Greece · 9 Days · 31 Moments · June 2016

Divya's trip to Greece

13 June 2016

Nice n easy - next to the windmills. Yummy fresh and organic food
Yummy pizza slices for midnight snacking

12 June 2016

Fav place in Mykonos. Best spot for sunset
Looks like a nice property and right in middle of town
Didn't go but suppose to be a good bar
Favourite bar from last night. Had the best time ever. Great vibe and amazing music
One of our stops while bar hopping last night
Things went a bit wild at this bar last night
Lunch at Little Venice in Mykonks town. View of the windmills
View from Sunset restaurant

11 June 2016

Ling ling by Hakkasan. Great vibe and looking forward to some Asian food after a week
Great food and ambience. Overlooking the kalo livadi beach
Kalo lavadi beach. Super nice water. Great for sunbathing
Really beautiful Greek restaurant. Sadly shut today for a private wedding. Should've called and checked before coming

10 June 2016

Jackie'o bar. Gay bar but fun for single people too
Nammos. Fav place in Mykonos so far!
Mykonos view hotel. Good location and nice views of the city's

8 June 2016

Sunset in the middle of nowhere in Greece

7 June 2016

Kastro Cafe. Super view but average view. Good for a drink.
Bloom store
Super cute store for clothes and accessories
Two brothers bar
Fav store for shopping in Fira

6 June 2016

Argos. Super food and great ambience. Must order the Summer Salad and sea bass
Dome Resort
Arrival into Santorini

5 June 2016

Dionysos in Athens. Super view. Can't wait for the food
Divani Palace Hotel
Transiting via Abu Dhabi