Ireland · 8 Days · 19 Moments · October 2017

Ebony's voyage in Ireland

13 October 2017

It was hard work waking up after a late night. We got up and got ready to leave and drove to cork. We stopped off to lunch along he way, dropped off our car, nearly froze to death while walking across to the airport and sat and waited for our flight.

12 October 2017

We woke up and watched some downton in bed before heading off to see Torc waterfall and Dinis cottage tea rooms. It was a cold and wet day, but the waterfall involved a lovely short walk and a nice view. But the highlight was the walk to the tea rooms. It's took about 20 mins, but every step was stunning! All sorts of views to see, and the tea rooms themselves were gorgeous and homey. The building itself is very old and it is a place people used to go and get engaged and then card their names and the date on the windows. It's not allowed any more, but there's a beautiful rich history on there :) We then went into town for a while and had an amazing brownie and some lovely tea and did some shopping. We headed back to the house and did some washing and had dinner and then proceeded to continue the puzzle we'd been working on and watching Downton for hours on end! By the time we finished the puzzle it was 3am! But it was an accomplishment!! We finished season 2 in bed and we slept

11 October 2017

I slept terribly, so it was hard to get up. I chatted with my family briefly and then hannah and I both spent some time with God separately, before heading out for the day. We decided last minute to go for a drive on the ring of Kerry because the weather was the best we've seen. We took a picnic and some tea and set off. The views were incredible and we found somewhere for lunch and then for tea. Again, the views were varied, but all amazing! The sun came out for a lot of the arvo, which in turn made the water so blue! We eventually came home through the middle of the peninsula (didn't do the whole ring) and enjoyed the range of views (and sheep/goats) along the way. We got back and had some down time, before a fire, deep conversations, wine, fondue and downton. We had a really lovely night. It was another of the challenges from our study. We sat in front of the fire and talked real about life and our relationship and our God life. Was really special.

10 October 2017

There's a fair bit to see around Killarney, but the best thing is just driving and soaking it all up! Honestly, there are some roads that just have sights that take your breath away! I swear that every bend we went around we said 'wow'! The sights are varied, but all are just as stunning! I'd never thought about cold places having beaches, but they're beautiful. It's also so green here! Just everything is amazing!!! We explored the national park and saw some old buildings (houses and castles), incredible gardens and trees, stags and breathtaking views. We were so glad we had a car to explore and stop whenever we needed too! As we lost light, we headed back to the house and did some more of our bible study, had dinner, continued our jigsaw and watched some more Downton. This life is pretty good :)
We had another quiet morning of reading and sleeping in, before deciding to explore Killarney for the day. We had lunch and drove into town. We walked the Main Street and went into some of the shops and just enjoyed the quaint feeling of the town and the fact that it was no where near as touristy as anywhere else we've been. After we'd looked around for a while, we stopped for some chai and cake and then headed back to the car and decided to go for a drive.

9 October 2017

We started our day with some more of our bible study in bed and as a result ended up having a technology free 24 hours. We took Hannah's phone in case of emergency and for photos. We went for a drive to Dingle and loved the opportunity to just be present in the moment and enjoy the view! The views were magnificent!!!! Because we couldn't do any research, we enjoyed just following signs and see whatever there was to see. As the arvo went on, the fog came in thick and strong and we ended up taking a slightly different route home and ended up on a 2 way road through the hills and super windy, that was only wide enough for 1 car at a time...! It certainly was an adventure...! Slightly terrifying at times, and required some reversing, but it added to the day! When we got home, we took some time apart and with God and then had dinner and did an impossible puzzle, before agreeing that reading books on our phones didn't count as technology. So we both read until we fell asleep.

8 October 2017

Our airbnb place was situated just outside Killarney,at an actual BnB place. They've turned the old stables into some little cottages that they're now just using for airbnb accommodation. It's on a huge property and such old buildings. Eileen said that it he been in her family for 4 generations. It's a gorgeous little set up! We walked into our accommodation and fell in love instantly! The view was incredible, it was so spacious and homey and just beautiful! We walked around stunned that this place was ours and went and did some food shopping, had dinner and had a quiet night watching Downton on the couch.
We drove on for another hour or so to Shannon airport to pick up our gps. And then we headed on our way to Bunratty Castle (again past some amazing views). We stopped and had lunch and looked at the castle from the outside, but it cost a fair bit to get in, so decided not to go in. Instead, we continued on our way. We cranked some Disney tunes and took in the gorgeous views, all the way to our airbnb place!
We drove for about an hour, through stunning countryside and very narrow roads, to the cliffs of moher. I remember Megan saying it was one of her favourite places and others had recommended it to us and it didn't disappoint! It was beautiful! I know on a clear day the colours would have been even better! It truly was magnificent! The detail in the cliffs and the colour of the water was stunning! And then the castle that was on top of the hill was old and proud! A little further up the hill where the castle was, the view was at its best! There was another cove/inlet in the face. There were rocks at the base, such detail in the face and beautiful green grass on top of the hill! We stood and took lots of photos and just looked for a while and then walked back. There was a walk along the top of the cliffs that I would have loved to do, but we didn't do it. We got back to the car and cranked the Irish music and jigged a little 😂
We woke up early so we could catch the bus into town to pick up our hire car. We got to the bus stop to discover it didn't start until 10, but we were there at 8... so we walked back to the house, packed up our stuff and called a taxi. The taxi dropped us in and we went to get our car. Hannah had done so much research to ensure that it was all ok, but when we got there, she was told that she wasn't old enough to be added as an extra driver, they didn't have a gps for us, they changed our car and our insurance!! Not happy Jan...! We got lost on the way to find our car, but got there eventually. We drove back to the house, said goodbye to Cora and picked up our stuff. And just like that, we were off on our driving adventure!

7 October 2017

Ed Sheeran recorded his video for 'Galway girl' in Galway. Cora told us it was next to eyre square, so we found what we thought was it and got super excited and took photos, only to discover later that night that it wasn't that pub at all, and that it was another one with a similar name about 10 mins drive down the road. So we didn't see it... We caught the bus home, ate left over pasta and sat and read for hours. It was so lovely!! Eventually, about 10:30 or so we started getting ready for bed and did a devotion together and went to sleep about 12:30/1. The devotion seriously hit hard and was talking about our deep insecurities and hurts and baggage. I know there's no way I would have been as honest with anyone else!! Was really special to talk and pray together.
There was a market happening out the front of an old church building that was lovely. That church had history was George cornwell and christopher Columbus. We also found a famous bank and the window that made it famous. There were a few rich families at the time (a long time ago) and they took turns in power. At one point, the lynch family was in power and one of the sons did some terrible stuff and was trialled and sentenced to be hung, but because of who he was, no one would perform the hanging. Eventually his dad stood up and said 'I'll do it' and hung his son from the window of their house (?). The building is now a bank, and the window has been removed and is placed elsewhere so people can see it. We continued wandering and exploring, falling more in love with the culture, until we were ready to sit down. We found a cafe and had some tea and just took in the sights and experiences.
We had such a lazy start (I didn't wake up till 11!) and enjoyed a quiet morning. We eventually made breakfast and got ready and went out. We walked to the bus stop Cora had shown us and caught the bus into the city (eyre square). We wandered around a little and enjoyed seeing all there was to see, before finding somewhere to eat lunch. We went into a local cafe and had coffee and sandwiches for lunch and it honestly felt so normal, it was beautiful! We saw a hens party walk past with a helium penis and a blow up doll 😂 After lunch, we walked towards the ancient centre of town. We walked he streets and saw the sights. We heard a lot of buskers, but one group we loved instantly and they were selling albums, so we bought one. Went on to be one of our car cds for the drives. Their name was keywest.

6 October 2017

When we arrived in Galway, it started raining. We walked around the building looking for Cora (our hosts) car. We found it and met her. She was so super lovely! She welcomed us and drove us around to help orientate us and then took us back to the house where we had our own space and she had mountains of info on the area for us to read. Once she left, we got a little organised, made our pasta and sauce for dinner and collapsed on the couch. It was marvellous!! We watched beauty and the beast and went to bed. It was a lovely, and much needed arvo!
Wasn't keen to try the blue cheese. Everyone else then left and hannah and I had a look around the shop and bought some pasta and sauce to cook in our first air BnB place. We were looking forward to not having to go out for a meal!! We then had an hour till we had to be at the hotel to pick up our bags, so just wandered and found some shops to look in and streets to wander. We then headed back to our hotel and grabbed a drink at the bar to pass the time. We got to the train station ok, except then the guy told us the train didn't leave from that station and that we had to catch a tram to our station. We did that and ended up on a super crowded tram with all of our luggage. Eventually we found our spot and got on the train and put away our bags and found our seats. We sat across from 2 lovely Irish people who gave us lots of travel tips and ideas. They were a little too chatty coz we were so tired and looking forward to a quiet ride, but it was nice none the less.
But I loved the liqueur. The worker we spoke to was super knowledgeable and passionate about the Irish whiskey business. We then moved to a pub called the hairy lemon, a family owned pub using grandmas recipes. We had Guinness and beef pie there that was excellent, but super filling. We then tried some ice cream at Murphys, an icecreamery using milk from the Kerry cows (very rare) from Dingle. We tasted some different flavours, but I ended up having an Irish coffee ice cream that was beautiful. We then headed to a family run fish and chip shop that has been open for 130 years or so. They smoke their fish and then fry everything in beef fat. It tasted really good, but I was so full! We popped into an upmarket shopping complex that has been created from a Lords city house. It was incredible! The last stop was a 6 week old open shop complex, with supermarket, restaurant, produce market all in one. It was cool to see. We tried some Irish cheese to finish. It was lovely, but I
We woke up and finished packing up our stuff, before heading off for our food tour. We met at Trinity College and our group was us, 3 middle aged American woman and our 30 something year old guide, Jessica. It was a lovely group of ladies. Jessica told us about Trinity College and that it used to be a catholic monastery, but that the British had come in and killed them all in the name of bringing the Protestant church to Ireland. It's had a bit of a dark history, but has now become quite a beautiful and prestigious college. We walked to Kilkenny, an open space shop open for Irish designers to get their work out there and known. I bought a phone case and external charger. We went to the upstairs cafe where we tried black pudding (blood sausage), a traditional potato cake and a grr cake (initially made by poor families, using left over ingredients- tasted like mince pies). We then walked to a whiskey store and tried 3 whiskeys and an Irish cream liqueur. They were all strong,

5 October 2017

We headed down to the bar about 7:30 for dinner. It was 35€ for a 3 could meal and a 2 hour show. We both had vegetable soup for entree and I had a bean curry for main, while hannah had some roast chicken and for dessert we had a lemon meringue tart, Guinness and chocolate mousse and a strawberry tart. All the food felt a lot more homemade and healthy than what we'd been eating which was lovely!! At 8:30, the Irish band came on. It was made up of a guitarist, singer, accordionist and fiddlist. They were super entertaining and their music was great!! They played some super traditional stuff and some originals and some in between. They told us that for something to be considered traditional, the writer has to have been dead for 50 years. They also had an Irish dancing troupe that joined them on stage from time to time. They were incredible! The flexibility, movement, timing and speed was amazing! The whole night was really enjoyable. We went back to our room, read and slept.
We were on a tiny plane on the way over and coz boarding took forever, we had to wait a while to get in the air. I slept most of the way which was lovely and so needed! Once we landed, we raced through border security and everything to the other side, where we had lunch and found our shuttle bus to our hotel. We walked and found our hotel and instantly fell in love with it! Felt very quaint and Irish. The lady at the desk told us about the Celtic night they hold every night in their bar and we decided to book in for it. We found our room and seriously enjoyed some down time and even had a nap. I also popped out to a donut shop we'd seen on the way in. Was lovely just to do nothing for a little while.