Costa Rica · 8 Days · 28 Moments · March 2018

Don's & Rae’s journi to Costa Rica

29 March 2018

At the first airport! Look at the brand of that fan

27 March 2018


26 March 2018

Scavenger hunt fun!
Great view of the volcano
The volcano view today from Rae's room.
Over 500 stairs but well worth it

25 March 2018

Organic pineapple plantation.

24 March 2018

Ball of Sloth.
Fresh made chocolate
Rae and Grace
Lunch spot after rafting

23 March 2018

This afternoon was a nine stage Zipline but we couldn't take cameras with us.
Fun day today! So many things happens (including meeting two adorable doggos) and I couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow!
LaPaz Waterfall
The devil's elbow in a full size tour bus. 4 point turn.
Cloud mountains in the distance.
These are masks from local folk tales!
View from the hotel parking lot.
Fancy Hotel!!

22 March 2018

About to board the last plane!!!
About to board the plane!
Glad they are on a trip together so they can look at their phones.
At the airport!
Shuttle bus joy.

21 March 2018

Packed and ready to go.