Singapore, Malaysia · 6 Days · 18 Moments · April 2017

Dorothy's tour through Malaysia

8 April 2017

Last day of the dive course! Completed more skills out in the ocean. Did a boat dive and was thought how to back roll in. That was fun! The ocean is really a very beautiful place. I wondered why I never thought of doing this earlier.:/ Saw turtles and sharks and puffer fish encountered a really persistent puffer fish who kept approaching us. Marlise kept chasing it away but it kept coming back a couple times. For a good 5-10 min! How determined! Hahaha! Took a photo with Marlise to mark the end of our course. Filled in our log books. And now we're certified divers!

5 April 2017

After the dive lesson. Chilled a bit till it was time for dinner! We decided to try out Warong seafood bbq. And we chose a stingray. It looked exactly like the one we saw earlier on our dive. 😅 had crab, chicken, prawn and vege. A sumptuous meal really! And guess what! It costs 30SGD only! 😱😱😱 Can I live here forever?! Went back to the hut and chilled again. We both slept pretty early that night. Is this how retirees live their lives? I could get use to this!
Slept well the night before and woke up bright and early! Decided to go for a swim even though it was low tide. A really stupid decision because I now have wounds all over my legs from the rocks and coral reef and one of it is really deep and inflamed. Went for the dive lesson. Break for lunch at the cabana. More divinggggg!

4 April 2017

Ended the first day of our course with a skip in our steps. Found a new hobby in life and glad that we both enjoyed it as much as the other. Met up with Katharina for dinner who introduced us to another lady from Netherlands, stepphie. And we headed to the Cabanna for dinner and was told they are having a little music show from 9pm onwards. Had a great dinner, great company and even made a new 4-legged friend too. She sat beside me while I was having dinner. She after went over to Lionel and got onto his lap trying to have a bite of his burger. Reminds me fondly of our Swiper. Party started at 10. Music was good. People started dancing. Every one was happy and friendly and nice. Lionel was dead beat and so we decided to head back at about 11.30pm. We had an early start to the second day of our diving course.:):)
Took a break for lunch and we had Katharina join us and we had a simple meal together. Had a great meal and a great chat where she decided diving wasn't her thing. So she didn't join us for the second part of the day. Reported back at the dive centre for more skills dive. Suited up again, lugged all the equipment out to sea (did I mention how heavy it is?!) and did some more skills. This time round, Marlise brought us on a little mini dive out into deeper waters where we practiced the skills we did again. Saw a beautiful blue-spotted stingray and a turtle! Fell in love with the world under waters. ❤️
Started the second day with a great breakfast at the reception of our cottage. Reported at 9.30am at Tioman dive centre which was less than 50 m from our cosy little hut. Met Rosie the person whom we contacted through email for the dive course. She introduced us to our instructor for the next 3 days, Marlise, who is Dutch and really tall (I think she's 2m?) and sweet! Filled out some administrative forms and had a quick test on the e-learning course we did back in Singapore. We were introduced to a German lady Katharina who joined us for a trial dive as she wasn't sure if she would enjoy it. Learnt about the instruments, suited up and off we went for our first skills dive in a "confined water space". Marlise brought us to the shallow part of the ocean where we sat at the bottom and did some skills like breathing with the regulator and equalising air spaces etc. I was really happy our "confined water space" was actually out in the ocean. I heard some stories about very dirty pools.

3 April 2017

So our first proper meal in Tioman was at a Chinese restaurant. Ordered chicken, veg and crab! Yummy! Was expecting it to be about 50-80sgd as there was a lot of crab, and we couldn't finish. Turn out it was 102rm. Just slightly more than 30 sgd. whuuuuut!
So this could be the reason why the locals don't trust us with their bikes. 😛😛 My virgin try of riding a bike and I would say it's not my cup of tea. I would prefer to be the pillion.😊 P.s. We returned the bike in perfect condition. So hurray to gaining their trusts for us Singaporeans!
We had a simple lunch of fried rice. Cheap and good. And decided to rent a motorcycle to explore the village. We went to a couple and they all told us they've ran out of bikes. It wasn't until the 3rd or 4th one did we realise something was wrong as the vendor had lots of bikes parked outside the stall! We finally found one that was willing to loan us her bike but was telling us that lots of Singaporean licensed bikers often damage their bikes which is why the locals refuse to loan it. Lionel was thinking to have a Singapore standard license shouldn't be that bad right? Apparently we aren't very decent bike riders in the eyes of Tioman. So anyway we took the bike for a spin and holy moly can you imagine the beauty! The sky and the greens! Love it! The Tetek village is very small. And we weren't allowed to go to Juara village with the bike so there really isn't much to explore with. So we basically chilled the rest of the day away.
So we reached our wonderful abode for the next 5 days at Swiss Cottage Tioman! Yay! Beautiful little hut right in front of the beach with a day bed, hammock and a great atmosphere. Big breath in, big breath out! Whoo!
Two hours later we arrived at Tioman Island, finally! It's such a laid back place! Beautiful!
Took a window seat and I would say the sea was rather rough. So for the first 15 minutes was like a roller coaster ride. Lucky for me I love roller coasters. It was the best boat ride ever! Hahaha! 😜 Sadly, we were on board with a group of little kids seated behind and the one directly behind me got sea sick and puked. Poor little one. 😷
After some waiting and sitting around we finally boarded the ferry at Tanjung Gemok. Look at the clear blue skies! Remember it was raining heavily back in Singapore? Malaysia was so kind to us!
More selfies while killing time on the bus. Took a 2 hour bus ride to Mersing ferry terminal to catch the 12.30 ferry. But the agents on the bus suggested we stay on the bus for another 30 mins and go to tanjung gemok ferry terminal to take the 11.30 ferry ride. Both rides take 2 hours so we get to reach the island itself earlier this way! I don't see why not!
Took a nap while travelling towards mersing terminal! It finally got sunny enough for my to whip out my sunnies. Cause what's a holiday without flashy sunnies?!😎 Did I mention my complexion and hair was on point? Holiday perks!😝
Passed customs and it was raining heavily! :( Did I mention I wasn't tired? Who am I kidding! Look at my sleepy eyes.
Bright and early! We boarded the bus and headed for the customs to Malaysia! The start of our trip! We both had only 2 hours of sleep the night before so Lionel's pretty beat but I'm so stoked for the start of our adventure!
My first trip to Tioman Island with Lionel! We've booked a nice little hut by the beach and have decided to try out diving. ❤️