United States of America · 4 Days · 33 Moments · July 2017

R&D visit Amar in Penn State!

18 July 2017

Flight back home after a long day/night of driving
Drive to airport during the wee hours of the night/morning

17 July 2017

Refreshing beer after a hard day's work on the river
Feeling good about our rafting trip
Falling water :)
Rohan falling asleep at falling water
Trying out the competition... Berkey was undoubtedly better! But watching the fireflies as we enjoyed every spoonful of creamy goodness was priceless
Driving through trump country to falling water and rafting

16 July 2017

Late night visit to Michal's
Drive to Thai food
Exploring the campus
Arboretum part 3
Arboretum part 2
Arboretum part 1
Penn's cave part 3
Penn's cave part 2
Penn's cave part 1
Recreating a moment in Ro-mar's history... We've also learned that, if nothing else, Penn State has taught these two to value their lives and their legs just a little bit more ;)

15 July 2017

Tour of the labs :)
Campus tour, part deux
Fireflies!! They refuse to be caught on film. Will try again tonight. After enjoying a delicious dinner at Facia de Luna, we walked back to old main guided by the bioluminescent glow of the fireflies :) #bucketlist #idobelieveinfaeries
Campus tour! Enjoyed some Berkey ice cream--it really was very fresh and extra creamy. Took the blue loop to old main and strolled through the arts fest. Bought some nice wooden spoons, crafted from the Pennsylvania red pines
We took the trail from amar's place to the campus/downtown. Sightings of wildlife at the start of the campus
Stopped by a nearby campsite. There were some families paddle boating and canoeing, but no nearby rental hut, so we made do with skipping stones. That is, until we spotted a snake in the water. Time to go explore the campus...
Stopped to check out the views from this lookout point. Loving this emerald city :)
Breakfast!!!! Damn good coffee at the naked egg cafe. The hollandaise on our Benedict was delicious... Very buttery. And the huevos rancheros was better than what we had at Alana's cafe back home.
Beautiful drive to Penn State. 2.5 hours of greenery, scenery, and zzzzz-ery... Okay, sure, I may have dozed off... But just for a bit... Here and there 😬 Rohan was excellent though. Drove us all the way, safely and without a word of complaint :)
Picking up our rental car. The second we were given the keys, we happily jumped inside and were ready to drive off the lot, when we spotted an Asian couple inspecting every inch of their rental. He was in the process of checking the tire pressure when we lost interest and continued to drive off. Makes one wonder what they know that we don't...
Touchdown in Pittsburgh! Apparently, this airport was the 2017 winner of some award. Must have been the dino-mite T-Rex ;)
Looking stylish as we wait for the flight to board :) Aaaaaaand, soon after this picture was clicked, we were so immersed with our episode of Merlin that we nearly missed our plane :o