South Africa · 11 Days · 13 Moments · August 2016

Discovering South Africa

7 September 2016

Plettenberg Bay Started the day with a hike alongside some daffys (the giant guinea pig looking cute!) We then had a spot of lunch on the seafront followed by a stroll along the sand. Even had to crack open the sun cream!

6 September 2016

Ostrich So many ostrich around these parts so thought we'd pull over to say hello. We were treated by some strange dance, not sure if he was trying to scare us or flirt with us 😂
Road trip continues 🚗
Swartberg Cottage This quant little cottage set amongst the hills is our home for the night. Cooking spaghetti bolognese for tea to play the part of the good housewife 🍽

5 September 2016

Swartberg Staying totally off the grid in amongst the hills! So we decided that there isn't a better place to go exploring. Followed the sound of water until we found this huge waterfall 👫👌
Shark Cage Diving, Hermanus Well what an experience!!! The water was freezing but I soon forgot about that when a Great White came at me from nowhere and attacked the cage right in front of my face. My instant reaction was to let go of the bar inside the cage, otherwise I would have literally been in contact with this wild beast! Never had such a fright in all my life but I loved every second! Another one for your bucket lists!

3 September 2016

Wild Penguins, Simon's Town Came across these little beauties on our road trip! There were literally hundreds of wild penguins, chilling in the bushes and sunbathing on the rocks.🐧 Then it was my turn to drive, I was so excited to just be driving around South Africa. Although why I look so small behind the wheel I'll never know 😂
Seaside Fish and Chips. Fresh fish and chips at Hout Bay. I now have one happy man 🐟
ROAD TRIP!!! Garden Route. Hired a car to drive along the garden route along the South coast of South Africa. The most beautiful route we have ever driven, every stop was picture perfect.

2 September 2016

Rainbow snapshot 🌦

31 August 2016

VA waterfront, Cape Town After a few days in central Cape Town we moved to the waterfront. Nice place to go for a stroll, grab a bite to eat and watch the waves crash against the shore. Brought the night in by listening to an acoustic singer over a good feed of pie and mash.

29 August 2016

Cape Town, South Africa Met some friends from Zanzibar and decided to wake up early and climb Table Mountain. Turned out to be one of the best days of the trip so far. The hike was tough and took a good few hours each way but the views were worth every step! Ended the day in a brewery bar and tasted some strange beers including banana beer (although I wouldn't recommend rushing out to buy it 😷). Get Table Mountain on your bucket list...absolutely stunning!

28 August 2016

Apartment love, Cape Town. After staying in possibly the worst hostel I have ever witnessed in Stonetown...bedbugs, larvae on the toilet seats, smelly, no showers and bucket flush 😳 we have found this little bargain of a place. 😍 Need that hot shower to scrub myself clean!