North America, South America · 48 Days · 88 Moments · June 2018

Ecuador Summer Aventura 2018

2 August 2018

Zonked out in Dallas Fort Worth...
Back in the US. And very tired.

1 August 2018

Climbing Rucu Pichincha Part 2–The Summit and Evacuation: Izzie: As we were standing on the top it started to hail. It was cold and we were ready to go down. We could barely see the trail and we almost got lost a couple times. After a few minutes of walking down from the summit we spotted a mom and a five year old child having trouble. It was freezing and the kid had no jacket. Luckily a guy stopped and gave the boy his jacket. We went up to them and asked them if they needed anything because it seemed like the boy might have had altitude sickness. All they said was that they wanted to go down with us and with some other people who had followed us. So we kept going and soon we noticed that the boy could not get down. It was hailing and cold and the boy was very low energy. Daddy went back to help him and another guy agreed that cary the boy on his back. We found shelter after a while and waited out the storm. We walked down in no time at all. What an amazing mountain experience!
Climbing Rucu Pichincha Part 1—The Approach: Izzie: We arrived at the base of the teleférico (a gondola) at around 10:00. We took it up to the top of a little mountain. From there we walked down a cement path up to the trail head. The mountain was covered with a light dusting of snow and there were some clouds, but aside from that the weather was great. The first part of the hike was climbing up a long a ridge. There were many people hiking so we were not alone. After we had hiked along the ridge for a while we arrived at the base of the peak of the mountain. We hiked around the peak and started our ascent on the other side. At that time some fog had rolled in and it was a bit hard to see. A last final scramble up some rocks brought us to the submit.

31 July 2018

Izzie: We went out so that mom and dad could get a drink at this very pretty caffe/bar in old town Quito. They each ordered a drink but they each got an extra drink for free. Daddy and Mommy both drank both drinks and got a bit wacko! They were ok though. We played canasta and the girls beat the boys again.
We made it to the middle of the world!
Dad and kids visit the National Museum while mom takes a conference call. Really amazing place, and the kids did great.

30 July 2018

Making it up to the kids for leaving the beach early. We found the game that Dave and I used to play at UW!
Trying to avoid the paparazzi. The bodyguard was not to be messed with! (Shh, it’s just Izzie with a bad headache and a protective brother!)

28 July 2018

Here are a couple of shots from rainy Ayampe on evacuation day. Why evacuation? Bugs.

27 July 2018

25 July 2018

Made it to Buena Vida in Ayampe. We’re a block off a huge beach will endless beach breaks. Can’t wait to get our hands on a few boards!

24 July 2018

En route to the beach!! Not sure what’s wrong with Izzie...

23 July 2018

We met up with some friends—Sara and Scott—from Sayulita (4 years ago!). They just moved to Quito, and we had a wonderful afternoon going to the Oswaldo Guayasamin museum and park for some football. The museum was amazing, showcasing both beautiful and deeply tragic and disturbing pieces on the South American (primarily) human experience.
Dad and kids take Quito’s newish (to me, at least) telepherico, half way up the side of Pichincha. Mom worked at the hotel.

22 July 2018

Hot or not? (Before and after)
Arrived in Quito for some modern comforts (like good WiFi).

21 July 2018

Isadora winds up for a super soccer kick at a park on the North end of Otavalo.
We visited the Otavalo animal market. The kids were impressed by the animals and fell in love with the puppies. We had vegetarian dinner that night in town.

20 July 2018

We took buses most of the day to eat to Otavalo because the direct bus didn’t stop for us and we then had to go via Quito :(. We had a restorative hike from our new hotel outside Otavalo to some waterfalls. We soaked in their Japanese hot tub as the sun went down.

19 July 2018

Isadora and Silas learned how to speak Llama. We tried unsuccessfully to ride the hostal owner’s horse.
Everyone wanted to break the 16,000 ft barrier, so we kept hiking until we reached the glacier’s edge (16,730 feet). Silas and Isadora were unstoppable. We all made a pact to come back in 7 years and climb to the top!
We then drove to the parking lot and hiked from there (14,765 ft) to the Refugio (15,960 ft).
COTOPAXI!!! Photos from a hike around a lake at the base of the mountain.

18 July 2018

Today our taxi driver (Misti can’t handle buses on mountain roads anymore) took us to Cuello de Luna, our hostal by Cotopaxi National Park.

17 July 2018

Here are some pictures from an the amazing Sky Walk from the Black Sheep Inn. It took us deep into steep canyons and along a knife-edge ridge. We also learned how to fend off over protective dogs.

16 July 2018

Our new friends from Quito—David and Marguerita.
Izzie: We arrived at the Black Sheep In and it is awesome. There is so much fun stuff!
Today we stupidly rented horses to ride 4 hours to the amazing Lago Quilotoa. We took a bus home

15 July 2018

Today we took buses and taxis from Baños to the Black Sheep Inn, near Lago Quilotoa. We stopped by some amazing canyons cut by rivers through the soft volcanic landscape.

14 July 2018

Izzie is recovering. At a cafe drinking oregano tea. On the mend!

13 July 2018

Bound to happen some time! Silas fell soon after Izzie. May have had something to do with swallowing gallons of hot thermal bath water. Yuck! Izzie: After a while we figured out that it was not from thermal bath water but from eating Chocho beans on the street. Chocho beans are a type of sour bean and they need to be soaked in river water for eight days! No wonder we got sick!

12 July 2018

Dad gets a huge goes to the hot springs again... Dave and Misti take another hike, this time to the Virgen.
Silas and Izzie went to the zoo today with their Spanish teacher and took these pictures.

10 July 2018

Silas: Today Silas and Izzie went out with their Spanish teacher and bought this thing. Silas and Izzie learned that there is a tree that grows a fruit that is a little bit bigger than a coconut and it has about 200 seeds inside it. The seeds inside the fruits are about the size of an egg. There are factories that make these seeds into necklaces and other things.

9 July 2018

Isadora: Football pickup before dinner. We went to some soccer fields by our house to play soccer. Half way through our shooting game which I was playing with Silas, some Ecuadorian kids came up to us and asked if we wanted to play a 3 on 3 game. We said yes and later on many more kids joined us!

8 July 2018

Silas plays sou chef to Mama Misti. Below is the warped view from Bella Vista and Tres Izzies.
This is the Ecuadorian flag. -Silas

7 July 2018

Daddy, izzie and silas playing soccer at the park. Yesterday we went out to the center of Baños to go look for a soccer ball. Many of the balls that we saw were really cheap and bad but we finally found a good one for$7 and we went to play soccer.
Cascada del Pailon Del Diablo

6 July 2018

Hanging out in the town by the waterfall.

4 July 2018

Today we rented bikes and started a long downhill ride from Casa del Árbol—an volcanic eruption site, turned tourist attraction. We almost made it to some spectacular waterfalls, but Silas rode over a pile of nails, and I only had 4 patches. We’ll take a bus another day to the falls.

3 July 2018

Recuperation day in Baños. Top photo: kids sitting in front of adventure menu for the week...downhill biking to waterfalls, canyoning, jumping off a get the idea. Bottom photo: kids watching anxiously as Colombia and England end their game in a penalty kick shootout. Colombia lost :(. Mexico lost on Monday, so our favorite teams are dropping like flies.

2 July 2018

Checking out the hammock swing outside bedroom of our Baños “tree-house” apartment for the week.
Bus from Riobamba to Baños. Brings back memories from 25 years ago.

1 July 2018

A bit more from the Chimborazo ride.
Amazing downhill bike ride from the Lower Refugio on Chimborazo.

30 June 2018

On the bus—first class with deluxe snacks!
Leaving Cuenca for Riobamba!

29 June 2018

Last day in Cuenca! Dad worked but had fun night with friends for dinner. Capture the flag game rained out!
Indigenous Peoples Day at Yanapuma school

27 June 2018

A visit to the Panama Hat museum. Just two doors down from our apartment.

25 June 2018

Dinner at the Colombian restaurant
Another trip to the Thermal baths!
Outside our spiffy apartment.

24 June 2018

Dad and Silas take the long way home from Cajas hike.
Awesome hike at Cajas National Park!

23 June 2018

Dinner at mall with new friends we met at zip-lining.
Hitching a ride with new friends.
Zip-lining outside Cuenca
Pickup truck taxi is Silas’s new favorite mode of transportation.

22 June 2018

Hike up to the Mirador.
Relaxing and reading in the apartment.

21 June 2018

Horseback riding at Buena Vista. We rode along a portion of the Inca Trail!

20 June 2018

Must have taken a walk along the Rio this day...

19 June 2018

Dad and kids visited the local zoo. Very nice!

18 June 2018

Visited the Thermal Baths.
Waking to school—first day.

17 June 2018

First full day in Cuenca. Explored the Rio and went to Pumapungo

16 June 2018

Flew from Quito to Cuenca in the morning. Checked in to our beautiful apartment. Explored the local market for food.
Silas arrives tired in Cuenca.
Flight from Quito to Ecuador.

15 June 2018

Left Denver to fly to Quito. Arrived late at night and stayed in airport hotel.