North America, Europe · 21 Days · 34 Moments · April 2017

Don and Lori's Cruise and Visit to London

20 May 2017

We caught our flight home from Heathrow today at 1:00 pm. Had to make a connection in Newark, NJ, which went ok, a little issue with our boarding passes....we were picked up at Fort Myers airport by our dear friends Pat and Diane Elliott, nice to see them again after 3 weeks away...they bought us take out from PF Chang's for a late dinner and off to bed, we were beat! Nice trip, still lots more to see in London as well as the British Isles. Hopefully we will be going again next year with Lori's cousin Barbara and Dean Vitali...can't wait!

19 May 2017

We met an old friend that we met several cruises ago for dinner near our hotel...Andrew McCloughlin..great fun, hope to see him again next spring...he lives in Ireland..
Little Venice near the Paddington Station..

18 May 2017

Our AirB&B in Paddington. It was located only a block from the tube station Maide Vale so it was very almost every day it rained when we got home form the castle. None the less, we still when out for dinner at a pub a few blocks away...
Nice visit to Windsor Castle. It is really magnificent. Toured for 2 hours, unfortunately, with headset guides that didn't work well. We purchased our tickets on line and showed the bar code to the ticket folks, most had never scanned a ticket off an iPhone before!
Grounds are beautiful, it was over cast though, something we have gotten used to.
On the Great Western Railway going to Windsor Castle
We are in the train to Windsor Castle this morning. A rare sunny day here in England

17 May 2017

Windsor Castle..we took an express train to the castle from Paddington Station...
Lunch at Cafe Rouge, just beneath St Paul's cathedral...
Inside the church...
St Paul's Cathedral, lunch outside the church....
Going to St. Paul's cathedral today. Cloudy today, good chance of rain. Later we are meeting some people for dinner, met them on the ship during our cruise over.. St Paul's was very nice, we got an audio guide with the ticket price, but ended up not using them. Instead Rick Steves free guide was better. We stayed for communion, not often you have that opportunity in the Church of England. Then off to lunch at Cafe Rouge! Nice lunch then back home via the bus and tube...we gotten quite good at using public transportation. Dinner tonight at Audly Pub in Hyde Park.

16 May 2017

The British Museum....the Rosetta Stone....mummy's....

15 May 2017

London Bridge....
Drunks at the oldest continuously operating pub in London, the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, founded in 1667...lots of small rooms and tiny bars tucked here and there...
London is about the Pubs! Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub, one of the oldest in London. Established before the great London fire...

14 May 2017

Dinner at a local pub near our AirB&B....
Sightseeing in London....Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben!
Lunch at an Italian Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus...

13 May 2017

On shore at Falmouth with friends we met from England. We had to take a tender in o port, very rough, Sue got a bit queezy! Lori took one off the bucket list, Cream Tea with scones and clotted cream, yum!
Cruise Ship stop at Falmouth, England. Views of the harbor and Jacob's Ladder, a steep set of steps that leads up to and old pub at the top. May dad spent some time here during WWII preparing for D-Day. The bartender did look a bit like me!😉

12 May 2017

More moments with friends on the ship. Notice the shirt of our bartender, modified by Lori with mascara to say Norwegians Like It India Hot! The ape was found hanging in our cabin!
Lunch at Kitty Ose's...yes that is Kitty!
More Blarney Castle
Ship ported at Cobh, pronounced we went to visit the Blarney Castle and the town of Kinsale.

11 May 2017

These are folks that we met on the ship...we are having dinner at the Italian restaurant on board the ship. Our favorite bartender....ladies learning Bollywood dance....

9 May 2017

The island is volcanic and still has lots of activity. There are many steam vents and hot springs dotted around the island. The photos show us visiting some of the steam vents and soaking our feet in one of the many hot springs. Local restaurants actually cook food in holes in the steam heated earth. You can see them lifting the steaming pots...
We also visited a tea factory, one of two on the island. It turns out that thaws two team factories are the only places where tea is grown in Europe! Most team is grown in India and the Far East...

8 May 2017

We took a shore excursion with a private service organized through Cruise Critic. Great driver, beautiful island. Theses photos are of a beautiful church overlooking the rocky sea coast of Ponta del Gada.
Our third stop is Punta del Gada, Azores. The Azores is a small group of islands in the North Atlantic. They are a Portuguese possession. The islands were critical during WWII for the allies as the airbase here on one island, Lajes, provided a refueling stop for US made bombers ferrying to England.

2 May 2017

Second stop is Miami. We only got off the ship to get Lori's iPhone fixed...we also used an Uber for the first time in our lives, very cool!

1 May 2017

First stop was Key West. We have here several times before, once on our own boat, Sea Farren.

30 April 2017

Today we leave for our transatlantic cruise and visit to London. We are traveling on the Norwegian Jade, which was recently renovated in Freeport. The cruise leaves from Tampa and is 14 days long. It visits Key West, Miami, Azores, Ireland and England. Our friend Diane Elliot drove us to Tampa to board our ship. The roses were for Lori for our 28 wedding anniversary on April 28th. Photos are of boarding and Tampa Harbor. The old ship is a WWII Victory ship..