United States of America · 4 Days · 13 Moments · June 2017

Douglas & Pattie's adventure in New Orleans

18 June 2017

Back home - almost. Have to brace the freeways first.
Breakfast in the French Quarter after our initial plan for coffee & beignets was thwarted due to massive limes at Cafe du Monde. After absurdly large portions of eggs and breakfast meats from Monty's On TheSquare, we waddled up and down Decatur Street for a few minutes. I purchased a muffuletta from Central Grocery to go - maybe Byron & Connor will enjoy a taste of NOLA?

17 June 2017

Mother's Restaurant for lunch. Oyster & shrimp Po Boy with Crystal hot sauce for extra kick with a side of red beans and rice.
Swamp tour

16 June 2017

St. Charles street car back to the quarter
Dinner at Jacques-IMO's
The Howlin' Wolf Den for drinks and a snack.
Lafayette Square with statue featuring Henry Clay - go figure! Love the oak trees too.
Browsing in the French Market
Lunch at the Central Market. Muffulettas & cold beer so good.
Just met the Kohn's. off to Central Market for Muffalates.

15 June 2017

Love the info screen. We'll travel 1,713 miles in 3hr 6min. Still amazes me.
LAX Departure for New Orleans Our booked flight departs at 12:30. However, because Mackenzie is flying to Nashville on an earlier flight, we have time to kill. We've managed to charm our way onto an earlier flight. Scheduled to depart in 10 minutes, we've not yet boarded. A handicapped passenger requires 6 crew members for assistance.