Ecuador · 13 Days · 8 Moments · November 2016

Di's odyssey through Ecuador

8 December 2016

Notes: 1) set bounderies yes/ no if not you lose respect 2) read articles about the full story of your opinion 3) life coaching
A nice conversation with a local: I went to dulce cafe in Quito waiting for friends. It was raining a lot and when entering I was wet. I greeted a older man who found shelter in the shop while it was raining. He asked me if he can sit with me. Of course my first reaction was "suspicion". In any case we stared to talk in Spanish and the then then waiter came by to ask. I spontanously invited this older man for a cafe. He was so happy and accepted. We continued to talk about his kids and how he supports them. He seems to be a nice father. He said "enjoy life as long as you can". A moment if giving which felt really nice.

1 December 2016

Visiting the football social project called which is connected with the street football around the world. I talked to a refugee from Colombia. There are 5000 refugees in Ecuador that are still fleeing from miltitary in Colombia. They force families to pay fees and hurt them or even kill them. In ecuador they find help. With the football projects they meet every Saturday talk about a topic such as respect, fairness, etc and then try to play with these rules at the football game. I talked to one colombien refugee and he told me that the peace agreement is just a mask. It will still continue as there are more groups than the FARC. He told me that his dream is to give others the hand to accompany until they can do it their selves. To help them to go on in their lives and stop being a victim. He studies in university and continues to study but he said: l" it is more important to do something valuable to people than to have diplomas." He opens up his heart to other in similar situations.

30 November 2016

Quito free walking tour: The free walking tour started at Secret Garden hostel. It was worth doing it. Beautiful historical sites. Independence from Spain 1824. Shuaras created shrinking heads with secret ingredients. China is lending money to Ecuador which they trade with some place in the amazone, high lands for mining. The middle of the world: the museum is great with guided tour. One side of the equator has its wind and water going clock wise the other side against the clock. When these waters get together like in the carabean the different directions creat tornados, fluds etc. If you walk on the equator your balance is bad as the two sides influence it. Also if you let water go down a whole, the water goes clockwise on one site and the other side against the clock
Quito: if you want loads of people then stay at secret graden. If you want it easy there is Carpedm whichbis very close. The view of secret garden is amazing.

29 November 2016

Quilotoa: i had my base at Latagunga which was not a great place. I stayed at Tiana which was ok but staff was not nice. Quilotoa is super nice, worth visiting. There is no guide needed! They charge you 40 $ and the trip there was 3 $. Going alone or with other travelers was easy. Coropa

26 November 2016

Baños: canyoning was fantastic. You are in the middle of nature and climbing down waterfalls Also walking up the tour to the casa del arbol is good (dont miss the nice view from cafe del cielo). However, the casa del arbol is very touristy. But you can take great pictures

25 November 2016

Baños: Cafe shop Honey: very easy and laid back.