Australia and Oceania, North America · 26 Days · 24 Moments · March 2016

Edna's odyssey through United States of A...

23 April 2016

Home sweet home!!

22 April 2016

One more airport- one more plane then home sweet home!!! Whew!

20 April 2016

Planes planes everywhere!!
Planes everywhere!?!

20 April 2016

Boarding for LA!!
More central park photos!

19 April 2016

All the colors of the rainbow!! Stunning!
Now having lunch before exploring the delights of Central Park!!
Today I was a real tourist!! Walked starting from Penn Station to Times Square to Central Park! Weather was glorious! Just right... Not cold, not hot... And everything looked crisp and clear!!!😀

17 April 2016

Yesterday Mex today viva Italia!! We are trying to make the most of what little time I have left plus kids in school tomorrow and uncle Setsu will be at work.....

16 April 2016

Quesadillas and all things Mex with Pinky and family then Eya for her first doubles recital with a friend!!

15 April 2016

Long Island here I come!! Brrr it's COLD!! Again!!!! Gotta pile on the clothes again! 😖😁
On the road again!! Or rather on the air again!! Back to NY. It was really so hard saying goodbye! I love South Carolina and wouldn't mind coming back for a good look see!

14 April 2016

Auntie and Alma in her room in Generations...

13 April 2016

Exploring south carolina's capital Columbia!!
Spending whatever time I have left in Columbia with loved ones!

11 April 2016

This is where Auntie Estela stays...

10 April 2016

More family photos!

9 April 2016

Catching up with beloved family so far away from us.. Childhood memories and stories came tumbling in!!
Auntie having a good day!

4 April 2016

New York City- by train- the Metropolitan museum and freezing and wet... 😖

31 March 2016

Long Island- Stoneybrook University , dimsum lunch and church on Sunday!!! It has been cold!!!

29 March 2016

Yup, I'm on my way... First, overnight in Sydney...