Argentina, Brazil, Chile · 14 Days · 57 Moments · November 2018

Discovering Argentina and Patagonia

30 November 2018

Bye BA! We’ve been lucky with the weather this time!
Ricoleta cemetery
Back in BA!!! With G20

29 November 2018

We finally tried the Merluza Negra, a very rare fish that can be found only in deep Argentinian sea
An incredible time with the penguins. Now we are leaving the park and heading back. See you soon!
Penguins by the ocean
The penguins welcomed us in Punta Tombo!
The lifecycle of penguins
Enjoying our 2 hours trip to Punta Tombo

28 November 2018

We ended the Peninsula Valdes tour seeing the skeleton of whale and orca
After lunch we headed to the beach where sea elephants rest. We had an amazing view of the bay from the Faro.
The Italian tradition are kept also here where we ate Milanese with Papas Fritas and a bottle of Mendoza wine
The second step of our excursion in Peninsula Valdes was the laguna where sea lions and elephants rest before swimming to Antartica. They just need to be careful of orcas who can eat them!
At the beginning we lost hope but then as a surprise we saw whales! We were so surprised by how big they are! The whales played with us for a while. Before heading back to the port we saw also sea lions which were laying on the seaside.
Starting our adventure in peninsula Valdes! Let’s see if we can spot the whales!

27 November 2018

Learning about El Calafate’s history
Last lunch in El Calafate at the Mi Rancho
Exploring the town
Bird watching in El Calafate

26 November 2018

Welcome back to Argentina: where there are only rough roads
End of the trail
Last day in Torres and still time for a last windy trail!

25 November 2018

Hikers’ dinner
How to end the day
While returning from Lago Grey we stopped at Waterfalls Chico close to lago Pehoe
On top of the mountain! Beautiful view of Lago Grey, Cerro Ferrey and we found even snow!
Second trekking: Mirador de Cerro Ferry
First trekking of the day Mirador de Lago Grey
Ready for today’s adventure

24 November 2018

We found a small island for our stay in the middle of lake Pehoe
Arrived in National Park Torres Del Paine
Crossing the border
On the ruta 40

23 November 2018

After more than 8km of the 10km we went back to El Chalten without having the chance to see Laguna De Los Tres.
Unfortunately not our lucky day to spot the Fitz Roy covered by clouds..
At first we walked straight on the first 3km and we could see a beautiful view from above.
Arrived in the windy El Chalten and going on the Fitz Roy
On our way to El Chalten 😊

22 November 2018

Returning back home after the wonderful day on the glacier
Drinking on the glacier a special whiskey
Walking on the glacier
I see the glacier!
Taking the ferry to the other side of the lake!
Getting ready for today’s adventures

21 November 2018

Landing in our final destination of today: El Calafate
Stopping in the Fin de Mundo
Next stop Ushuaia (not the one in Ibiza)
Today’s travel plan: see Argentina from North to South in one day 😂 In capo al mondo con te amore 😘

20 November 2018

Leaving Brazil and hading back to Argentina after collecting few more stamps in our passports
Today we explored the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls 🇧🇷 The view is breathtaking

19 November 2018

Now time for a break
A glimpse of the fauna met in the park: the famous coati who steels food, a caterpillar, butterfly and an iguana.
Amazed by the beautiful natural wonder of the Iguazu falls. We explored first the Devil’s throat and wondered through the camino superiore and inferiore.

18 November 2018

Checking over the town of Iguazu

17 November 2018

Visit to local market
After 14 hours flight we landed in Buenos Aires and start looking around the city!