Ireland · 2 Days · 11 Moments · December 2015

Dublin Citytrip

21 December 2015


20 December 2015

We found the greatest Irish restaurant in Temple Bar and had some tasty authentic food, even if the conversations behind us weren't fully up to our standards .....
We ran late for the Guinness Factory and missed our chance due to the sexcapades of an older American lady (context is everything) but we're not daunted. In the Irish equivalent of our favorite arthouse cinema, it's time for our first Guinness pint!
So with little time to spare I rushed into the Trinity library to gaze at the book of Kells. Which was awesome but no pics allowed. Then on to that massive ass library where a kindly guard risked his job to take a book out of the shelves and show me, because "when a beautiful lady asks, I risk everything." 😁
Trinity College, also your college
Dublin Castle, m8
After visiting St Stephens Green we debated for a good 5 minutes whether it was worth five euros to visit Saint Patricks Cathedral.. It was.
I'll tell you one thing: the Irish do NOT fuck around when it comes to breakfast
We made it to our airbnb even if we missed our (initial) bus! The 3 of us are dead tired rn so we're just going to sleep. Not even the weed smells downstairs can stop us now

19 December 2015

Hello Schiphol, it's me, I've been wondering if after all this time you'd like to FLY ME TO IRELAND