Italy, San Marino · 8 Days · 18 Moments · May 2018

Tour (somewhat) through Italy

17 May 2018

Finally flying home! 🙌

16 May 2018

The last day was simply for relaxing and catching the last bits of sun 😊🙌

15 May 2018

Poor guy lost it's head but on the bright side the woman is getting some love 🙌
Rimini is a very nice city but when you can't spend too much time laying on a beach, boredom takes over. For this reason today, I decided to go to Bologna.

14 May 2018

Waiting for rain 😊😊😊 (which never came..)

13 May 2018

Rocca o Guaita First tower out of three
Not every day you see a vampire museum 😁
Stairs, stairs everywhere! 🙌
Going to San Marino means going up the hill for at least half an hour. Which means that once you reach it, the view is breathtaking! When middle ages were ending they probably forgot that they also have to end in San Marino. Probably because it's so small, middle ages thought "hmm, we like it here, nobody will notice if we stay". And they did. It's the city of narrow streets and awesome towers and friendly people (mostly Russian tourists and locals ready to sell you their own hearts (literally!) if you pay good enough). Highly recommended for those who are not scared of hights 👍
So today I am going abroad: visiting San Marino ✌

12 May 2018

Today I was freaked out by a dead jelly fish and went on exploring Rimini, found the Roman amphitheater, Arco di Augusto and the city centre. And heard only 2 "ciao bella's" and only couple of whistles on the street ☺ Again a good day 🙌
Rise and shine 😊

11 May 2018

Managed to find (it's more difficult than it seems) the famous Tiberius Bridge 😊
Sea, sand, yachts and Mr. Crabs. Good day, despite all those "Ciao bella!" on the street 😅
(3) We start talking. So his name is Peppe, he works here in a hotel, and "Mamma Mia, has never talked to a Lithuanian like me!". He only speaks Italian (which I know zero of) and Russian (which I speak like two words), but we talk. Somehow. He talks and talks and talks and then says " let's have a glass of vine ". I'm a little startled but I don't show it. Maybe its just Italian friendliness. We go to a small café and a waiter brings us two glasses of vine. After talking more we go for a walk again. Peppe is hugging me and getting closer and closer. Good thing I am very flexible, otherwise I would not be able to escape his claws and his lips. Yep, that Italian friendliness again, "let's kiss every girl whom I've just met, she won't have anything against it" 👌 So the first evening was very Italian: sea, vine and a lovely (?) man. Too bad that I am such a reserved Lithuanian with such high standards and a boyfriend who meets those standarts... 😁😁😁
(2) So while going to the airport I hectically try to get more info. Luckily, nowadays technology allows us, busy people, to achieve everything over smartphones, so finally I find out what's what. But I am sure it's perfectly all right to change people's hotels couple of hours before their arrival #nobigdeal 👌 Finally, finally, I check in the hotel (after waiting for an hour outside because the owner went shopping) and go for a walk near the sea. The moment I step my foot onto a beach I hear "Bona serra!" I look around and there it is, an Italian guy smiling at me. Since I came here to have new experiences, I do what I normally wouldn't, I reply to him.
(1) Today the day has come to go to Italy. I have chosen a relatively small city on the shore of Adriatic sea because there was a direct flight from where I'm currently staying. And because I love sea :) Being just a little bit of a control freak, I had everything ready already a week before my flight: exact times of all the buses and flights, every single bus stop of the bus that would take me from the airport to the hotel and, of course, the plan how to get to the hotel was in my head even during sleeping. And here I am, about to leave my home for the flight, when I get an e-mail. "Dear Customer, we have to move his room at the Hotel A". One sentence. One sentence which shakes my whole world because it's just so wrong in so many ways... I have no time to check where the new hotel is (my OCD of having to know things is kicking in) and from this sentence I'm not even sure that I have to change hotels...