Australia and Oceania, North America · 17 Days · 114 Moments · November 2017

6 December 2017

2nd flight - Sydney to Brisbane
Heading home now - Honolulu to Sydney flight

5 December 2017

Jai enjoying stand up paddle boarding 😊
All three of Nannas boys on the stand up paddle board
Cody enjoyed stand up paddle boarding 😊
The kids loved stand up paddle boarding
It’s always s gorgeous view as we step out of the condo
Love the shrimp trucks

4 December 2017

LOVE my souvenir cups from Dukes 🏄‍♀️
Not quite home yet and missing you already Hawaii 😂
Yep you guessed it, more sunsets lol
Jai loved building sand castles
Wish I had a better camera with me
Lunch at Dukes was always amazing! Not to mention it comes with the best view 💜
Turtle watching on our way to lunch at Dukes
The gardens and water features are just stunning around the hotel
Looking at all the lovely fish ponds and waterfalls in the Hilton

2 December 2017

Tonight was the official lighting up for Christmas 💜
The kids with the street dancers :). Cody earns $33 dancing with them and Jai $20
So many beautiful Christmas trees 💗
Another afternoon / evening by the beach

30 November 2017

The boys LOVE hula pie too lol
The boys favourite thing to do is heading to the beach to catch some waves😀
Beach , beach and more beach 😀

29 November 2017

I really will miss the sunsets
It became a nightly ritual to wander back to the condo along the beach and watch the sunsets

29 November 2017

Starting to look beautiful with all the Christmas lights turning on around Hawaii 💜
We had to go back to the food trucks on the North Shore so Cody could get more teriyaki chicken and rice from his favourite cook in Hawaii. Jai tried it today and loved it too. YAY!! Nanna is not used to such a fussy eater!!!
We moved on to Turtle Bay for the kids to swim in protected areas 😀
We stopped to swim at this beach but the surf was so wild , the lifeguards said that the waves on shore was strong enough there to breaks bones in backs and necks. They suggested we swim in this section over the river mouth.
We stopped to see if the turtles were up on the sand but they weren’t 😂 The surf was wild today!
Nanny & Cody at Turtle Bay
There’s very few shops here without surfboards our the front 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️
Nanna & Cody want a mustang convertible at home !!!
Another awesome day exploring Oahu 🤙

28 November 2017

BUGGER... we forgot to let the boys sign the famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. Not to worry, we are headed by back to the North Shore tomorrow to show the boys “pipeline “ and hopefully see the turtles and sea lion up on the sand and because Cody has fallen in love with Hawaiian Terriyaki Chicken and rice lol. Love his face in this photo hahaha
Two sleepy heads after their beach swim
Next beach stop was Kailua Beach. It was just as stunning as the books and the locals told us. Nanny & Poppy stayed dry and sat and watched the boys swim. I could never tire of looking at the beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches around Hawaii 💗
More photos of Hanumoa Bay and the mountains. They say the rock formation of the bay resembles a sleeping dragon
First stop today was the beautiful Waimanalo Beach . We didn’t swim here because the lifeguards had signs out warning everyone of painful stinging jellyfish.
This is the first time we have been to this blowhole in Hawaii and seen it working. Sure was blowing ... almost blew poppy, Cody & Jai away!!
Today we picked up the mustang convertible we hired for 3-4 days. The mountains and the beach as a backdrop as we drove around the island were exquisite. The photos here are of Hanumoa Bay 💜
Jai ‘s drawings 😊
Cody’s drawings of his Fennec Fox and the red mustang he was hoping we would rent today ( we could only get white though )

27 November 2017

The fire trucks in Hawaii are yellow
More Zoo photos 😀
Very lucky boys! Poppy let them pick up a stuffed animal souvenir from the zoo today to remember the place by. Jai chose a white tiger he called Tigress and Cody chose a Fennec Wolf he called Roxy. I don’t think they have let go of them since 😀
The kids getting up close and personal with this beautiful baboon. He was so cute and sat with them for ages.
More Zoo photos 😀
We had a fabulous day at Honolulu Zoo. There was a baboon that loved the boys but clearly did not like Chris lol. Was so funny. I will Pop a video on Facebook when I get WiFi later tonight.
All the way to the moon and bats 💕

25 November 2017

Gotta love the ABC stores here. They are on every street corner and you can get a bottle of milk for $9 or a bottle of rum for $15 lol
Gorgeous view on dusk tonight from our balcony. Shortly after I took this we were taken by surprise when for a second night running the gorgeous fireworks went off on the lagoon. They were really pretty. I videoed them and uploaded it to Facebook for everyone to watch
Hahahaha I have no clue why the mean face but it’s certainly a face only a mother could love lol
We went to Kings Farmers Market tonight where the boys picked out an egg salad each for dinner and Cody got a container of kiwi fruit for desert and Jai got Fruit salad. I got a container of the yummiest fresh island pineapple 😀
Cody looking for cheap beachside accommodation fir the night lol
Love these two brats 💙💚❤️
After lunch we wandered around town for a while and then went swimming at the beach for a few hours. The water was a bit cold when we first got in but then it was lovely. Jai made friends with another little boy and they built sandcastles. Then Jai was given two little boogie boards by a family obviously heading home today. It was really kind of them and the boys had a wonderful time learning how to catch a wave.
We all spent hours in the surf at Waikiki Beach
I was thinking ...what a lovely photo , shame the boys aren’t in it , and then looked closely and I did manage to capture both of them in it 💜
I absolutely LOVE this photo I snapped of Jai today as we were leaving Waikiki Beach 💗
I had a great day yesterday at the Pearl Harbor I got to go see the amazing arepot 😉🤙from Jai .
Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory was scrummo. LOL that’s Poppy’s sulky puss face cause he had to wait for me to take a photo of his sliders before he could eat them. The boys got their Belgian Waffles that they having been waiting for 😀 Cody had ice cream with his and Jai had cream and ice cream. There had to of been a full punnet of strawberries on each of their plates. We couldn’t believe the size of the plates. They were massive!
lol this is poppy’s face cause Nanny made him wait to take a photo of his chicken sliders 🤣 Jai & Cody had Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and the ice cream was still to come. The size of the plates were HUGE!
We are now at the Cheesecake Factory Jai and I are having waffles nanny’s having a crispy chicken sandwich 🥪. Poppy is having chicken sliders🍗🍗🍖🍖by cody
My favourite part about peal Harbour was when we were watching the movie about the war. My other favourite bit is where we got to go inside a broken Down submarine. By Cody

25 November 2017

Mmmmmm dinner was scrummo. Cody loves Teriyaki chicken, Nanny & Poppy loves Chinese and Jai is ridiculously fussy!!!!
Aloha 💜
These photos are really of no importance. Nanny just LOVES all the beautiful vibrant flowers and the gorgeous old Banyan Trees
More photos from Pearl Harbour today
PEARL HARBOUR We had a great day and the boys learnt so much about World War 2. Not sure what else to say here. Very moving, very emotional.
Good Morning Everyone 😊 We are on a bus going to Pearl Harbour and the Aircraft Museum.

23 November 2017

After dinner tonight we strolled around watching the buskers. The boys favourites are the street dancers and tonight they pulled Cody into their show. For those that don’t know Cody, he is EXTREMELY reserved and shies away from being in the limelight. Chris and I were shocked and I was so proud of him tonight because even though we could see he was way out of his comfort zone, he not only allowed them to pull him into their act, he DANCED in front of a large crowd and was AWESOME. I did video it and will pop it on Facebook in a sec 😀 Good Night and Sweet Dreams everyone 💗 And to all our American friends , HAPPY THANKS GIVING xox
We wandered home late tonight along the beach sharing tonnes of laughs. The boys chased each other along the beach and had so much fun. They will sleep well tonight. Hmmmm I think they might already be asleep, it’s very quiet 😴
HULA PIE ❤️💜💗💙💚 Now you see you DONT lol YUMMMMMO.
We had dinner tonight at our favourite restaurant, DUKES. You can’t beat it! Sitting on the beach , feet in sand, delicious food and the kids keeping us in stitches of laughter at their hula dancing skills. Unfortunately this app doesn’t allow me to upload videos so I will pop them on Facebook shortly.
Day 3 turned out to be another amazing day. We came back to the hotel and had home made waffles and salad sandwiches for lunch and then wandered down to the pool and water slides again. Following that we walked the length of Waikiki Beach where we all swam for a couple of hours. Then we dried off and wandered the main Streets of Waikiki and took some landmark photos before heading to dinner.
Cody showing all weirdo sides of himself 🤪
After brekky we wandered up to Ala Moana Shopping Mall To go to the Lego store and do some shopping, but we didn’t realise today was THANKSGIVING and all the stores were closed. Not to worry though as it was a lovely walk and we did manage to buy all the necessary groceries (waffles, ice cream, maple syrup, bananas, Hershey kisses, milk duds....yeah all the healthy stuff lol) The koi were huge in the mall fish ponds!
Gotta love it when the hardest decision to make first thing of a morning is..... Turn left for hotel cafe OR right for StarBucks ☕️ Starbucks won - you can’t go past all the gorgeous waterfalls outside ❤️

22 November 2017

Mmmmm yummy....we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner 🍴. Cody had an extremely healthy dinner which started and ended at dessert lol. Jai and Poppy had chicken sliders and everyone helped Nanny eat her coconut crumbed prawn cutlets, coleslaw and fries and between us we still couldn’t finish it!
The boys looking very nerdy.....ummmm intelligent wearing our glasses lol
Stunning Sunset on Waikiki Beach
My iPhone camera doesn’t do the sunset justice. The two little hotties on the beach were having fun 🤪
Don’t drop the towel Poppy lol
We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the beach watching the boys get wiped out body surfing. Was funny 😄
Hawaii without kids we go on Happy Hour Crawls and crawl home. Hawaii with kids we go on a Resort Crawl and see how many posh resorts we can sneak into and the kids use all the different pools and water slides... and we STILL crawl home lol. So far the Hilton Hotel romps it in ;) The slides have lots of twists and turns. One was fast and one was slow. I almost hit my head on the fast one. By Cody
So much of Hawaii 5-O is filmed in and around our hotel
Doing it tough in Hawaii ;)
FOUND THEM!!! Hahahaha I think Cody just found the disadvantage of having long legs! Poppy got on to help them out on a couple of laps. Today we rented one on the lagoon, it was good practice and in the next couple of days they want to get one on the beach so they can go find turtles. It was fun and tiring and we fell off trying to run over fish. By Jai
Good Morning from beautiful Hawaii 🤙. All rested and ready to hit the beach. We are heading out in search of aqua bikes 😀

22 November 2017

While all the boys both big and small go to bed early, Nanna is just sitting here on the lanai looking out to sea. This is why cancer could never beat me x
Tonight we were too tired to wander far so we had nachos and pizza at the Harbour. We did our best to make it back to the condo and it took all of 5 seconds for the boys to change into pyjamas and into bed lol. Poppy has now gone to bed too. We are 7pm sadsacks lol.
This time we are staying in the same condo but 7 floors higher. The view is spectacular!
Jai & Poppy enjoying the view from our lanai and then a dip in the pool :)
We couldn’t get into our condo until 2 pm , so we left our bags with the hotel bell captain and then went for a walk through the Hilton Hotel and took the boys to the lagoon. Following that we walked along the beach where the boys built sand castles and paddled but both were too cold to really swim. Cody always feels cold when he’s tired. Tomorrow we will go back and we will all swim. Might hire them a stand up paddle board and have some fun. Oh and Cody wants to hire an aqua bike for him and Jai
Love this Banyan tree 💗 Swipe sideways to see the boys on the beach
We arrived in Honulu at 6.25am this morning. Jai slept the entire flight, cody slept half the flight and Poppy and I are knackered with no sleep. We hit our wall today! I think we wandered 10km along the beach and main street resembling 4 zombies. That was a few huge days of traveling.

21 November 2017

We walked from Darling Harbour back to Circular Quay to pick up our luggage and then got the train to the International Airport. It was soooo busy and we stood in line for 3 hours to check our bags on the flight. The boys sat down while Chris and I lined up and it was only minutes before Jai fell asleep and Cody was exhausted. Poor Jai was sick again as we were about to board the plane. We have been in the air a couple of hours now and both boys are sound asleep. Hopefully Jai will sleep through the night and feel much better when we land in Hawaii. Nan and Pop are kicking back with a precious little boy on each shoulder and a can of bourbon & cola and boy does it taste good lol.
We had lunch at the Aquarium on our way out and Cody asked me to take this photo as it’s the smallest hot dog he’s ever seen LOL.
It’s a shame we had to rush through.
We spent a couple of hours at Sydney Aquarium.
We hopped on the ferry to Darling Harbour and this was incredibly hard. I grew up on the ferries from 3 days of age and bittersweet memories because I miss my gorgeous Daddee so much. I look to the wheelhouse and I see him there steering the boat with one hand and the two way radio in the other. Maybe from above he sent the deckie to us to take our photo ❤️. We passed the Opera House , Luna Park and Cody took these photos of the Harbour Bridge. AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER 😀 I haven’t had a chance to look at Poppy’s phone yet to see the photos Jai took. I’m sure they are just as amazing. Unfortunately Jai got seasick on the ferry and hasn’t been well today 😂
We hopped off the train at Circular Quay where we put our luggage in storage for the day. The Voyager of the Seas was in port and Cody wanted to cruise to Hawaii instead of fly ( he can dream lol)
It was a very early start this morning and Jai was falling asleep waiting while Poppy was buying our train tickets. ( $120.00 for two adults and two children for return from the airport to Circular Quay!! WOW) most expensive 20 minute train trip I’ve ever been on!
Jai and I woke up at 4:38am and had a shower and did some packing and then drove to the airport to get on the plane and go to Sydney.

20 November 2017

Jai and I swam in the pool, lagoon and beach and it was nice. I found a family of lizards on the rocks and they went into the sewers. By Cody Do t forget to swipe sideways on the photos to see more photos😀
We put our bags in the hotel and then walked down to the river where we caught the ferry to Southbank. There was big slides at the playground. By Jai
We stayed the first night at the Tribeca Apartment Hotel on the very top floor. The view at night time was awesome. At night time we all went in the pool and spa. By Cody
Wooohooo we are officially on holidays and on the road to Brisbane for the first stop of our 2 week adventure 😊