Europe · 8 Days · 29 Moments · July 2017

Dorothea's adventure in Montenegro

8 July 2017

We tried to reach Croatia but were discouraged by the huge queues. So we moved back to Trepinje, in Bosnia, part od the Republika Srpska to get some food and fuel up! Here I discovered a beautiful place, Hedonija, cafe - wine bar on the river. Absolute cutie!!
Last day in Bosnia is Mostar We ate at Hindin Han. We got a chicken and a steak, cheese, a small tomato salad, couple of beers and a coke. For all it steiged up to 48 KM. Food was good but not impressive. Waiter nice, basic english. No old bridge views unless we miss it.

7 July 2017

Museums we visited in Sarajrvo.: History Museum, 5KM entrance. Couple of floors. It walls us through the Siege of Sarajevo amd the every day lives of people under bombardment. Srebrenica Massacre Gallery, 12 KM admission fee, 3 the audio guide, (discount for journalists). Heartbraking photos and very descriptive video footage and documentary from the srebrenoca massacre (and some of 5he sarajrvo siege). Please dont miss it. Beware, it is heartbraking. Left me depresses for quite some time.

6 July 2017

Time for a nightcap! Sipping a Sarajevska in Birtija, almost next door from our room. Nighty night Sarajevo, what a ride it has been!
A drink in Zlatna Ribica rewarded us for a very tiring day. Very unique decor! I saw it recommended in a LP article about sarajevo. 20 KM for 4 gin&tonics
I haven't found words to describe the experience of Sarajevo yet. It is the most intriguing, most thought provoking city I've ever visited. It is alive history. War was here some 20 years ago. You can see it everywhere, in the bulletholes in the buildings, the craters filled with red on the pavements, the memorials, the signs, the museums.
Petica, in Old Town. Cevapcici, what else? We paid 15KM for lunch for 2. Incl. Cevapcici, sudzuk (sausage) 200 gr, an apple juice and a liquid yoghurt. All come in a kind of pitta bread
Tito Cafe behind History Museum in Sarajevo. A true gem of Yugonostalgie

5 July 2017

Zeljo, old town. Same idea. 5 or 10 or 15 ( for the really hungry) in a pitta bread with onions. Another institution. Dont forget to ask for the kajmak cream as well. Same price range.
Durmitor National Park and the Black Lake. Ot took ua 3 hours or more from Podgorica to reach the lake. We paid 3 euros per person to get in and another 2 for the car. Unmissable. Also the nature in the park was really beautiful. Such a pity we had to rubln as our host was waiting for us in Sarajevo. If I had to reschedule a similar road trip, i would devote the whole day in this park. To hike, to picnic in the greens, just to relax next to the lake.

4 July 2017

Having a drink at Cafe Berlin. Young crowd, low prices and people watching. We had this recommended - give it a try, although the street is full of bars!
Podgorica is not impressive, not even beautiful. Yet it is a very laid back and friendly capital. Actually, it does not even look like a capital. It is compact - easy to walk around and hard to get lost. City has the classic Old City, which is not impressive and looks more like a village, and the new city, the vibrant heart of Podgorica. Here it reminds me a bit of Sofia, with all the coffee and bar culture. We came around 1 and tomorrow we are leaving, but we already got a good grasp of the city
Podgorica - New City
Podgorica moments - Old City
Pod Volat, a local institution. Local cuisine, lovely garden, polite stuff, central location. For two mains, two starters and 3 beers, 30 euro. Totally recommended!
Ramada Podgorica - no more to say, very good 4* hotel!
On the road to Podgorica via Skadar lake. Took the longer road to the capital to visit the lake ans the park. Worth the short diversion - not impressive but enjoyable. Worth also the 2.4 euro tolls after the tunnel -the only tolls we found so far outside Greece!

3 July 2017

Parma grill in Budva. Worth the visit and the 18 euros for 2.Better sit upstairs in the terrace!
We visited Maritime museum in Kotor. Worthy a visit although I would not say it is 'unmissable'. At the back of the museum is a cute coffee place with colourful seating outside. Unfortunately we arrived late and the sun was too high for us to climb up the stairs to Kotor fortress. They say the view is one of a kind. Can' t doubt it really!
Chilling at Jaz beach, off Budva. Water was nice, better than expected. 3euros for parking was ok. 10 euros for sunloungers and umbrellas not so ok though.
Views of Boka Kotorska, Bay of Kotor! All blue and greens, What a beautiful fjiord!
Views of Perast town and Our Lady of the Rock artificial islet in Kotor bay.

2 July 2017

Bokun, bar within the walls of Kotor. Lav beer, 1.80 for 330ml. But the best is that it sits right on a passage ideal for people watching. Many nice bars and pubs around -some of them, we were unable to find when we went back! Thanks to the nice cobbled maze of Kotor old city. Lively town, not only with tourista, despite it is a Sunday. People everywhere
Bay of Kotor. Photo from Rina parking, outsidebthe walls, in front of the main gate (0.90€ per hour). Unfortunately we missed the food market right in front. But we did walk in the old town and got lost in the maze of cobblestone paths. Very cute old city, with few cozy plazes. Although many of the restos we saw around looked very touristic
In Kotor, we tried Tanjga bbq and it was as good as it could get. Tasty, fillling, cheap, with an oh -so-relaxing garden at the back and a help yourself drink system. More of a fast food than a restaurant, outside Kotor walls#
On the road from Durres towards tbe border with Montenegro through Albania. Full green around, better roads than we thought we will find, old people on bikes, Audis and Mersedes, completely illogical speed limits and crazy local drivers!

1 July 2017

Views from Albania mainland on the road to Durres
Our room in hotel Aleksiona and a view of Durres
Our Western Balkans trip begins from Athens. Here we are crossing the impressive bridge connecting Rio in Pelopo nese with Antirrio in Greek mainland