North America, Europe · 16 Days · 33 Moments · June 2017

Germany, Austria, Switzerland 2017...

11 July 2017

Travel day. 5:54am train from Horgen. Zurich to Cologne, then 10.5 hr flight to Seattle. Great trip, but ready to come home!

10 July 2017

A train ride south of Horgen, a little further down Lake Zurich, lies Rapperswil. Famous for its wooden bridge, monastery with Rose Gardens, and deer park (we saw the deer and babies, just didn't get good pix). Dinner at McDonalds (don't judge) to try the Quinoa Curry burger. It was good! 45 CHF (approx $50) for the family dinner.
The Lindt chocolate shop at the factory!

9 July 2017

Walking through Zurich and ferry ride back to Horgen. The boys went swimming in Lake Zurich. Pacific NW represents!

8 July 2017

Travel day. Wengen to Horgen (just outside of Zurich), with a stop to walk around Interlaken along the way.

7 July 2017

Day trip to Grindelwald. A cable car up, then rode a "mountain cart" half way down, then a "trottibike" the rest of the way down. After that, a call to Canada to wish my parents a happy 50th anniversary!

6 July 2017

1. Wengen 2. Our chalet (bottom left) 3. How cheese that is made here is sold (in rolls, no holes in the cheese). Restaurant food here is incredibly expensive ($10-$12 for a side of French fries) so we buy groceries and eat at our "apartment" 4. We took the cable car up from Wengen to Mannlichen 5. View from the top 6. Two hours of beautiful scenery and perfect weather on our hike across to the next city before taking a train back. 7. Swiss fondue for dinner!

5 July 2017

Travel day! Munich, Germany to Wengen, Switzerland.

4 July 2017

Best Gelato in Austria or Germany! Cool flavors like beer (16 years or older to order), balsamic strawberry, and champagne and raspberry.
BMW headquarters for the factory tour. Cars are nice but I prefer the motorcycles!

3 July 2017

Lunch at the train station and then a walk through the Englisch Gardens.
Dachau concentration camp. Horrific the evils humans inflict on each other.

2 July 2017

The boys being a little "cheeky".Walking around Munich.
On the train to Munich.
Last day in Salzburg. Man, it rains a lot there!

1 July 2017

2 More of Salzburg
Definitely a trip highlight--the Hallein salt mine. We had to wear protective gear for the 75 minute tour (first pic), which also helped keep us warm as it was 10 degrees Celsius underground. We rode an electric train, went down 2 wooden slides, and took a wooden boat across an underground saline lake (other pic).

30 June 2017

First night in Salzburg. Austria. Thunder and lightening storm and Mozart in the Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace (where he actually played). The boys were, um....mesmerized...
Nuremberg city center tower, toy museum, and coffee bicycle in the city square.

29 June 2017

Our last night in Nuremberg.
Rothenburg day trip. One picture walking on top of the city wall, another at the largest Christmas store ever.

28 June 2017

Coolest Smart Car ever!
A non-alcoholic Hefeweizen!
113 steps to the top of the Imperial palace Sinwell Tower in Nuremberg.
Epic fail. We slept until 1:30 in the afternoon. Missed the famous noon Glockenspiel (and the hotel's free breakfast), but man, the hotel is quiet! Getting breakfast/lunch/afternoon snack...(note the almost 16 hours of sleep)

27 June 2017

Sauerkraut and Nuremberg sausages in...wait for it...Nuremberg, Germany!
Hiking to the train in the rain.
Our room and the view from the bathroom.

26 June 2017

431 stair steps to get to the top and our hostel in a 12th century castle but the view at the top is SO worth it!
Rhine river cruise (kids still jet lagged).
In line to get train tickets at the Frankfurt airport.

25 June 2017

Toronto Airport!
3:30am at SeaTac airport for the start of our European vacation!