France · 201 Days · 6 Moments · November 2018

Disneyland Paris Is Always A Good Idea

15 June 2019

JUNE There was no hurry, no worries. Simply just a day in Disneyland. So Nice to come to a place and forget all your worries, plannings, deadlines... The only thing to worry about was to get to see the superhero spectacle 😊

6 May 2019

MAY!!! What a day... Not only did the weather changed in a second from sunshine to rainstorm back to sun, but a lot of technical defects at the attractions. We were stuck in the space mountain during the the ride. Only for a small minute but it got us a little freaking out. The haunted Mansion reopened after renovations. It turned out very Nice and kept the right atmosphere of the attraction.

22 April 2019

So we didn’t got to visit in March, but April visit made up so many things! I finally got to meet Peter Pan! He even noticed my ‘second star to the right’ tattoo. I got so psyched I actually don’t remember a thing we talked about 😅 Thank god for the pictures to trekdier this amazing experience

16 February 2019

February visit: ✔️ We had the luck that the sun came with us, and so did half of europe. Busiest day ever! Got to Enjoy the princesses and pirate parade and see Peter pan up close several times 😍

12 January 2019

We went again, finally got to silver our annual ticket entree! Got to meet stitch ever since I’ve been to Florida. ♥️

26 November 2018

Visiting Disneyland with the family in law. I just love it there in christmas style 🎄 Also, I bought my first pair of Disney ears ☺️ We closed the weekend stopping by at the Eiffel tower