United States of America · 4 Days · 24 Moments · May 2018

Donna's New York

19 May 2018

Sharing in the joy of another accomplished ending
Until the Morrow!!!!
Mixing it up to the tunes of the evening! Amazing!!!!!
An international gathering of friends and family to celebrate the union of two amazing individuals, Emma & Nate
A bounty of beauty as we begin the evening!

18 May 2018

And all good things come to an end.... until tomorrow and the culmination of all of our effort and brining a vision to life!
And the party rolled on, so much fun, love and laughter!
The views are more than amazing but the guests out shown all
The views were breathtaking both inside and out!
Passed by the jockey club on our way to Mophonics and an incredible evening of musical history, amazing tunes and a spectacular view, all the while initiating what was to be a wonderful collaboration of blending the Sutton and the Williams clans. A wall of celebrity artists depicts a snippet of the many artists that have cut and blended their musical talents here. A breath taking view of the city skyline was the icing on the cake, as all enjoyed a fabulous evening of conversations and exchanging stories of Emma and Nathan’s accomplished histories.
And the day begins for another fabulous Friday, with one exception, I am heading into Queens, NYC to collect all of the fabulous flowers for the American Royal Celebration! The flower purveyor is second to none. The selections were vast and beyond imagination. Oh what a beautiful array it will be!

17 May 2018

An amazing ending to an incredible day… Dinner at a spectacular Indian restaurant, recommended by the bride herself… The icing on the cake was the “chai pie“ dessert, Yum Yum Yum
Well I have known for quite some time that this amazing young lady “Emma Elizabeth Sutton” knows how to do New York… So much to take in for those of us who do not regularly walk these streets of paved energy and soul. However, her mother Callae and I gave it our best effort today, from the incredible architecture of every corner we turned, to the Sacred Walls at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the solemn still of the World Trade Center, Central Park with all of its flora fauna and glory, to the fabulous Julliard school of music and the New York Ballet. They have all experienced the great pleasure of Miss Emma’s presence and the joy she evokes with each visit. And it was easy to clearly understand why she loves this amazing and at times, complicated city so much!
And these amazing boots allow us to all see why Gianni Versace remains such an iconic symbol to the world of design and continues to mesmerize all of us with his house of style. Even after death, he is still such a significant influence in the fashion industry. It is so hard to believe he has been gone for 21 years.
Did someone say Fifth Avenue… Shopping is simply a way of life here, with every house of design available for your simple pleasures🕶💍👗👠👛🗽
And of course, there’s an amazing zoo in the middle of the city… Full of the life breath of every child’s joy! Not to mention, more architecture and more incredible beauty to feast your eyes upon.

16 May 2018

And as night fell upon the tavern, we closed the book on our first evening of celebration, knowing the comfort of delicious fullness from a feast like no other and the taste of fine wine on our palettes.
Spectacular Scottish salmon over quinoa with buere blanc sauce
Braised pork bellies over roasted vegetables
An incredible kitchen, open for all to experience while the staff of culinary experts created magic for every plate.
The most delectable chopped root vegetable salad you can ever imagine, A California cobb salad like no other and a roasted beet salad with poached egg and goat cheese. Of course all lead by amazing hand crafted cocktails in a setting fit for any royal.
Sharing a moment with a dear friend, it doesn’t get much better than this!
If walls could talk, St. George’s Cathedral would fill volumes of journals beyond every imagination and expectation. Open air markets filling Broadway with fragrance and color to meet every flower lovers dream and pretty patty petunia showing her perky face throughout the concrete jungle.
MOB & FOB sharing a moment of pride with their baby girl and soon to be bride! And the great Lincoln Center!