United States of America · 3 Days · 20 Moments · August 2017

R&D sample Seattle

2 September 2017

The place with the great view. But a box for sure
Taking a break for lunch
Our first taste home shopping in Seattle!
Rohan tirelessly looking up listings as we eat breakfast
Our adu/mil unit :)

1 September 2017

We got hungry. Very hungry. Do not judge.
First glimpses of Mount Rainer... Wow
More traffic around the Tacoma dome
Rohan is pleased
TOUCHDOWN! We made it to Washington :)
Hit some traffic as we're passing through Portland.. Have I mentioned it's been well over 100 degrees this whole journey?!
Taking a break for some shoe shopping.. Check out those legs!
More pictures of Rohan driving
Break for lunch
More shots from the road...

31 August 2017

Reached Oregon! Enjoying some more chhole puri before hitting the hay...
Shots from the drive O.o
Lots of road trip snacks along the way.... EASIEST way to pass the time, and stay awake, is EAT
Our sole driver
Hitting the road, jack!