India · 9 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Dinesh's adventure in Pondicherry, Puducherry

1 October 2017

We reached Pondy by 4 am in the morning, and took an auto and went to santosh's place. We spoke for some time about out life and some of out stuff and college life and slept. Morning we woke up at 7 and took cycles for rent for two days. One is 75 rupees per day per cycle. Cycle owner asked for our I'd proofs and took 1000 rupees deposit. We started to arovil town, Santosh felt difficulty to ride initially, since he was riding after 10 years.

26 September 2017

23 September 2017

Start of the trip
Dileep booked the tickets for both of us, at 10.40pm bus on friday. We both met at PTC bus stop and started our journey from there. As usual bus came 30 min late i.e at 11.10Pm and we boarded. it took just 2 hours and 10 min to reach pondy. We went to santosh's place in an auto riksha. We discussed lot of things about our life l, job, future plans and about our business ideas for more than 1, and about all out college friends and their updates. After some time dileep slipped in to sleep, and me and santosh continued discussion on movies and stories. Santosh's dream was to direct films, we did a short movie in our college, that became a disaster that is a different story. After some time Santos started narrating a new story which he has inspired and written from an Oscar award winning movie. After listening and giving response for some time even i slipped in to sleep. Next day we woke up at 8.30Am and took bath and made a plan for auroville town. On cycle ride.

22 September 2017

Pondicherry is the place i always wished to stay more time. My love towards pondy started when i was in 6th standard, we had been to south india trip for 12 days at that time. Out of all the places we visited pondy attracted me much. Rite at that time i decided to visit is often, but due to my schooling and graduation happened far far distance from this place i couldn't visit it. When i joined in my job in chennai i was very curious to visit pondy, i visited it and discovered new places with more wisdom and knowledge than when i am in 6th standard i.e when i an 11. After this trip i could not visit it more often, if visited couldn't get a chance to spend more time. Out of all these i took out time for this weekend and decided to stay complete two days over there. I informed my friend santosh who works as a PO in ICICI bank in pondy, about my visit. And at the same time informed my friends in chennai about my trip. Only one said yes, Dileep my friend like santosh.