Poland · 6 Days · 11 Moments · March 2018

Easter in Gdańsk, Polen

2 April 2018

Poznan, Poland

31 March 2018

Gdynia, Polish Baltic coast

30 March 2018

Zoppot, Poland
Zaspa neighborhood of Gdansk, Poland Platte!!
Zaspa neighborhood of Gdansk, Poland Kunst in der Platte #zaspamurals

29 March 2018

Gdansk by night
Gdansk, Poland - WWII Museum Five hours visit... Really worth it. Interesting perspective from Polish side.
Gdansk, Poland - street art
Gdansk, Poland - seaside city

28 March 2018

Gdansk, Poland Beautiful city, got totally destroyed in WWII and rebuilt to a large extent. Pics 4+5: change of perspective, Dutch architects showing off. Pic 6: note the difference of the two lions... Pic 7: note the lower line of the inscription... Pic 10: Memorial wall with finger prints of the mail men who got executed after the run on the post office by the Nazis as kind of the opening of WWII.

27 March 2018

Getting there... Train Berlin Gdansk, straight line, six hours, old fashioned style, including some of the travellers haha