129 Days · 28 Moments · March 2018

Dublin Prep: March 2018 - July 2018

13 July 2018

The time has arrived - all packed and ready to make this happen. Have a slight cough and haven’t ridden for over 10 days so hopefully it is not a shock to the system. But I’ll let go now and just go with the flow.

27 June 2018

3x SoMo - wow. And with minimal pains. I continue to be amazed. Will be sad to see this training end.

20 June 2018

Up and down South Mountain twice. How did I get here??? And no pains. I remain perplexed.

18 June 2018

Another great ride up SoMo. Bit easier this time.

6 June 2018

Ok that was tough - 60 miles 2.5k climb 6 hours. And we are supposed to do this everyday for 10 days? Ummm ok.

4 June 2018

Finally made it up to South Mountain. I’d like to do this again...:)

1 June 2018

Just finished back-to-back uphills. Not too bad - just some knee discomfort.

4 May 2018

Took a break after the overnight trial but good to get out again. And speed has increased quite a bit - 12 to 16 mph average over 2 months.

22 April 2018

Made it for the overnight camp test 2. That was quite a tough ride but fun.

13 April 2018

Back on the road after a few days off training because of the SF trip.

8 April 2018

Easy Sunday Level 2 ride with some better Ricoh pics.

7 April 2018

Easy longer ride. My first 25 miler

6 April 2018

Easy ride - new camera.

4 April 2018

The first hill climb - Pima Rd and Thompson Pkwy. The downhill was scarier but a thrill.

1 April 2018

Fun 19 mile ride out to Val Vista and Riggs. Now time to hit the climbs.

31 March 2018

And another great ride with the new pedals and new pearl izumi shoes. The Shimano shoes were terrible. And the bike fit is incredible. What a difference. Now on to doing some climbs this month. And can’t wait to try out the new Ricoh camera this week.

30 March 2018

Finally back on the bike after a few days off due to knee pain. It was all to do with the bike fit and shoes. The ride today was pain free and easy after getting fit correctly on the bike yesterday at Landis Cyclery - and these clip ons are amazing. I feel one with the bike now. And of course the new Brooks seat continues to mold to feel more comfortable.

26 March 2018

Day after overnight - the bike feels a lot lighter.

24 March 2018

The first overnight bike+camping experience - not sure if I slept but I feel great this morning.

22 March 2018

Wow what a difference today - more energy easier 16 miles - the goo was awesome after 45 mins and the new camera is a keeper.

21 March 2018

Day 6 - felt a bit sluggish in the ride again probably because of the long ride yesterday. The new shorts, wool socks, and base layers felt great.

20 March 2018

Day 5 of 14 day training. Felt much better on this one than yesterday. Seemed to have more energy. The canal route is actually quite good.

19 March 2018

Day 4 of 14 days of continuous riding.

18 March 2018

Just set up the trailer and saddle bag. Wow I love this new bike - bought 2 weeks ago - and this trailer feels amazing. The trailer is worth more than all items seen here including everything in the bag. Hope it is worth it on the trip. And this garage I rented is worth every penny.
Daily Biking: 14 days of biking in a row. Day 2

8 March 2018

Clothes to get from REI

7 March 2018

Possible camera to take - mirrorless Sony

6 March 2018

Trying out the tent in the garage that we rented