North America, Europe · 9 Days · 42 Moments · July 2018

Dublin/London/Paris 2018

26 July 2018

Coming home! Bye Paris. Brief hello to Germany, and then Chicago. Be back to FHS by around 10 pm.

25 July 2018

Louvre and Eiffel.
Versailles 2.
Dublin, London, and Paris Teacher Picture at the Eiffel Tower.

24 July 2018

Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Notre Dame.
Montparnasse Tower, Paris.
Eurostar to Paris.

23 July 2018

Last night in London.
Dinner at Ping Pong in Covent Garden.
221b Baker Street and Trafalgar Square.
Camden and Primrose Hill.
One New Change across from St. Paul's.

22 July 2018

Sky Garden, London.
Night exploring around London Town.
Harry Potter Tour in London.
Free Time in the Afternoon.
Morning tour of London :)

21 July 2018

London at Night.
Anne Hathaway's Cottage.
Shakespeare's Birthplace.
The boys are catching Pokemon in Stratford. What has this world come to?!?!
Happy 17th birthday, Aaliyah!

20 July 2018

Beaumaris Castle, Wales.
Travel is hard on these kids!
Ferry to Holyhead.

19 July 2018

Made the climb up to the Bray Cross with Connor and Aiden. It's going to be a colorful sunset up here :)
Nearing the end of Day 2 and everyone is napping...
Marveled at The Book of Kells and the Trinity College Long Room.
Tour of St. Pat's Cathedral and Phoenix Park.
Breakfast on Day 2. Everyone is pretty tired!

18 July 2018

Just jumped in the Irish waters with Brady and Caleb. Happy to have some brave souls on this trip!
Some Gaelic practice...
St.Stephen's Green. A bit of a walking tour and then to Bray for our afternoon and hotel stay.
Trinity College, Dublin.
Just landed at Dublin International!

17 July 2018

Ready to go! Dublin, here we come!
About an hour out from the airport. How exciting!