Thailand · 11 Days · 14 Moments · July 2016

Dive Koh Tau

31 July 2016

Koh Samui airport Nicest place on earth to be delayed. The airport is like a resort--all open air, full of massage parlors, water gardens, and restaurants. There was a buffet of complimentary Thai tea snacks at the gate. Simply lovely. We didn't even notice that our flight was late.

30 July 2016

We left at 06:00 too make the 2 hour ride out to sail rock, a 100ft pillar of rock in the middle of the sea. It felt like the boat was going to capsize on the way out. The first dive was good, really clear warm water and we saw some huge grouper chilling in the reef blocks at the bottom, and a vast school of barracuda. Our dive master took his time ascending, and I almost ran out of air during the safety stop. On the second dive there 2 more boats of divers. We saw more tropical fish, and had an easy ascent. Most of the boat got seasick on the way home-based bit it was a fun ride from the bow!
Hillside Resort Amazing view of the North end of Koh Tau. At breakfast we could watch all the boats heading off to Mango Bay and mooring to the wreck of the Sattakut. At night we enjoyed the most amazing ocean breeze from our balcony and watched the lights off the fishing boats out as far as the eye could see. The roads around this place were insanely steep... The plan was for two golf carts to chauffeur guests around on request. The concrete paths were so steep that they couldn't fully stop... and the road was only wide enough for one. For pedestrians there were probably a couple of miles of concrete stairs and switchbacks winding from the office down to the bungalows, ppl and bar.

29 July 2016

We saw a lot of dogs on Koh Tau and NONE of them were awake our walking. Just PTFO all day. Island dogs...

27 July 2016

Beer Pong at the Fishbowl Our friend Jon led us here in search of loose women. At night they haul all of the chairs out of what is by day a nice restaurant, and replace them with beer pong tables and a dance floor. We had an awkward but fun time trying to wingman for Jon, who eventually melted into the crowd. Danielle was bitterly whisked off to dance with a large, bearded, yet light footed man. I gabbed with people from all over Europe and watched drunk backpackers dancing in the churning surf below bathed in the strobe lights. A little piece of Cancun sporting break in the middle of the gulf of Thailand...

26 July 2016

Ladyboy Cabaret Although packed with Eurotrash backpackers, this was disappointingly lame after witnessing the snorkel test...
The "snorkel test" at Banyan. The last test for dive master trainees at Rocktopus is to ensure a completely unfiltered public roast by a talented microphoned MC, take shots after every humiliating reveal, perform a series of sexualized party games, then drink a litre of mixed alcohol through a snorkel while blindfolded. The roast / never have I ever was amazing. These peoples lives are completely insane--feats of debauchery, friendcest, and death defying diving manoeuvres were all revealed to the bawdy crowd.

24 July 2016

Fantastic sunset heading out to a night dive.
Blue Water restaurant. Great little minimalist hipster beach bar featuring cold drip & aero press coffee, French press Thai iced tea, and a "never dark & stormy" cocktail. The best part was the balcony that looked out through a giant tropical spruce tree. We spent many afternoons here. Best escape from the sun on Koh Tau 😎
We wandered for an hour looking for the haircut place ore dive instructor recommended for a delicately needed trim. Ladyboy barber!
Our bungalow at Secret Garden. A.C. Is strong, porch leaks like a sieve, takes 5 min to lock the door!

23 July 2016

Dive school classroom.

22 July 2016

Spotted on the way to meet our new friend Jon at... a Mexican Cantina in Thailand.

20 July 2016

We opted to see Shanghai & Xian another time in favor of dive lessons and R&R in Thailand. Flight to Koh Samui, ferry to Koh Tau, check in at the dive shop, and a long hike up the hill yielded us a fine bungalow on the edge of town and arrangements to begin dive lessons for open water certification.