today as Lottie had her first day of her open water padi course. I lounged around this morning and caught up on some tv before having some lunch and going to shopping centre to grab a few little bits. Sat around in the common area reading this afternoon until lottie got back around 5:30-6 and then we headed down to the lagoon to BBQ our dinner. When we got back to the hostel we had a few games of card with some others so a nice relaxing day.

18 April 2017

PART 2: We stopped for ice cream on the way to a lookout across the rainforest but we couldn't see as clearly as you normally could as we were in a cloud! On the way back to Cairns we went to Port Douglas which we didn't stop out as he just drove round and talked about a few things as there isn't much going on up there to get out and walk round! Arrived back around 7:30-8 and had some leftovers for dinner as didn't quite get our portions sizes right the other night but I'm sure we learn but it did save cooking this evening! Looking forward forward for a restful day tomorrow after two tiring but great days out.
PART 1: Today we did active tropics, Cape Tribulations tour. We were picked up at 7:20 this morning and after a few more picks ups we headed north for just over an hour to Mossman Gorge where we had a smoke ceremony round a campfire by an indigenous tour guide and went for a small walk through some rainforest along a river. We then went for a Daintree river cruise and saw a few wild crocs! The tour finished on the other side of the river where the oldest rainforest in the world the Daintree starts, we had about an hours drive to lunch to at Cape Tribulations which is where the Rainforest meets Reef where I had a kangaroo burger to feel like a proper Ozzy! We had a walk along the beach and the sand was very compact, probably from all the rain and I didn't get any sand in my feet whilst wearing flip flops so you would of loved it Emily! The broad-walk through the Daintree was amazing as you could see all the mangroves and had to walk under a large golden orbe spider the size of my hand!

17 April 2017

PART 1: We did Uncle Brain's fun falls and forest tour today which was great fun start to finish. We got picked up around 8 and headed about an hour south to Babinda Boulders for a small rainforest walk and a swim across the stream to some big boulders where you can jump off, then some cake and a drink before moving to Josephine Falls which had an amazing 3 stage waterfall with a natural slide at the bottom which was good fun but a bit bumpy on the way down! After that we had an hours drive to where we were eating lunch which was in the town Milla Milla, which is 800m above sea level so for the most of journey we were climbing and all day there were amazing views of the mountains and surrounding area's. Once we had eaten we went to Milla Milla falls which was incredible with its 18metre waterfall which you can swim through and go behind, because the first 3 places were streams/ rivers the water temperature was "fresh" as our tour guide described it as!
PART 2: We then headed to our final stop which was Lake Eacham which is a fresh water lake which used to be a volcanic creator 65m deep! There is a resident croc but as he's a fresh water croc he's not aggressive but still didn't want to bump into him! The water was much warmer with great views across the lake as the sun was getting low at this point. We had some hot chocolate and headed for home down a maintain Road which was very twisty it's meant to have roughly 250 bends, he made all the journeys go quicker with games, music and at a traffic in the middle of no where he even jumped and stole a sugar cane, which there are loads off to try which was something differed! We got back around 6:30-7ish and had some pizza for dinner, a few games of cards and now off to bed as we've got another exciting day tomorrow.

16 April 2017

Didn't get up to especially much today but feels like we've had a productive day, after we had had our lay in! We went to this travel agents which harry and I had seen a couple of days earlier and just got chatting to him then and thought I'd go back there to book some stuff us as he seemed nice and knew what he was talking about. We're quite busy for the next next 3 week as we didn't plan anything after then as we didn't want lots of commitments! This coming week we've got a day visiting waterfalls, a day in the Daintree rainforest/ Port Douglas, and a 3day/2night trip to the Barrier Reef and a party bus one evening in the middle of all that! We've been nice and organised to plan our meals and buy our food for the week as well!

15 April 2017

Got back around 2:30am from going out last night which was relatively early! We packed up and checked out of our room and then went and had our free breakfast around 10ish. Harry and I then went a chilled on the bean bags which looks over the road and because Lottie's flight landed earlier than expected, we were both there when she arrived and then harry got picked up shortly afterwards. Lottie & I had a walk round cairns to get some lunch and to kill time before we checked into our room and then we had a free BBQ, 4pm onwards which was nice. We've been for a swim in lagoon this evening so I expect we'll just chill out and have a early night as we're both pretty tired!

14 April 2017

Had to pack up all my stuff and decided to sacrifice some clothes that harry would take back so I could pack my bag a bit easier! Harry and I decided to stay in a hostel tonight so we didn't have to get a bus back to where we were staying in palm cove and also to save me getting the bus into cairns in the morning! They're very strict on there drinking rules here on good Friday and basically everywhere was closed today so we just went for a swim in the lagoon and headed over to the hostel to check in. You're only allowed to drink here with a meal and there's a pizza place that did a buffet for $2.50 each and it also meant that we were able to buy drinks from the bar as we were drinking with a "meal", none of the clubs open until 12midnight so we're just about to head out to now to have one big night before saying goodbye to harry! Lottie arrived in Singapore safe and sound although she said the flight was a bit bumpy! She's just waiting for next flight now and I can't wait to see her!

13 April 2017

Went for a run this morning so that I don't get too fat whilst eating and drinking lots and then Paul, John (Harry's Grandad), Harry and I headed over to crystal cascades waterfall which was amazing. Was a small trek to the water and then a small climb up to the rocks to the main waterfall which was amazing the water was so nice and clean but was a little bit fresh! Even Harry's grandad climbed up the rocks to have a swim in the waterfall! Harry and I then went exploring up another stream of water which looked like it would go on forever and was deep in the jungle so headed back and tried not to think about how close we are to spiders and snakes! We then went swimming in this swim hole which was very nice and refreshing! This evening we had a BBQ down by the beach and went for a few beers in pub afterwards.

12 April 2017

Went to the gym this morning and then came back to the villa for lunch before heading out to do a zip wire, we got a buggy up to the top which was a bit hairy but had great views over the airport from up there! We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the sea and the swimming pool at the villas. We've eaten dinner outside and just chilling outside and might have a few games of cards to finish the evening off.

11 April 2017

Went up to see Paul's house which is building up the hill which has some lovely views! We then went go karting this afternoon and I came second to Paul by 0.07 of a second but I did beat harry though! We had a nice relaxing afternoon by the pool and haven't got anything planned for this evening so will be nice to have an early night as we're planning on getting up early tomorrow morning and going for a swim.

10 April 2017

PART 1: Today 12 of us went to Fitzroy island which was a 45minute boat ride from the mainland and arrived on the island just before 12. The beaches there are coral beaches mixed with sand which was different, Paul, Harry and I walked along to nudey beach and no before you ask WASN'T a nudest beach!! It is rated 2nd best beach in Australia 2017 apparently, I think it was mainly because of the views over the other islands and back to mainland, it was about a 20minute walk each way from the main area of the island. We then got some lunch and the three of set about walking to the summit of the island. It was marked as being 2.7km from the bottom and it took as well over an hour to get to the top and it felt like it took us right round the island and we were pretty out of breath and very sweaty by the time we made it to the top but the views were like nothing else and photos don't do it justice at all! We found a more direct route down mostly stairs and jumped straight into...
PART 2: …the sea which was so nice and refreshing. We then got back on the boat to head back to cairns shortly afterwards and both harry and I slept the whole boat ride home as walking up to summit and being sore from wake boarding had worn us out! We went out for dinner tonight as it was Ashley (Paul's step son) last night before he went. Harry, Harry's cousin George who is a couple of years older than us stayed down at the pub and had a few games of pool and a pint which was a nice way to finish off the evening so will defiantly sleep well tonight, although we do have two small gecko's running round our room!

9 April 2017

Went for a all you can eat breakfast down by the beach this morning which was nice but couldn't move after that! When we got back to the villas we helped Harry's uncle take down the sails which were over the communal pool as it's almost winter here and just chilled by the pool getting a tan and listening to music. After lunch we went to the local cable ski park and did some wake boarding and some knee boarding, we all found the knee boarding easy enough and I was only one who managed to go a whole lap and a bit round the lake wake boarding which has left me a bit broken now as it's hard work and is a never a soft landing when you come off! Just about to have all Harry's family round our villa for a mini party for his Grandad's 80th so time to have a rest before they all come round.

8 April 2017

Got up just before mid day tonight and just chilled out and then headed in cairns in the afternoon to get so much needed food! We had a nice walk round, wasn't too warm either which is nice as we didn't get to hot and bothered! Sat round by the lagoon on the water front enjoying and the sun but didn't fancy a swim as was short on time! We got back to the villa around 7ish and had dinner with all of Harry's cousins and there partners so was lots of us! We went down to a local bar for drinks this evening all together and off to bed now as got a busy day tomorrow!

7 April 2017

Meet all of Harry's cousins and there boyfriend/girlfriends in the morning and then went for a sim, we tried organising something for the afternoon but everyone was tired so we just went to the gym and went out in the evening. Harry's cousin went home about 1 and harry and I decided to stay out and got back at 4:30 so tired today again!

6 April 2017

Went out last night for a meal and drinks with the guys from the boat trip and went to a German place where the beer was sold in 1 litre's and we sat down and had to drink it quick before it warmed up got back at 3:30 in the morning so was tired this morning but not too hungover! Went for a swim in the pool and then had a walk down the beach for another swim and a sleep on the beach which was much needed! We went to the gym this afternoon on a free trial, everyone went to bed fairly early so harry and I watched a film so a nice chilled evening.

5 April 2017

The final day of our scuba was yet again a great one! We started out with a dive at 6:30 and saw the sunrise over the sea which wasn't too bad as was a bit cloudy! Felt a little bit rough and breakfast made me feel worse and felt a little sea sick so took a tablet and some ginger gum which helped settle my stomach but I sat the second dive out. The third and final dive was one of my favourite as we saw a turtle, sting ray as well clown fish (nemo!!) I was fine on the journey back as I had taken another tablet prior to leaving but suffering a bit of land slickness this evening so hopefully a few beers with everyone from the boat will make that fee better!

4 April 2017

Day 2 on the boat has been a great one, we started off with a dive at 7am which was a one way to wake up in the morning! We had a cooked breakfast but not quite full English unfortunately and then jumped back in the water at 10:30 for are last dive before we become certified divers!! We got our temporary passes for as I'm now a certified diver, we were let loose in the ocean for our third dive which was after lunch. We had enough time between dive 2&3 to get on the top deck and top up tans and look over the blue waters. Diving by ourself was great as we got to explore all round the Reef and saw a turtle to swim with some other cool fish and time for a few underwater selfies! We were giving the coordinates to navigate back to the boat in our dive brief and luckily we all made it back without getting too lost! After dinner we had the night dive which was a complete different experiences, we saw two huge sleeping turtles which are 100+ years old as well Reef sharks which were very cool!!

3 April 2017

Today was the first of three days on Great Barrier Reef, once we were picked up we stopped of at the shop to check in before boarding the boat for breakfast and leaving around 7:15ish. It took over 3 hours to get to the Reef and was very choppy at times but I'd taken a sea sick tablet so managed to keep my breakfast down which was nice. We then got straight into the water after arriving for a snorkel in 29°c waters! We saw a Reef shark only a small one though as soon as we jumped it and so loads of different fish but the highlight was swimming next to a turtle! We then come back onto the boat for lunch before heading out for our first scuba dive no turtles or sharks this time but did see a sting ray! We had a nice sunbath on the top deck before our final dive where we saw more turtles and beautiful coloured fish! We've just finished dinner and having a few games off cards before bed so all in all a great first day! Hopefully get some more photos once I'm certified!

2 April 2017

Today was day 2 of the padi open water course and we started off the morning by getting into pool but not before we set up our equipment ready for later in the day. In the pool we tried out some different equipment such as the type of fins and goggles so that we could know the difference incase we wanted to buy any. After that we got our equipment and starting learning more advanced skills and practised getting neutral buoyancy (floating midwater) which was much easier today! We went out for lunch as a group to grill'd which was very nice and headed over to the dive shop to get our equipment fitted ready for the boat trip tomorrow and headed back to dive centre to finish off the last modules in the class room and do the final exam which we all passed! Got back and jumped in the pool with harry which was nice and refreshing! Of to bed nice and early this evening as we're being picking up at 5:40am for a 3day/2night stay on the Great Barrier Reef!

1 April 2017

Started my 5 day open water padi course today. Got picked up around 8 and then spent the morning in the classroom doing some theory and then went outside just before lunch and was taught how to put all our dive gear together and how to take it apart. Once we had our lunch we jumped in the pool and starting learning various skills and went down to 4m to practise getting neutral buoyancy, which was a lot easier said than day! Got out the pool after being in for roughly 3 which long enough with all the dive gear on! Just got back to villa now so almost time for dinner and some sleep!

31 March 2017

Went for a early morning swim in a netted of area of the sea that's meant to keep the sea life out but a huge fish swam past me when wading which wasn't very encouraging as we'd spoke about how some crocs climbing into the net the night before

30 March 2017

Landed about 10:30am on (30/03/17) and had a chat with the lady I was sat next to on the plane who told me not to swim in the rivers because of crocs! Was very hot today 35° which a nice change! Feel asleep most of the afternoon but I did want to have a swim and walk but never happened! Had homemade burgers on the BBQ for dinner which was very nice!

29 March 2017

Spent the evening in Singapore airport which was huge and lots to see and do including the butterfly garden, cinema and entertainment centre! Got a free $20 dollar transit voucher which I used for a back massage and there were also plenty of free massage chairs!