Colombia · 25 Days · 26 Moments · December 2016

Di's voyage in Colombia

4 January 2017

Agua: chlor wasser aus medellin filtriert
Fleisch mit weisser sauce K:5.5 d: 4.5 Fleiscj krokant gut aber geschmackslos, suace zu schwer, zu butterig
Plato 3: Pork mean with soya and patato sauce K:5.5 d:6 Sauce war langweilig und frage bohne? Weihnachtsgeschmack paste Wein paarung (argentina malbec) übertrumpft plato 3
Pulop mit polenta schwarz, sauce linsen und soya K: 4 d:4 Pulpo kein geschmack, gummig, salzig, kein gutes gewürze, fehlen von krustiges
Tiempo 1: K:8 d:7.5 Cocreta too borning Combination with proseco and seviche not ideal Konsistenz, intensive Geschmäcker, good fish, refreshing
Carmen: gruss aus der Küche Sushi: k: 4 d: 4 Cracker: k 5.5 d 5 Pause drom gruss to first tiempo: 25 min

2 January 2017

Cafe del mar: great place to see the sun set
New years eve: at alquimista Has a nice roof top and good music. Crazy salsa: great school in the centre of cartagena. We gad such a good time withMauricio our profe. He was fun, competent, flirty, and amazing teacher. He made me start liking salsa. I would have never thought that I'd like it

30 December 2016

Arriving to cartagena: we went for ceviche at the blue house at the airport. A very local place who no tourist would know of

29 December 2016

Sslsa classes were we danced with a good dancer and a. Eginners teacher
In Cali kerstin and i started dancing Salsa and we also went to a local gym where women would wear very small tops with big boobs. Done face done but done boobs. Cali has a yearly feria which is famous.

27 December 2016

Kerstin and I asked about where to go jogging and then jogged into a totally wrong direction. On top of it we dis not know where we were living so we stopped a police man who escorted us back to the hostel. His name was Oscar and he felt proud to having helped us/

22 December 2016

San Andres, playa principal: is super nice with loads of shops.
I stayed at the Karibbik Haus, which is led by a couple german guy and colombian girl. They are nice. The place is a little bit far from the beach. Its ok to stay there. Its cosy and we had a very much community approach to things.

21 December 2016

San Andres Aquario de Johny Cay: very nice island which you can visit for a day. There are too many people during high season. It got better after people left at 1 pm

20 December 2016

San Andres Ricky Cay: nice place where you can buy a package for all you can eat for 45000. The place was nice but very windy which is normal in december. Less windy is February, March, April

19 December 2016

Abaco: cute cafe but not the best service nor the best cafe.
Peru fusion: was a nice restautant for peruvian asian fusuion
Cafe del Mar: nice place to hang out for sunset
Spanish restaurant (sevilla): great food, great service, great music! A must go

17 December 2016

Sont do the island teip to any island. The best is apparently isla rosaria but i was at another one which was not that great and a waist of money with loads of tourists.
Cafe Havana: a salsa place with live band. Fun to hangnout if you want to dance salsa

16 December 2016

Cheviche place. Small and cute but a little pricy

14 December 2016

Palomino: great place to stay is tiki hut. Its close to the beach and really nice. There is also the dreamer which is a little more party oriented but its nice as well. Definitely need to do the tubing! You float down the river and the nature is everywhere

13 December 2016

Taganga: 10-15 drive from Santa Marta. I stayed at Divanga whichnis a very nice hostel a little bit far from the beach but still really nice. Taganga has nice restaurants and its worth ganging out at the beach in the evening. There is a lot of drugs going on, so at night you need to take a cap.

11 December 2016

Santa Marta: not much to see. Stayed at Villana which has nice facilities and is in the old town. However, the service was not that great.