France · 48 Days · 50 Moments · May 2016

Our adventure in France, England, Scotland and Ireland

10 July 2016

Sent an email out to all participants yesterday with a link to our Google Drive for photos. Let me know if you didn't get it!

21 June 2016

Just got on the plane.... 5 :25 arrival in Cleveland
Our flight is delayed, check the website for updates... Flight 3517 it is showing 2:45 departure and 5:10 arrival
Flight update... We are delayed 40 minutes and now get in at 4:50
All on the plane!
Waiting at the airport for our first flight! Supposed to land at 4:10 in Cleveland.

20 June 2016

Last hurrah of the trip. Carriage ride through Killarney. We have eaten dinner and are off to bed. Ready for our 4am wake up to come home to you all!!!
Lady day and the Ring of Kerry, we are going to take a carriage ride now! #ALLin216
Cavs win!!!!!!!!!! #ALLin216

19 June 2016

Dinner tonight was the best yet
We kissed the Blarney Stone!!! Boy was it a scary walk to the top in tiny windy steps.

18 June 2016

Dublin fun at the book of Kells and a singer on the street

17 June 2016

Torturing Patrick on the boat
We are setting sail for Dublin

16 June 2016

We made it to Ibis haydock! Today was a lot of driving but no one for sick!!! We visited Woodworth home at Rydal Mount. We are off to dinner in a bit.

15 June 2016

Lots of rain today, we traveled to Stirling castle and Loch Katrine. Dinner was yummy as well... Tomorrow we are off to Wales.

14 June 2016

Scottish ceildihl night. Hands down a success. They all tried haggis and Connor liked it. The girls loved the fiddler and the music was great. Patrick danced with a lassie. Great night for all.
Our morning around Edinburgh

13 June 2016

Made it to the hotel, all is well
We made it to Scotland!
Lunch in York and the Minster

12 June 2016

Shepherd's pie for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert
Shakespeare birthplace and Anne Hathaway cottage
Lunch at the oldest pub in Stratford-upon-Avon
Stratford-upon-Avon hanging around tasting the most sour candy in the UK

11 June 2016

Roman baths in Bath England
Entertainment in Bath England
Stonehenge fun

10 June 2016

Fish and chips tonight! Consensus was it was good. Some weren't too thrilled but all enjoyed the chocolate cake!
Windsor castle
Ready for Windsor... Having coffee at the Shakespeare pub

9 June 2016

Waiting for Wicked to start!!!
Loving London so far!!!!
Waiting to go on, having a bit of ice cream.
Ready for London!!!

8 June 2016

Harry Potter was great! I gave them beer... Butterbeer that is!
Made it to London, waiting on line for Harry Potter!!!!

7 June 2016

Evening fun in Paris!
We were going to buy you all something but we didn't know your size!
Day 3 off to a great start! We are awake!

6 June 2016

What a wonderful day so far! We visited Notre Dame, Pompidou museum, St. GERMAIN and many others.
Building our cathedral, point zero, and crepes!!!! So tired we are going to bed!
Having fun so far

5 June 2016

Made it to the flight to Paris!!! Running but made it.
Getting ready for the first flight!

4 June 2016

One day till we leave!!!! This time tomorrow we will be in the air in our way to Paris!

24 May 2016

Remember that we have our last meeting on Thursday at 6:30! Bring your passport please!