Belgium, Netherlands · 135 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

5 long months in Brussels, Belgium

16 February 2018

Today is Lithuania's 100th Birthday, so Belgian Lithuanians celebrated by dressing the famous Maneken Pis with Lithuanian national clothes. Also Lithuanian food and drinks such as mead, cheese and šakotis were served. Ir aš ten buvau, alų midų gėriau, per barzdą varvėjo, burnoj neturėjau!

27 January 2018

B-day in the wild 🙌

6 January 2018

Christmas show in Grand Place 🙌
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! One of the main things why Brussels is amazing. Leonidas, Côte d'Or, many others and of course, Neuhaus. Tasty, but super expensive. But some chocolate god keeps sending me signs. Today was already the third time that I heard about this magic shop where you can buy super good chocolate cheaper. I'm on it! After a lot of googling (it's not that easy to find it) and after a looooong ride by metro across the whole Brussels we get out of the metro station. We didn't check how to get there exactly, we kind of expected an amazing smell of chocolate to guide us there. Fail. No smell of chocolate. Instead we see a hospital. "That's what happens when you eat too much chocolate". We laugh but deep down we're actually concerned that it might happen. [To be continued]

18 December 2017

If you missed the old currency of Lithuania or Germany, you can find some in the House of European History. Well, the only inconvenience, it is destroyed 😁

25 November 2017

Grand Place and it's not so grand Christmas tree 😂

20 November 2017

Seriously, what's so amazing about Atomium? It's on top of every list of things to do in Brussels I've ever seen.. But well it is popular and I have to see it. So trying to not pay attention to the ice cold rain kissing my tender face (really, at this point I am so used to it that I don't even notice that thin layer of ice covering my face), I am going to see the Atomium. From Ixelles it's torturously long ride but finally I step out of metro on the steady ground again and I can see it right away. Yes from outside it is awesome. I mean, it's a giant atom, of course it's amazing. When I come closer, it becomes even bigger and more awesome. I have to get inside. After a long waiting in line and buying a ridiculously expensive ticket (I was pleasantly surprised that the guy at the counter welcomed me in my native language) I finally get inside. And... I am disappointed. The whole thing is a big, half empty modern art museum. If you are a big fan if modern art, you might like it.

19 November 2017

Brussels Nature History Museum is a great place. It has wonderful expositions and (if you're not scared to act as a child a little) you can have a great deal of fun playing with interactive exhibits!

18 November 2017

This is one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen 👍

5 October 2017

The Hemicycle of the European Parliament from inside 😊🙌