United States of America · 1 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Donna's journi to Morikami Japanese Gardens

9 July 2017

A wonderful ending to an amazing day of beauty! Delicious sushi and a table mate to boot!
The most incredible collection of Bonsai I have ever seen!
Peaceful structures of pagodas, prayer stations, tea houses, monuments of honor and an amazing history museum of the Yamamoto culture and its attempt of community in Florida generations ago.
The journey continued around an amazing pond filled with wildlife of Japanese Koi, Painted Turtles and sun drenched Iguanas surrounded by fragrant blooms of every imaginable plantings of ground covers to canopies of fern and orchid encrusted trees.
An amazing day of peaceful education and beauty as I walked through the Japanese gardens at the Morikami Museum. The most tranquil and breathtaking collaboration of flowers and their artistry I have ever experienced. A true healing zen experience­čî║