United States of America · 44 Days · 54 Moments · August 2016

Dottie's voyage in United States of America

20 September 2016

We are heading home and plan to stop for the night in Junction TX at South Llano River State Park. This park has turkey running about and it's fun to watch them. During certain times of the year the campers are blocked from the turkey breeding areas. Hopefully we will have some images tomorrow. UPDATE Too early for the turkey and deer to start roosting. Glad we had electricity and water last night. It was fairly warm until about 9:30 PM and then we had cool air brought in by the vent fan. At Cracker Barrel in Kerrville Tx and will be home tonight.
A few departing photos of Guadalupe Mountain National Park. The large white rock is El Capitan.

19 September 2016

The 2.4 mile hike that felt like 5 miles. We hiked over Rocky terrain today in 91 degrees. The lower humidity made the walk bearable. There were 3 springs on the trail.
Early morning in Guadalupe Mountain National Park Texas.

17 September 2016

Ken told me last night that it was time for me to go home. Why? Because I was feeding ants crackers, photographing, and watching them work as the ant team transport the tasty morsels back to their home. In one of the images look closely and notice that there are three ants positioned on three corners of a cracker piece working in unison. Worker bees have nothing on worker ants. The last photo is the last gasp of light illuminating from a storm cloud.

16 September 2016

The Air Force Academy football stadium.

15 September 2016

Other images of the Academy is Ken standing at attention as the loud speakers located throughout the post signal that it's 5:00 PM. Everyone on post is expected to stand at attention and honor the American flag with hand held over their heart. The Vietnam Memorial honors, Captain Lance P. Sijan, the only Medal of Honor recipient that graduated from the academy. He ejected from his fighter jet incurring major injuries, including a broken leg, evaded the enemy for six weeks, was captured and later died of pneumonia as a prisoner of war.
Photos of the Air Force Academy chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. The chapel's contemporary design is constructed of aluminum, stained glass and the ends of the pews are made of oak and shaped like an airplane propeller. The art work is made of wooden pieces and was a gift from France.

14 September 2016

What to have for supper on a camping trip when one is tired of cooking,☹️ I created a quick chili with one can of Amy's Black Bean organic canned chili, about 6 oz. ground beef quickly browned in a pan, about 1/3 cup of leftover Amy's Cream of Tomato soup, my home made chili blend seasoning, and topped with Lightly salted Fritoes. We both liked it. Or maybe we were just hungry.
Look what we found at the US Air Force family campground.🙀. It was an absolutely beautiful home made RV. And notice that there's a second story on one side.

13 September 2016

While looking for the elusive moose, I found some nice images that I hope you will enjoy.
Looking for the moose. No moose!!! But I have photos of moose poop and moose tracts.

11 September 2016

We are camping in Aspen Glen National Forest C. G. for the next couple of nights and the Aspen are turning nicely. Tomorrow we will visit the CO State Park Moose Visitor Center and then head for Walden to see if we can spy the illusive moose. The area around The Michigan River is suppose to be their territory. The aspen photo was taken from our campsite where Ken made us a nifty windbreak.

8 September 2016

Guess who's coming to dinner!!!
We hiked around Dowdy Lake today and it was an almost flat trail at 8100 ft. elevation. Along the way we found a gigantic mushroom. A mushroom rock that is. Vote for the one you like best by selecting a face of your choice. Vote for mushroom rock one or two.

7 September 2016

We headed north for a short drive to the Red Feather Lakes which is very near the border of Wyoming in northeast Colorado. We are camping on Lake Dowdy C. G. It's a small lake with unusual rock formations and a couple of tiny islands with tiny trees. We are about 8100 ft. above sea level.
We are leaving our beautiful canyon until next year. Snapped a couple of photos as we departed. The first is balance rock, the second is a large tunnel that 18 wheelers easily negotiate and lastly flowers and an evergreen growing from the rock cliff.

6 September 2016

Things we saw on our hike yesterday.

4 September 2016

Photos taken from our campground in the Poudre, pronounced (Pooder) Canyon.
Beautiful day for a hike on the Lower Dadd Gulch Trail. Eight thousand steps and 3.25 miles. I've been noticing rose hips as we travel and hike in CO and today I finally photographed a nice one. Cattle in CO can "free range" and we walked past a half dozen just to the right of the trail. They were curious but just stopped eating and stared at us as we walked past.

3 September 2016

Swinging in the hammock just watching the sky go by.
The National Forest Service has moved their welcome center to the 1935 Arrowhead Lodge which is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.
Sunrise photo from my RV bed, and the second image is near sunset.

1 September 2016

Hiked on a difficult trail, but decided to backtrack to base camp before I killed myself.
Unusual rock formations seen on our hike today.
Frying bacon in the screened tent on the bank of a rocky, fast flowing mountain stream.

30 August 2016

I accidentally took a photo as my iPhone was resting in my lap. I started to delete it but I thought it was very nice. Can you guess what it might be? It's getting cold and rainy in Leadville so we are headed to a warmer drier area. We checked the extended weather forecast last night, and found that north east CO will receive more sun with a bit warmer temperatures in the next week. Most of the 14ers have a dusting of snow this morning. The mystery image is my down vest in my lap. UPDATE: I am also using the mystery image as the background on my phone.

28 August 2016

Today was moving day from one campground to another, and of course it was raining. We washed and dried a big pile of dirty clothes, made a quick stop at Safeway and had a lovely dinner with friends. Until tomorrow.
Hiked yesterday and paid $1.00 for a plastic laminated map of several hiking trails. We were told that the trails were marked well. We found they were marked but we managed to become confused at one location. We ended up entering the Mount Massive Wilderness without realizing our mistake. It appeared to us that straight ahead was our only option. But worst of all we "we did not sign in" to enter the wilderness. After quite a while we reviewed the maps several times and after much discussion we decided we should turn around and backtrack our steps to the trailhead. Our short hike turned into a tiring event. And we lived to tell the tale.

26 August 2016

Nature hike at the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.
Visited the Leadville National Fish Hatchery today. This particular hatchery began during President Harrison's administration in the late 1800's. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are numerous hiking trails that originate from their parking lot. We've taken advantage of two of them already.

24 August 2016

Yesterday we had light rain all day, and as we left the campsite today we realize that it snowed on the mountain peaks.

23 August 2016

Today we drove to the neighboring town of Twin Lakes for a hike. Twin Lakes is a tiny municipality as evidenced by the police car parked on the side of the road with a dummy sitting behind the wheel. It does the trick however, because everyone slows down. Our original intention was to hike to an old house located between the lakes, but we were not able to find the trail. Fortunately there was another couple departing the area, and they told us about a lovely hike next to a gorge. We enjoyed this hike and the roaring sound of the water as it cut through the rocks. We also saw evidence of beaver ponds everywhere.
Our Springfield Missouri friends arrived day before yesterday. We enjoyed the day visiting in our screened tent. Ken tossed bird seed on the ground and we enjoyed watching chipmunks, small birds and big birds all afternoon. We enjoyed homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night. I made an Impossible Coconut Pie in the Dutch Oven and Marilyn melted chocolate and smeared on the top. Wow! Everybody loved it.

21 August 2016

Here's a still photograph of the runners coming across the finish line in Leadville. The run started Saturday morning at 4 AM and the cut off is Sunday at 10 AM which gives the runners 30 hours to complete a 100 mile run starting at 10,000 feet and higher. The more elite runners will cross the finish line just as dark closes in on Saturday night. I made a video that I will send another way.

20 August 2016

Took our longest hike a couple of days ago to the mine tailings. It's 2 1/2 miles one way equaling 5 miles total. There were a lot of runners with their pacers preparing for the 100 mile run on Saturday. Will tell you more about this in the next post.

18 August 2016

Ken is roasting a marshmallow on charcoal placed on top of the Dutch Oven where we are baking scones. Earlier in the evening we returned from a nice hike along Turquoise Lake.

17 August 2016

Plan to cook in the Dutch oven tonight but the rain made us be more creative. We figured out how to cook in the Dutch oven inside of our outdoor tent. It also acts as a fireplace to keep us warm.

16 August 2016

We are in Baby Doe Campground located on the banks of Turquoise Lake in Leadville Colorado altitude 10,000 ft. We took a hike on the easy part of the trail until we become accustomed to the altitude. A small storm was brewing on the mountain so we headed back to camp and decided to take an afternoon nap. Really enjoying the cool weather. We are supposed to be in Idaho now, but everywhere we went was hot according to our standards, so we headed back to our favorite place in Colorado.

15 August 2016

Martha Washington and the Boy Scouts of America have nothing upon this modern-day chef. Apple Crisp is baking in the Dutch oven. While New York strip steak and salad are the main event. The tools laid out upon the grill are used to lift the heavy iron lid of the Dutch oven, tongs to pick up hot charcoal briquettes and place them under and on top of the Dutch oven. We couldn't decide after dinner if we liked the steak the best or the Apple Crisp. We declared it a draw.

14 August 2016

Petroglyphs in Dinosaur National Monument on the Utah side of the Monument. Colorado shares the park with Utah.
"Cool Clear Water"
We toured the Dinosaur Quarry building yesterday in Dinosaur National Monument. The remains were discovered in 1906 when some exposed bones were found. Museums across the US and foreign countries have benefited from this major discovery.

13 August 2016

We toured Josie Morris's Homestead at Dinosaur National Park this morning. She was born in the 1800s and had five husbands. Four of them she divorced and another died. She was tough as nails and a fighter. When a neighbor tried to take her water rights away, she contained five springs on her property keeping them from flowing into the Green River. The law stated that if a spring flows into the river that the person living on the river would have the water rights to the spring as well as the river. The image of Josie was photographed from a poster at her homeplace. The other photographs are a of Ken in the chicken coop, a cattle gate, a box Canyon and various other views on the homestead.
August 13, 1962 - August 13, 2016 Happy anniversary👏🏻

12 August 2016

Ranger program alongside the Green River.
Our camp site at dinosaur Valley national Park Utah.
We have just set up camp at Dinosaur National Monument Colorado/Utah. We have decided to stay here for three nights and explore both locations. Expect to see some nice photographs in the next couple of days. Until tomorrow!! Oh and we have an LTE signal!!!
We camped last night in a National Forest near Steamboat Springs. A rainbow greeted us upon arrival.

10 August 2016

Camping at a log cabin in Twin Lakes CO that Mike and his friends have rented for six weeks. They are training for the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race which takes place this Saturday. Walked around the property and photographed so you could experience CO in the summer. Weather is cool, and glad to be out of Houston's heat.

8 August 2016

We are camping tonight at our favorite Texas Panhandle free camp ground, and we have the place all to ourselves. It's actually not a campground but a picnic area. The Rita Blanco National Grassland is part of the National Forest system. I found this wonderful stop on my camping app under the classification of overnight parking. A storm was brewing when we arrived. Rabbits scurried about as hawks lingered in the tree's looking for a tasty supper.
We just passed a sign on US 287 in Wichita Falls. And now here's your thought for the day. FEELING DOWN 😂 JUST LOOK UP 😇
We stopped at a new Texas Roadside Rest park, and it was so lovely I couldn't resist showing it to you.
Five ten AM Monday August 8, 2016: We are heading to Idaho for our "Escape the Houston Heat Trip". Join us on our adventure. Expect to see lots of photos and exciting adventures.