Australia · 2 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Dunns Swamp camping trip

1 October 2017

Last day in paradise! What a morning. The people at the perfect campsite by the water were packing up and going home. We wanted to steal it straight away, but they took 2 hours to pack up all of their stuff! We finally got it - had to unpack our tent and take the tent over to the new campsite! Absolute bliss - what a view of the water and it was further away from the kids "Alexandra and Imogen" who's names we had heard way too many times to count. We relaxed all morning and went for a quick walk through the snake infested bush (we also saw a snake swim across the water - whaaaaaat) Spent the arvo playing catan by the water and consuming many beverages. Finished the night with an amazing fire, steak, side pasta and red wine - oh and chocolate of course (red wine and chocolate definitely goes together). Absolute bliss. Fell asleep by the fire and woke up at 11pm needing to go to bed for a 6am wake up. What a long weekend: we will definitely be heading to dunns swamp again!
What a day! Perfect weather :) Went for a walk around the rocks and around the river. Saw some beautiful views of the water and the campsite. An annoying group of kids were following close behind singing songs such as the kookaburra song - killed the serenity slightly but all good picked up pace and got far enough to stop hearing them! Went kayaking around the river - was the perfect flat water for kayaking. It was a very relaxing leisurely kayak around the water. James went for a dip in the water- apparently it was freezing! Spent the arvo playing catan, cards and eating chocolate and nibbles and of course drinking delicious ciders and beers!

30 September 2017

First day camping Woke up at 4am to drive to dunns swamp in the Wollemi national park. Got a spot by the river as a family was packing up. Set up by 1030am and explored the campsite. Lots of cool rock formations, bushland and a nice river. Weather quite cool and cloudy but nice! Cracked open a drink and had nibblies by the water on a park bench - simply beautiful! Had some nachos for dinner - Kate forgot the onion (was a big drama). Roasted some marshmallows on the fire and headed in for an early night