Belgium, Portugal · 11 Days · 16 Moments · May 2016

Early Summer in Portugal

5 June 2016

before flight for safe journey 🀠 awesome stop over place πŸ‘πŸ‘

3 June 2016

look around Lisbon. Jacaranda many where 🌳

2 June 2016

walking at night #2 in Lisbon going to get some Natas #PasteisDeNata

31 May 2016

walking at night #1 in Lagos it's always nice to walk beside sea.
really wanted to shoot this hidden cave! It was not easy to come here with public transportation but taking pictures of this unique view with beer & chill 😌 is just perfect πŸ‘Œ

30 May 2016

edge of PortugalπŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή Again time-lapse of sunset and drinking beers 🍻
heading to Lagos from Lisbon. the road is so nice to drive! The thing should see is #peachIsland

29 May 2016

take a rest watching her relaxing
very exotic and unusual, even feels like in maze a bit. maybe should come again and discover this interesting place more #QuintaDaRegaleira

28 May 2016

tried #Natas and literally can eat everyday. It's so my taste πŸ˜‹

27 May 2016

Porto cityscape. how lovely 😊
walking in Porto city and enjoying such a nice weather! Tram πŸš‹ in Porto is one of my favorite part, they're so cute πŸ€—

26 May 2016

came here for taking time-lapse of sunset. Only waves make noise. it sounds very calm.
beautifully structured and cozy

25 May 2016

While I was waiting for my flight ✈️. everything was closed and I found something to have fun but no one around to play with me 😩 #cannottakemytime