Thailand · 1 Days · 1 Moment · May 2016

Dylan David

Dylan's adventure in Thailand

11 May 2016

We left Vancouver on May 10th, 2016, flying to Beijing with Air China. Beijing was our layover airport for our next plane to Bangkok. We arrived in Bangkok at around midnight and it was 34 degrees Celsius, which, due to the humidity, felt like 50 degrees. In Vancouver, it can get to 30 in the summer but it's not humid at all. At the airport our Thai friend "Im" surprised us by meeting us there. She drove us to 7-11 so my dad could get a Thai SIM card. By then it was 2 AM so she dropped us off at our hotel. Since the time change is 13 hours, we weren't tired at all, but we were starving. At our hotel there is a restaurant so we ate some Pad Thai there. The food was great but there wasn't any AC so we had to eat fast and go back to our Air conditioned hotel. It was 3 AM and we decided to get to bed to try and adjust to the time change. This was the end of our first day in Thailand!