French Polynesia · 10 Days · 35 Moments · August 2016

Dionne's odyssey through French Polynesia

25 August 2016

Off we go. Just sitting at the airport in Bora Bora waiting for our flight. From here we go to Tahiti. A bit of a lay over in Tahiti until 11:00 pm. It's a long ride back to LA. Will arrive at 10:00 am California time. Hope to enjoy the day in LA and not be too tired.

23 August 2016

Spa day. The weather wasn't great so we seized the opportunity to enjoy the spa. Colin went for a 110 min massage and I had a 30 min massage and facial. It was the best facial I have ever had.

22 August 2016

Our villa. Right on the water. Gorgeous!

21 August 2016

Day... Night. A wonderful relaxing day and then to the sushi restaurant for dinner.

20 August 2016

Our bed last night. With a "congratulations on 20 years" card from the Butlers. It was beautiful.
OMG! I cannot get over his smile! We laughed like kids on these bikes.
These seats are so skinny! Grateful it's only a 30 min flight to Bora Bora.
Good bye Moorea. You have been beautiful and kind.

19 August 2016

A quick recap of the day (and it's only 1:40 pm- lol). We went ATV'ing. My husband drives like a maniac; no lie. We did a beautiful journey. It involved driving, a little hiking, and lots of laughing. Towards they end of the pictures you will notice the deterioration of my hair. Yep, he found water! And check out the pineapple flowers and how they grow into pineapples. Did you know they do not need water? They actually don't like it. Now that's my kinda plant!!
The Belvedere. And bridge of locks (like in France).
After Driving with Colin. No one ever said my life was easy. Two times thru water. We were soaked.
Just loved this. It was about a 500 m walk to the top of Magic Mountain. They welcomed us.
Cooks bay
Love this pic. At the top of "magic mountain". Behind us... The bungalows- the one at the very end is ours.
Pineapple flower
Pineapples. They are super cool. Kept on the island. No exporting. Found that a little strange because they grow so plentifully here. Rows and rows.
Beautiful terrain.
ATV day. Colin is having a blast. Haha!

18 August 2016

Last nights sunset was beautiful. Right outside our patio door.
Meet my friends. Bert the shark and Ernie the sting ray. Bert was about 2 feet away from us and Ernie was close enough to touch. Sting rays are soft and super cool. Their mouths are underneath and they look angry (to me). We had a great day. Enjoyed all the snorkelling. Definitely a place to come if you enjoy that.

17 August 2016

Dessert we went to the crepe restaurant. It was delicious. This is dessert. "The bounty". Bananas, chocolate, coconut, coconut ice cream ... It was delish!
Sharks! They won't eat me Colin said. Hmmmm, wonder what life insurance policy he thinks I have! Lol They actually won't. They are black rip sharks. They have a very round face, almost like a nurse shark. Last night at supper 4 of them swam beside is for the entire meal. I still think they want my leg. I have a lot to offer!
Yesterday afternoon we received a bottle of wine from the resort.
First drink! A wonderful rum and coke.
Our sweet heaven for 3 nights.
Our view. Not gonna lie, I cried.
Ok, seriously so cool.
The beginning.
Candace!!!! Tiramisu is soooo much better in Tahiti than Italy. How sad is that.
Just waiting for transport to Moorea. Enjoying each moment. Just wishing time would stand still for a while....
On our walk this morning we saw crabs and turtles. Absolutely gorgeous. The turtles followed us around. We think they are very used to getting fed. Tough to see in these pictures tho!

16 August 2016

Colin was "lay'd" upon arrival. Baha. It was cool tho. Our transfer team was waiting with our name on the board.
This was awesome! They were singing to us when we arrived!
The plane from LAX to Tahiti.
Leaving Edmonton with my baby yesterday. So excited to share my bucket list journey with my soulmate.