France · 6 Days · 14 Moments · September 2017

Ebony's adventure in France

5 October 2017

We had a 7:15 breakfast booking, so rolled out of bed and headed down to the restaurant. We then came back and finished packing up and getting ready. We decided to take the 8:55 bus to the airport and got there at 8:50 but the driver go annoyed at us because apparently we were supposed to be there at 8:45 if we wanted to put suitcases on. He grumbled about it and then let us on- but we nearly had to wait for the next one. We got to the airport with ages to spare. We checked in and found out we weren't sitting together and couldn't change our seats coz it was a full flight. By the time we were sorted we had over an hour till we had to board, so we found the free airport lounge and soaked up the peace and comfy chairs. When we went through security, we couldn't find Hannah's ticket which was a little stressful, but we found it in the end (folded inside her passport holder) and headed to our boarding gate. Boarding took ages, but we got there.

4 October 2017

I loved Disneyland! It honestly was a dream come true! The detail in everything was truly magical and I felt like a little kid the whole time! Each area was so well designed, down to the finest detail (cobwebs on the pirates of the Caribbean ride) and the waiting area for each ride was the same! I loved the rides (particularly the roller coasters and the ones in the dark (which added a whole extra dimension to the whole experience )) and meeting characters made me feel all giddy with excitement and turned me into a bit of a fan girl. The shows were magnificent and engaging and left me wanting more! We saw Disney illuminations 2 whole times and another half, the parade, 25 year show and Disney princess show twice. We just wanted to go back for more! It truly is the happiest place on earth! On the last night we even saw a proposal happen in front of the princess castle at closing time! βœ¨πŸ‘Έβœ¨
-Crush's Coaster - technical difficulties, didn't ride -Breakfast -Shopping -Meet a princess- Cinderella -Train -Saw end of villain show -Lunch at Hakuna Matata -25 years show -Princess show -Met Peter Pan, Jafar, Baloo and Dr F (from princess and the frog) -Saw the dragon -Did some shopping and sight seeing -Dumbo flight -Casey Jr ride -Mad Hatters tea cups -Big Thunder Mountain -Shopping -Sat & waited for parade -Parade -Orbitron -Hyper space mountain (Star Wars) -Buzz Lightyear -Fireworks Was a great day! Got through all we planned and had time for more stuff! We got all our shopping done, took enough breaks that our feet survived and met lots of characters! We loved Big Thunder Mountain and were glad we got a fastpass for it so we didn't have to wait forever. Loves hakuna matata and the vibe and food! A whole restaurant devoted to the lion king 😍 Hannah and I were slightly in love with Peter Pan and the way he responded to everyone with such excitement and wonder 😍

3 October 2017

Day #2: - Met Buzz Light-year!! πŸš€ - Aladdin Carpet Ride x2 - Armageddon Interactive Special Effects - Aerosmith Roller Coaster - Studio Tram Tour - Mickey & the Magician show 🎩 - Met Cruella 🐾 - Tower of Terror - Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop - Slinky Zig Zag Spin - RC Racer - Cars Spin 🚘 Today we went to Walt Disney Studios. It was amazing! Was more of a focus on behind the scenes stuff and had a lot of different rides and shows. Highlights of the day we're meeting Buzz, the magician show (honestly, so well performed and put together with different Disney storylines coming together) and the Tower of Terror (the lead up to it was so creepy and certainly raised the anxiety levels. And the way you were in the dark for a lot of it, except when you got to the top so you could see out over the park, increased the thrill). Then went into Disneyland for dinner at Plaza Gardens and shopping. Watched some of the lion king when we got back.

2 October 2017

We woke up tired but excited for the day ahead. Because we were staying at one of the hotels attached to the park, we were able to get in at 8:30 rather than at 10 when the park opened. We were a little disappointed with the limited number of places open at that time, but was so great to get in early and suss it out a bit :) I couldn't tell you all the rides or the order we did them in, but I can tell you it was magical!! We did rides for: Pinocchio, buzz lightyear, pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana jones, Star Wars, car rides, We met: Captain Hook, darth Vader, eeyore and tigger. We did tours/activities about: Aladdin, Alice in wonderland, walked through the castle, a treehouse, pirate ship/island We saw the 25th anniversary show, Disney princesses show, Halloween show, stars on parade and most of the illuminations show again. By the end of the day, my feet hurt and I was certainly peopled out, but I was in love with this magical place!!

1 October 2017

Then, the moment we'd been waiting for all along, we went to DISNEYLAND for the 9pm show! When we got there I stood there with tears in my eyes as I took it all in! It honestly is where dreams come true!! We wandered around and started to orient ourselves so it'd be easier the following day and then found ourselves a spot for the show. We sat down with anticipation rising as true magic began!! The show was incredible! It was a light/picture show on the castle, with fireworks and music, combining a bunch of movies. Afterwards we wandered the streets a little and went through the shops and bought some ears before catching the bus home. We showered and watched part of the little mermaid and went to sleep.
When we pulled up I knew I was in love! Just from the bits outside the park that I could see! We caught a bus back to our hotel (called 'Santa Fe') and instantly fell in love. Our hotel has a 'Cars' theme. Our room is in the 'Sally' area. The rooms are so intricately designed and decorated to reflect the movie and theme! Every detail matches! It's the same across the whole site. It's so clever!!! We found our room and squealed a little. And I called Bryce to show him our room. We unpacked a little (we hadn't had 2 nights in a row anywhere for a while and loved the idea of being there for 5!) and relaxed and looked at a map. We did facials and relaxation before heading to the restaurant on site for dinner. I don't know why I was surprised to find that it is all coordinated too!! It's adorable and western themed.
We headed back from our day out about 3 and headed to the train station from there. Unfortunately the taxi driver misheard us and took us to the wrong train station. It was only as we were pulling up that we realised what had happened. So what should have cost us 7€ ended up costing us 28€. We then walked into a seriously crowded train station and had no idea where to buy our tickets from. We waited in lots of lines, tried a few different machines and spoke to a security guard who didn't know English. We went to information, but there was at least 50 people in the line waiting for help, so we didn't wait there. Eventually we tried going downstairs towards the signs for the train we THOUGHT we should take. Turns out there were ticket machines down there. Even then, it took ages again coz people were so slow on the machine. Finally an hot and a half after we left the hotel, we were on the train.
We were both weary when we woke up and we're very grateful for the midday check out time. So we got up for breakfast at 9 and then went back to bed for a nap and some down time. Breakfast was great! I had muesli, yoghurt and fruit! And the best, fresh croissants ever!! I truly understand the obsession now! Once we woke up again, we packed up and checked out. We then went to see the sights by foot. We didn't realise that a lot of places are closed on Sundays, so we ended up just wondering a bit and visiting some markets and feeling a little more local. It was a bit of fun! We found the original Madeline book in French and bought some postcards and stuff, had lunch, wandered, ate pastries, had a Skype date with Hannah's family. It was a lovely arvo. We also went to the pharmacy coz I had a huge, ugly blister on my foot and I needed something to help me enjoy walking around Disneyland more. It was cold and drizzling a little, but it felt really lovely.

30 September 2017

After the cruise, we had a night bus tour. It was a very similar route to the one we took earlier in the day, but it all seemed more magical! The first bus we hopped on had no seats on the roof, so we had to sit inside, right up the back with 3 kinda creepy German men. Fortunately they moved eventually and when we got to the Eiffel Tower, we pulled up to another bus of the same company and they let us swap for roof seats. The view from up there was magnificent!! And we finally got to use our thick jackets. It was cold and breezy up there, but we just loved seeing all the sights. On this tour we also saw the moulin rouge which was kinda cool. When we got dropped back to where we began, we walked home and collapsed in bed. Very happy and very full.
The dinner cruise was wonderful! We had a 3 course dinner, a beautiful view of the seine river and a lovely atmosphere. The food was lovely, and hannah and I had a beautiful time reminiscing on the past 10 years. Particularly the early years of emails, sleep overs and pretending to be grown up. When we saw the Eiffel Tower up ahead, we ran up to the top deck to see it! It was way more magnificent in the evening! In fact, everything seemed to be more magical under the stars. It was beautiful, but the best bit is that it's not just lit up with the yellow lights, but it also has lots of spotlights attached that flash all over it. It's beautiful!!! We toasted to our 10 wonderful years of friendship and enjoyed ourselves.
We then went and checked in to our hotel and curled up in bed! We got all crowed up and watched the grand final. Our internet cut out at quarter time so we streamed the game from our phone internet. By the time we got to watch it, the game had been finished for 5-6 hours. Unfortunately our boys didn't show up on the day and we lost 108-60 against Richmond. We were both exhausted from the lack of sleep on the train the night before, so we had a nap and got ready for our dinner cruise.
We walked to a cafe to figure out what we were doing. We made the quick decision to join a hop on/hop off tour just so we could see the sights and rest our feet at the same time. We enjoyed sitting on the roof to see the sights. My highlights were champs Γ©lysΓ©es and arch de'triumph. I was surprised by how big the Eiffel Tower was, but don't think it was anything amazing. At this point I don't feel it has anything on all we saw in Italy. It is all a bit more upper class and fancy. But not quite the intricacies of some other things we've seen.
It was a LONG night. We didn't sleep well at all, but it was a little exciting! We planned to wake and watch the sunrise, but we woke about 6 when our bunk member was getting ready to hop off at her stop. We then lay awake for a while before deciding to get up for breakfast. When we got back, the sun was starting to rise. But because it was so cloudy, the sun rise was nothing spectacular. We enjoyed watching the world go by though. We had a nap and continued to watch the world go by until it was time to get ready. We hopped off the train with no trouble and caught a taxi super quickly and easily. When we got to our hotel, we were sad to discover that we couldn't check in for another 4 hours. So we left our bags and off we went.