United Kingdom, Ireland · 2 Days · 5 Moments · May 2018

Dubin, IRE

6 May 2018

Just a small photo shoot with a new irish friend ^^
Just a small walk in the park 😍
Yesterday evening was really an event... i was only taking pictures and the ENTIRE just came alive! Not only the bars were stuffed with people but the music, the dance! Tonight I'm planning on going to one of these bars to see the reality of what Dublin has to offer ^^ Anyway, today.. well going on the tour bus to see the city. I also have a small photo shoot at noon ^^ so we'll see what happens :) Stay tuned later on for new unedited photos and possibly a small video ^^

5 May 2018

Just a small chocolate before departure ✈😄☕ #chocolate #travel #starbucks