Australia · 3 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

Easter Camping Weekend

16 April 2017

Mini holiday over. Decided to take the day to drive home via singleton and the Wollomi national park; what a mistake.. There's nothing, no towns, no views, just nothing except an hour added on to our trip. Many Easter treats consumed on the drive though 👍
James is getting sick of the photos
EASTER!!!! James made Kate an awesome Easter egg hunt around the campsite. Kate found the 25 Easter eggs, a bunny and a pig.. Was a pretty exciting morning. James got a trail of eggs in the tent to his Easter present. Spent the morning eating chocolate, playing catan for 2 and relaxing by the fire. James went for a freezing swim in the river in his budgies: what a crazy man. Packed a picnic, went for a drive and found a cute spot on somebodys farm overlooking the picturesque farmland. Kate didn't want to go because it was trespassing but glad she did because it was such a beautiful spot. Salt moat continues to do it's job. Leech count: 3

15 April 2017

Today we woke to a cold wet campsite! We were cold but sweaty last night which we can't quite work out. Dew everywhere and have to fight off the leeches! Made a salt moat around our gazebo. Scrambled eggs and CHOOCY MILK for brekky, then headed out to the Dungog rodeo! Saw.....not much. Some horse racing and bull riding and then left when the lasoo comp started. Not very nice in general. Went for a country drive out to Stroud, where we antique shopped and bought a non antique casserole dish. Can confirm Stroud shops are as overpriced as the ones in Berry. Returned to Dungog and stopped for a pie, then a few hoppy frothers at the local brewery! Bank to the campsite (dank), started the fire and gorged on cheese and bikkies. James taught Kate that smiths originals go well with French onion dip. Life. Changed.

14 April 2017

2WD river crossing
What an adventure!!! Today we woke at 4am to venture out to Barrington Tops National Park about 4 hours north west of Sydney. Along the way we saw some beautiful country side and we had to stop to take some photos. Got to Barrington tops, drove around 30 minutes on a dirt road and hit a barrier stopping us from continuing our journey to the camp ground. We were forced to turn around and find a different way to get there, said it would take us an additional 2.5 hours to get there so we decided we would head to Chinchurri state park and find a camping spot next to the river. Stopped at the dam on the way for a tea and biscuit courtesy of our new jet boil. Set up camp by the river and enjoyed a champagne by the fire. 8/10 day