Sweden · 3 Days · 17 Moments · July 2013

Discovering Stockholm in 4 Days

10 July 2013

Tunnelbana Many subway stations in Stockholm are very spectacular. They are real art works. So the subway of Stockholm, the Tunnelbana, is one of the biggest art galleries in the world. People who are interested in art have to take at least a look at the most extraordinary stations. I've not seen all of the stations but from those I saw my favorite station was Kungsträdgarden.
Tour through the Royal Palace The Royal Palace is one of the biggest in Europe. It's worthwhile to join a tour through the amazing building. I don't want to bully you into something too much, the only thing I say is that it is a very interesting experience. The guides also tell you a bit about the history.
Sergels Torg Sergels Torg is a public square in the middle of Stockholm. In summer, it's a great place to sit down on the steps at the square, chill and watch the other people which all look very stressed. You can also go shopping or have a drink there. The entry for the House of Culture, which is located at the square too, is for free. Near Sergels Torg is the subway station T-Centralen which is the hub of the subway network.
Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace Especially in the summer months the Changing of the Guard is very spectacular to watch. The guards are riding (with music) on horses through the city to the Royal Palace. There the Changing of the Guard takes place. It lasts a bit more than one hour.

9 July 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm If you love Hard Rock Cafe or if you have never been to one you should not forget to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm. The burgers are really delicious and a t-shirt from the gift shop is a great souvenir.
Going to Djurgarden There is no subway station in Djurgarden but if you have for example the three-days-valid subway ticket you can also take trams or busses to get there. Also, you have to go to this island/district/park, because it's a nice area to go for a walk and relax. In Djurgarden you'll also find some sights like museums.
Food & Drinks This tip does not only belong to Day 3 it belongs to the whole stay in Stockholm. Food and drinks are very expensive there (especially alcohol - a beer costs approximately € 6, a glass of wine costs approximately € 9), if you don't want to spend a lot of money on dinner and so on the best choice is to take a look at the prices before entering a restaurant. Cheap alternatives are McDonald's, pizzerias or food stands. Some supermarkets have a cold buffet which is also relatively cheap. We were often at a supermarket near the subway station Skanstull (because our hotel was there) to buy something to eat and to drink. The blueberry pie there was very delicious. What you have to taste for sure is a "Kanelbullar", it's a Swedish cinnamon bun and you can buy it everywhere.
Skansen Skansen is a an outdoor museum and a zoo in Djurgarden. You can watch reindeers, elks and many more typical Scandinavian animals, but also some from all over the world. There is an entrance fee and for some attractions you have to pay separately.

8 July 2013

Ask inhabitants for help if you need it The inhabitants of Stockholm are very friendly and helpful. If you don't know where you have to go or something like that you only need to ask and anyone will do everything to help you. When I was in Stockholm me and my friend didn't exactly know where the Ice Bar was, so we asked a man about the location. We only wanted to know if we have to go right, left or straight ahead, but he played our guide for 20 minutes and lead us right up to the Ice Bar. He even went inside to ask for the actual entrance fee. Another time a woman did everything in her power to find out something we asked her about the Olympic stadium.
Shopping Stockholm is a city for shopping. In the city center there are many great shops to buy clothes and all sorts of things you want. The prices for clothes are moderate in some of the shops, despite the high prices for other things. In Stockholm there are really a lot of H&Ms, even some which sell only very classy stuff.
Gröna Lund Gröna Lund is a theme park. If you have kids with you it's an obligation to go there. For the attractions you need a certain number of tickets, which you can buy inside. For example for one attraction you need only two tickets and for another you need 5 tickets. Every ticket has the same price so you can decide the attractions on the number of tickets you need for it, if you want to save money.
Ice Bar If you've never been to an Ice Bar you have to visit the Absolut Ice Bar when you are in Stockholm. You have to pay an entrance fee, but therefore you get a drink for free. Even the glasses for the drinks are made of ice just like the facility. It's the perfect place to cool down. ;)
No cash needed In Stockholm it's normal to buy everything with credit card. Even if you only want to have a coffee you can pay with your credit card without feeling strange. Also a taxi ride can usually be paid with credit card.
Information, information, information When you arrive at your accommodation you should ask for a city map, a subway plan and anything else you need or want to know. For example, you could ask for some night clubs or cheap restaurants. You need to know that you have to be 25 years old to go to (most of) the clubs in Stockholm. If you are younger than 25 you can ask for other clubs. Some of the them change their age restrictions at weekends for people to only people over 25 years and open during the week for younger people. I regretfully did not go to any night club because I was to tired in the evenings, because I was running around the city for the whole day. Still, I heard that the Sturecompagniet is a nice club which plays a different kind of music on every dance floor. You have to be 23 to get in.
Hotel with breakfast Stockholm is very expensive so it's plausible is to book your hotel with at least a breakfast buffet. If you do that you can eat as much as you want in the morning and don't need anything to eat at lunchtime (or just a little snack). Therefore you only have to pay for the dinner and on the next day you can eat your fill again. My hotel was the Clarion Hotel Stockholm because they had an offer (4 nights for the price of 3 nights) and I had a coupon from a travel agency. Otherwise I would have booked a cheaper hotel/hostel via the internet. Through the offer we paid about € 45 per person per night for a room with double bed and breakfast. I think normally you pay approximately € 60. For those who are not looking for the cheapest hotel, the Clarion Hotel Stockholm is very recommendable. We had nothing to complain about, everything was perfect - the room, the breakfast buffet and also the staff.
From the airport to your hotel Don't use a taxi to get to your hotel. At the airport you can buy cheap tickets for a bus which gets you directly into the city center. As the taxis are very expensive, the best way is to buy a ticket for the Tunnelbana (subway) for as many days as you need it. That way, you can go wherever you want within Stockholm and don't need extra money.
Gondolen Gondolen is a restaurant with a cocktail bar from where you have an amazing view over Stockholm and the cocktails are also very tasty. You can take the elevator (which costs a few euros) or take the stairs to get up there. They also have blankets which you can use if it's cold or windy outside.