North America, South America · 7 Days · 17 Moments · March 2017

Dinah's first Dental Mission Trip

10 March 2017

Friday- the coastal hotel. Our relaxation day before a log day of travels
Our visit to the dental school.

9 March 2017


8 March 2017


7 March 2017


6 March 2017


5 March 2017

This morning we walked to church in the village we are staying in. Brother Andy gave service about being awake and an alert Christian. He emphasized that we need to focus on Gods way instead of the worldly way. After we went home and had lunch and got ready to go to the clinic at noon. When we got there people were already lined up ready to see us. This was honestly very overwhelming and intimidating to say the least. During the 6 hours we were there I personally saw 8 patients. Cards collected at the night was 65 but this is because some tooth theirs home to bring back in the morning. We left around 7pm back to the house but it takes about 40 minutes to commute one way. Lasagna was for dinner and it was delicious! Then surprise dessert was brownie & Ice Cream! Rochelle(in yellow scrubs) was absolutely ecstatic! Nightly house meeting and then sleep! Tomorrow is our first long day of clinic. Prayers are welcomed 💜

4 March 2017

Honestly today has been one of the most draining days I have had since my ACT testing. We traveled so much and had so much to do in this hot and humid weather! I'm not trying to complain about the weather but I am from Michigan where is was 20* F the other day.... Tonight hopefully I will get some good rest because tomorrow we start seeing patients at the set up clinic in Bath. Please keep of 30 of us in your prayers. Thank you
Tonight's dinner included tuna salad (my favorite so far), chick peas with spices, cucumber salad, plantain chips with mango salsa stuff & the most delicious donut things. This was a Guy/American meal tonight. Also kool-aid or water to drink but no MOM I didn't drink the kool-aid
Today we set up the clinic in the Bath church. The clinic includes 9 dental hygiene chairs and 9 dental/procedural chairs. Tomorrow (March 4) we start to see patients.
Breakfast- March 3,2017. Breakfast will usually be American foods. Lunch with be Guyanese-American & dinner will be full Guyanese foods. Wish me luck because I'm a big fan of fast food.
WE HAVE ARRIVED IN GUYANA! Safe and sound at the airport in Guyana. The flight took about 5.5 hours and had a lot of turbulence, landing was painful on the ears but after about 40 minutes in the airport waiting at customs they have gone back to almost normal. Prayers as we go through customs and travel by bus to the house we will be staying in for the week
JFK ➡️ Guyana 🇬🇾. This layover took about no time at all, unlike the flight that will take about 6 hours.

3 March 2017

On route to JFK.
Flight delay... should be getting on the plane about 40 minutes later than we were supposed to. 8:40 departure.🛩
Trying to get all checked in and of course the travel agent spelled my last name wrong. It's okay that's why we show up early, fingers crossed and prayers that it all works out.