United States of America · 10 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Garland Southwest Trip Summer 2017

25 July 2017

Where's waldo (Emma and David) second half. PS Either Emma OR David is in each photo. There is only one where both can be found. -Emma
Emma and David went to the store for dinner. On the way back to the hotel they decided to take these pictures and send them to mommy and daddy. Can you spot all of the Emmas and Davids?🔍 -Emma

24 July 2017

Taos Pueblo -Emma

23 July 2017

Watched the parade in Taos for the Santiago festival. -David

21 July 2017

Garlands at Spider Rock lookout in Canyon de Chelly. -Emma
Part of our Canyon de Chelly hike- this is our hike through the canyon and then back up to the rim. -Emma
Pictographs, petroglyphs, and Puebloan ruins we saw on our hike in Canyon de Chelly. -Emma
Ranger-led hike down into Canyon de Chelly. These are pictures from the hike down into the canyon. -Emma

20 July 2017

Emma, Daddy, and Mommy went exploring around Canyon de Chelly. -Emma

19 July 2017

Some shots of the Big Horned Sheep we were lucky enough to see on our rafting trip. However, this is only a small collection; we stopped counting after seeing 25!
River house- ancient dwelling of ancestral Puebloans. We saw this structure of about 20 rooms while on our rafting trip. -Emma
Shots of the amazing Kachina panel, which we took a short hike to from the river on our rafting trip. Some of the petroglyphs here are more than 2,000 years old!! -Emma
Pictures from on the river from our rafting trip on the San Juan river. We left from Bluff, UT and travelled 26 miles to Mexican Hat, UT. -Emma

18 July 2017

A lighting storm struck as we were on our way home from a steak dinner in Bluff, UT. -Emma
Pictures of the fam in Monument Valley. -Emma

17 July 2017

Our hike in Navajo National Monument to Betatakin. The trail consisted mainly of stairs that led down in to the canyon almost 700ft! -Emma

15 July 2017

Shots from our seats 5 ROWS from the court at the quarterfinals for summer league. -Emma