United Kingdom, Iceland · 26 Days · 79 Moments · April 2018

Dorset Light Iceland Adventure 2018

5 May 2018

28 April 2018

The sunset on the flight home - we will return
Ytri Tunga
Buđir black church
Gatklettur arch

27 April 2018

Whale watching from Ólafsvik

26 April 2018

The Drinking Dragon

25 April 2018

24 April 2018

23 April 2018

Lamby chops for dinner at our lodgings tonight
Fjállsarlón Glacial boating
The aurora dancing and over the glacial lagoon at Jökulsarlón. It was to be the only night it danced for us, but at least we got to see it. What started as a smudge on the horizon, gradually increased with throbbing radiance until it was a great green wave of light, twisting and weaving its way through the gathering clouds. Then the streaks of purple arrived. If the group was excited at the green waves then the purple bought Forth happy dances and cries of “i have purple”. Natures light show lasted a good twenty minutes before it slowly began to fade and the cloud cover grow thick. It was an excellent location to be able to capture them, and we all went to bed that evening ( for about an hour and a half as we were up for dawn the next day) satisfied we had ticked another box on the bucket / must do list.

22 April 2018

21 April 2018

20 April 2018

Our lodgings for the evening in a lovely little place called flùđir.
Mighty Gullfoss, totally different to when i last saw her, this time roaring with power. The rain did-not let up and we will return here for sunrise tomorrow
Oxarfoss. A splendid and powerful little waterfall with hints of powder blue peeking through its surging waters. Sadly by this point the rain had started and there was no hope if a descent photo for here which was a real shame as the valley looked promising also. Instead as the fat rain descended we decamped to a cafe for coffee and hot chocolate
Another roadside stop as we headed in the þingvellir national park. This is lake þingvellir with all its glorious reflections of the mountains beyond
This was one of our quick roadside stops, where we lunched on fresh bread and cheese, hastily put together in the back of the van with the aid of a trusty spork. Although it is now technically the second day of summer here the temperatures are not high and snow still clings to the mountain steppes and some of the lower lands.
There Re many places to stop on the road between main destinations. It would in fact be very easy to stop for a photo oppurtunity every 15 minutes. This was one such stop as we headed down route 1 to Thingvellir. Our view was the lake in the National Park. It had already been a long morning and i suspect not everyone was acclimatised to the brisk weather yet. We had already stopped to shop by this point so it was also a good location for to make the most on the hoof cheese sandwich i have ever cobbled together. Apparently it was most welcome.
Our first stop of the day Reykjanesviti. A stretch of basalt coastline humming with over crowded sea-stacks inhabited by various gulls, where the tectonic plates of Europe and America meets, or divides. The mist had started to roll in the temperature in the air began to dscend. Across the moon like baron lands and black volcanic tufa whisps of steam drifted into the mono sky and swirled around the parifery of the lighthouse. The lighthouse, sat upon the only green mound for miles around, surveyed the black wilderness before it. Sometimes lost in the gathering mist and sometimes illuminated by the fleeting sun it made the statement of watchful warden over the sulphurous landscape.

14 April 2018

Well the packing has truly begun and the soup selection is neatly laid out ready for packing

13 April 2018

This time next week we will be off 🛫

9 April 2018

11 days to go until the off