Malaysia, Taiwan · 3 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Don's adventure in Taipei City, Taiwan

17 April 2017

We decided to take in some culture and walk off the massive seafood brunch we had at the National place museum.
Too much food? Perhaps but worth it!
Day 3 in Taiwan! Because we had so much food the other day. We decided to skip breakfast and go for brunch again. This time at a fish market called Addiction Aquatic development. Yes odd name but the "Addiction" is an accurate description. The sushi and seafood here is amazing!

16 April 2017

Can't be a night market without food pics.
After walking around Jiu Fen, we went to the local night market in the Keelung area. There are many night markets in Taiwan, this particular one is near where the fisherman are so the seafood is very fresh here.
Some highlights of the type of foods in Jiu Fen
In the afternoon, we went to Jiou Fen. There is an old street with various food and retail stores selling all kinds of interesting things.
Had dim sum at Tim Ho Wan which was delicious. I had dim sum back home but it doesn't taste anything like what we had at Tim Ho Wan. It was so much more flavorful. After brunch we saw an Ice Monster store and decided to get some shaved ice.
Taipei 101. We hanged out in the nearby shopping mall for some shopping and brunch.

15 April 2017

Taiwan is all about eating. So my friend took us to a local Japanese place that serves Japanese bbq and skewers. The prawn skewer was amazing! Another awesome food place.
Dim sum at Din Tai Fung. Line up was long! But we got lucky and were able to jump the queue and get a 3 person table Again typical Chinese dim sum but it was so tasty and flavorful, I think this was maybe one of the best dim sum I ever had in a very very long time.
Checked out SOHO and there was a lot of designer brand clothing. They are surprisingly very expensive compare to Toronto. Didn't buy anything but the main reason we are here is to try the famous dim sum place at the restaurant level.
First meal of the day. Big greasy breakfast! This is a poplar spot and I can see why. The food was delicious! I know this is a typical Chinese breakfast but wow you can't find this taste in Toronto.

14 April 2017

Finally here!