United States of America · 8 Days · 122 Moments · December 2017

Disney World

7 January 2018

We got packed up and out of the condo by 10:30 ish. When we got to Disney Springs it wasn’t very crowded but by the time we left it was packed. Lilli and Delilah got sweatshirts at the World Of Disney store. Tim got a tie. Delilah and Tim got pins from the pin trader store. We found a leather bracelet for Delilah and had lunch. We left for the airport around 3:00. We flew to SF and again had a very bumpy flight. The turbulence even woke up Gwendy! We made it to Sac on time but it took forever to get our bags. Finally got home by 12:30 am.

6 January 2018

Christmas tree trail
Christmas tree trail
Christmas Tree Trail
Disney Springs
Our condo
Magic Kingdom Sleep in arrive in parking lot 10:30ish get into park 11:30 I get pineapple upside down cake with dole whip girls get frozen drink Tim in line for Pirates wait about one hour Hall of presidents show Small world Lunch at Be our Guest Try to watch the parade but see only part of it. Walk through castle do Ariel Train Monsters laugh floor Carousel of Progress People mover Snacks pretzel and Cheshire Cat tail Haunted mansion using fast passes Memento Mori store Christmas store Lilli got a churro Jungle cruise Citrus swirl Fireworks Watched Once Upon a Time projections Peter Pan Small world Tangled bathroom Pooh Space mountain down so go in shops I buy my burgundy sweatshirt. Watch glass blowing take ferry to tram to car.

5 January 2018

The view of Main Street from the castle
The hats I made and Small World
Peter Pan
The Castle and fireworks
Through the castle
The Beast’s Castle
Be our Guest
Be Our Guest restaurant
Hall of presidents
Main Street
Ferry boat ride to the Magic Kingdom

4 January 2018

Spaceship earth
United Kingdom and Wallet I really wanted but refrained. Yeah me!
Canada 🇨🇦
Delilah meeting Alice
United Kingdom
Three Amigos ride
Pressed pennies Living with the land
Nemo ride and aquarium
It was so cold. I wore two long sleeve shirts two sweatshirts and a sweater. On my legs two leggings and two socks. Delilah wore her PJ bottoms leggings and jeans. I have crocheted two hats for them and a pair of fingerless gloves for me!
Epcot We decided to switch up the parks since we could get a lunch reservations at Be Our Guest also so we could sleep more. Arrive 10 ish Nemo look at aquarium Pixar short films Got popcorn buffalo blue cheese and sour cream and chives Figament ride Get gingerbread cocoa Lili frozen drink Look in shop they don’t have Lilli’s size Circle of Life movie Living with the Land ride Pressed pennies Mexico get food Three Amigos ride China watch 360 standing movie shops Morocco look in arts museum United Kingdom Delilah meets Alice Canada see circle vision movie very cool France to eat Brie apple sandwich four cheese toast quiche chocolate filled beignet chocolate mousse chocolate raspberry parfait raspberry macaroon Spaceship earth Home
Gwendy getting ready

3 January 2018

More Pandora
Pandora at night
Tree of Life Awakening
Rivers of Light
Rivers of Light
Safari ride
Safari ride
Tree of life
Nemo musical
Oasis birds
Dino land
Pandora. I get Lilli her new favorite drink Night Blossom pear frozen drink with boba
Navi river ride
Navi river ride. So beautiful
Flight of Passage queue
Animal kingdom In parking lot by 8:00. In line for Flight of Passage by 8:30 pouring rain and freezing cold. Spent 1 plus hrs out I the rain then inside. 3 hour wait. Done by 11:30. But awesome ride. Treats in pandora pineapple cream cheese spring roll lemon coffee cake and boba frozen drink In line for Navii river ride. Also in rain but worth it Got lunch at pizza place tomato soup and Mediterranean pizza. They go on Everest. I go to car to get dry shoes Dinosaur ride. Tim goes to get locker. We all watch Nemo musical Walk to Africa do Kilimanjaro safari ride. Walk to Asia get gingerbread cocoa Rivers of Light show sit down Lilli buys Everest shirt T D Me watch tree is life awakening Walk through Pandora beautiful!! Gwendy gets veggie boa from pandora restaurant I get lumpia Wait time for Navi river ride 15 min so we do it. Go home
Pandora and the queue for Flight of Passage
Entering Animal Kingdom

2 January 2018

Spaceship earth at night
Frozen ride. So beautiful!
United Kingdom. Super cute purses I want but didn’t buy.
France. We got pumpkin soup and desserts from the patisserie. Yummy
Japan. We got shaved ice so good
America. We watched the movie
Germany. We got food here.
China. Acrobats and landscapes
Mexico. The Grand Fiesta Tour ride
Norway they had a snack and saved me some.
They did test Track while I napped in the car.
Mission to Mars. I went into innovations and saw a science show.
Spaceship earth ride.
Epcot Arrived 9:39 could walk right up to entrance no tram. Survey Spaceship earth Gingerbread cocoa Mission to mars I do science show in Innovations I go to car to nap they do Mission again with fast passes and test track I meet up with them in Norway Mexico Grand Fiesta Tour ride China eat curry chicken pocket so good. Watch acrobatics Germany pretzel apple strudel Mac and cheese Delilah starts collecting pressed pennies we buy Ray suspenders. Italy America we saw the movie. Japan got shaved ice Gwendy got Japanese crackers I looked at Kawaii exhibit. Morocco look at shops France got pumpkin soup and desserts. Watch 360 movie United Kingdom look at shops Canada got maple popcorn. Rush to Norway to do Frozen ride. Awesome my new favorite ride. Delilah gets pressed pennies Watch Illuminations Look in shop then go home.

1 January 2018

Leaving the Magic Kingdom
People mover ride. Walt’s model of the City of Progress
Buzz lightyear
We got stuck for a while and had to see two scenes twice.
The Carousel of Progress. Delilah had me take pictures of every scene.
The castle with the lights on
Swiss family Robinson tree house. It is freezing! As I eat my dole whip.
Bear country jamboree
Tiki Room
Jungle cruise
Ariel undersea Adventures
Splash mountain. Tim brought child size ponchos and only one adult size. Lilli didn’t want her but to get wet so she worn a disposable poncho and the kid one as a diaper to keep her dry. So funny.
Pooh where my mom won $500
Instead of meeting characters the girls are hunting for special fun food. Like gingerbread hot chocolate
Alice topiary
We just got stuck on Small world. Cast members had to get in the water to push the boats to exits. We had to climb out of the boat and go back stage. We got two fast passes to use on any ride but Peter Pan and 7 Dwarfs mine train
Small world. The ride stopped in the white room just near the end.
Haunted mansion
Peter Pan even though we were late we got to use our fast passes.
Main Street USA
Magic kingdom Tram to security to monorail Ran to Peter Pan Haunted mansion Small world We just got stuck on Small world. Cast members had to get in the water to push the boats to exits. We had to climb out of the boat and go back stage. We got two fast passes to use on any ride but Peter Pan and 7 Dwarfs mine train. Philharmagic Bathroom girls get coffee and gingerbread hot chocolate Pooh I do pirates they do big thunder Splash mountain got wet Ariel Columbia Harbour House for lunch. Tuna chicken pot pie so good. Jingle cruise Pirates Tiki room Lilli and Gwendy slept Bear county jamboree Pineapple upside down cake with dole whip yummy. Swiss family tree house in the rain. Monsters laugh floor Stitch’s great escape Gingerbread hot cocoa People mover Carousel of progress it got stuck and repeated a few scenes Buzz People mover They do space mountain I got in line for 7 dwarfs I had to wait for them but we were on before 9:00 pm Saw some fireworks as we left.
Arriving. Park tram security monorail
Walking out. A very long day but so fun.
Star Wars fireworks

31 December 2017

Ringing in 2018 with fireworks
Movie magic comes to life.
Our dinner break. We ate at PizzeRizzo and enjoyed a red velvet Whoopi Pie and darth Vader chocolate peanut butter cupcake.
Christmas decorations. So pretty
Jingle Bells Jingle Bam
Sunset Seasons Greetings
Inside Toy Story
The que for Toy Story Mania. But nicer than Disneyland.
The Chinese Theater
Tim found us New Years Eve hats and horns!
They went on the Tower of Terror while I shopped
Voyage of the little mermaid
More models in Walt Disney presents.
Lunch break. Notice Gwendy’s cute straw that came in her frozen lemonade
Inside Walt Disney presents. Lots of Disney history. We watch the film One man’s dream. I loved it.
We watched the Idie stunt show. Pretty cool.
Muppet vision Tim Gwendy and I slept through it.
We all did Star Tours with our fast passes.
Hollywood Studios Rocking roller coaster I walk around I watch Star Wars show Star tours Muppet vision 3D Indiana Jones stunt show Walt Disney presents walk thru One mans dream movie Sunset Ranch for lunch L&G get pretzel and Mexican to share. D pizza. T&Me eat our PB&J sandwiches. A nice cast member gave us fast passes for Voyage of The Little Mermaid for all 5 of us. Back to Walt Disney presents Voyager of the little mermaid They do Tower of Terror We miss doing Beauty and the beast 🙁 Sit for a while Tim gets us hats and horns Toy Story Mania line 135 minutes long. Only took 90 minutes G&L got gingerbread hot chocolate T&D back in Walt presents See Sunset seasons greetings Fantasmic Jingle bell jingle bam so cool!! Dinner girls got pomegranate lemonade and Vader cupcake at Backlot Express and pizza at PizzoRizzo Path of the Jedi Star Wars launch bay movie. Delilah saw BB8 They try to do single rider on Rocking roller coaster but too long Find spots for fireworks.
Hollywood Studios. I saw Chip and Dale as I was walking around waiting for everybody to finish the rocking roller coaster.

30 December 2017

Finally arrived in Orlando. Just deplaned. The flight was awful. Lots of turbulence We had a four hour lay over in SF bee had to wake up at 4:00 to get to the airport. On the second flight it was so bumpy we didn’t get any drinks until two hours in. And a little girl behind Tim threw up in the aisle. We are so tired.
Just the five Hammons are going to Disney World. We used air miles for all 5 of us. We are staying at our Reunion Timeshare and used our points to buy our tickets into Disney World and for the rental car!! We bought $600.00 Disney gift cards at Target saving $30.00.
We had a four hour lay over in San Francisco. Some of us slept and some not.