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Doris's adventure in Ireland

30 May 2017


29 May 2017

Soo much more. ..
Now the best stuff. ..the Gardens! ! (Garden of Eden maybe? ) ahhh!
A few more pics!
Next stop. ..Blarney Castle in Cork!
Next. ...looking for bank for cash advance and I strolled a few streets to find one in the town square. ..some pics along the way. ...
Well after checking things out. ..I head to the Dungarvan Castle. ..very interesting place. .the even showed us a video of the history.
Well, once again I turned down the wrong street and at the stop sign I'm thinking. ..which way do I want go??? Hmmmm .....I look straight ahead and well..... St Mary's Church!! I'm really beginning to see a pattern here! ! Maybe the message is.... Doris. ..when you don't know what to do. ..HAVE FAITH?? !!! I'm told it once was an old school....
I was heading to town to see the Dungarvan Castle. ...and here's what I found!
Long day, but pretty cool! Here is a pic of front of B&B, my bedroom is 1st window on left, and here's the pretty bushes I get to look at!

28 May 2017

Well...Berne (Bernadette) at the Farmlodge B&B had a bit of a laugh when I told her how Google maps put me 1 mile away at a strangers house. while I was calling Booking. Com, they pulled up! The had a good laugh too....and pointed me in the right direction. ..ahhh! Do they make these people any nicer? ? The strangers 3 yr old wanted to get in the car with me! Ha! So..... I'm in search of food, Bernie says Mary's in town has good food and good music (except the music starts half 9) so, if I can last.....I'll see about the music. ..more to come
Well a nice lady named Vera found me an escorted me back to the main road (silly Google Maps)and I decided to just head to my next destination in Dungarvan near Cork. (Have I mentioned these people here are beautiful? ) here's some pics of a little towns I passed through along the way!
Well after leaving I tried to find the Burren Perfumery. ....but got lost! So here's so pics of stuff along my nowhere roads!
Next stop. ...Killinaboy Church, it's amazing how little there's left of it....
So, after leaving the Station House B&B , I headed to Kilfenora where the Kilfenora Cathedral is, It is 1000 years old, and started as a Catholic Cathedral, then the Protestants took it over until they died off.... it's interesting! Here's some pics. .
More Cathedral Pics
Breakfast today was great, this natural sugar is yummy! And I was listening to Irish Ballads while eating. ...then they announced obits... very cool!

27 May 2017

What an Introduction to a book. ... my style! Ha!
Oh...more things that make me smile : * NO ONE. .. walking around with cell phones in hand! Amazing! * Everywhere I looked... most fences were made of stone slabs. ...looked sooo... earthy! * I'd swear the cows were smiling, and seeing them laying around the fields without a care in the world was delightful. ..and I think some were even furry!! Ha!
So....sitting in my room reminiscent of my day's activities, I have to put my thoughts in this journal so I don't loose the magic. Things that made me smile: * 2 young freckled face boys, who gave me directions to town telling me to "follow the footpath" (or yellow brick road maybe?) In such an innocent accent! * hearing the radio announcer use the term "cranky pants" * hearing a radio ad to remind people about the importance of picking out a good confirmation name! (Mine is Francis )That's how I know I'm among Catholics. Never in the US would that be allowed on the radio. I love it! * Noticing a wedding reception taking place in a pub!! Yes...a small one! All the people couldn't even fit inside! * Calla Lillies seem to love it here because they are everywhere. ..BIG...BEAUTIFUL. .EXOTIC! Why can't they learn to like our hot weather? Ahh.. * Everything. OLD....and most buildings look well built. ..and no the people seem to like it that!
Exciting find of a Playwright with an esoteric mind, who was best friends with W.B.Yeats, and who also hung with George Bernard Shaw...could we gave a family connection? !? Hmmm...
Walking through Ennistymon, interesting little town. Bought a very old book, at a very old Church.
Arrived at the Station House B&B in Ennistymon .... Refresh and go galavanting! This is my room key.... I love that!
Cliffs of Mother, majestic, magical and awesome! It's cold and windy today...
Good sleep, great breakfast, wonderful hosts Mary and Donan... I could stay here forever! Ready to start the day's adventure! Xx
Breakfast, and my view ! Rainy but nice!

26 May 2017

So far, every person was so nice and helpful. I sat next to 2 Irish men on the plane, 1 from Dublin and the other from Galway.... I enjoyed listening to them talk. The plane had lots of turbulence so not much sleep was had.. And so far its been an interesting adventure! Xx
Took a detour to Nenagh on the way to Cliffs, was trying to see that castle but I circled it 6 times and couldn't find the parking lot or door! Quaint old town , I have more pics to add later.
I turned down the wrong road in Negagh, not too pretty..
Driving on M50 I had to pull over and take a pic!
View from Dublin Airport's a pretty day! Great start.... But no sleep.... Ugh! Long line for car rental....and it figures I'd have to use restroom...jeez! :-)

25 May 2017

Finally... Leaving NJ...dismal weather.. ugh...! Heading to God's Country! So far ..all went smooth.... Update in the morning! Xo
Flight out is 30mins late.....looks like I'll be running to my connecting flight....ugh! But the good news..... I ended up with a window seat and up front so I deboard 1st, all because I was nice enough to offer my isle seat to an old man (we traded) ... Woohoo... The luck of the Irish is with me already!! .....more to come...