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Dik and Sue China and other places 2018

16 July 2018

Back home safe and sound. Sometimes we wonder why we go traveling.

12 July 2018

Good to be back in the uk. All the condiments without the chilli. A little bit of time to catch up with the family. 8 hous and back in our local Bar Arena hope fully to see some of our friend's.

11 July 2018

Back in wales with son and grandson. Dont know who has the worse bite

5 July 2018

Very nice hotel. Very very hot landed at 5.30am it was 32 degrees. Went for a short walk to the waters edge had to turn back as it was too hot 47 degrees. Spent most of the time here inside with the air conditioning on. God help anyone travelling here for the world cup in 4 years time Definitely not us. Ticked it off and got the fridge magnet.

30 June 2018

Our activity today was white water tubing.p 3.5km down the Penet river and Sue was paralysed with fright... but after the initial getting wet she loved it. Really good day out and would recomend it although I would have liked it a bit more extreme!

29 June 2018

Our hotel pool which Unfortunately only sees about 3 hours of sun a day. A trip to Medewi up on the west coast of Bali to check the surf out. And i finally found some CIDER.... Bali Cider num num num

26 June 2018

Brilliant birthday on Gili trawangan. Party night as the pub crawl gang came into the bar. Sue and the infinity pool in our hotel. A sign i can relate to and a fish made from flip flops. Long and bumpy 3 hour boat ride back to Bali to a birthday cake from our hotel staff waiting for me in our room... another nice touch.

23 June 2018

Yet another run... 5k 10k and 21k I wanted to enter them all but once again entry was too late. Not to worry it started at 5am temp was around 32 degrees so went for breakfast instead!

20 June 2018

Arrived at hotel 2.30 in the morning. Pissing down but 28 c Spain playing football so had a bucket of 6 beers and chicken and chips for under a tenner. Had a knock on the door this afternoon with someone bringing flowers.... nice touch!
Street scenes with beer and the most interesting site in Manilla. waiting outside our hotel for a taxi to the airport

18 June 2018

Back to Stanley to watch the dragon boat races... thousands of people. Found a rucksack to fit all my gadgets in. The boat we would have liked to get back to the hotel in.

17 June 2018

Day trip to Macau and the casinos on the super fast hydrofoil as super class passengers. Didnt play poker as it was all in Chinese.

16 June 2018

The mount (Victoria peak) on Hong Kong island, the highest point on the island.

15 June 2018

Bar in Stanley over the nice side of Hong Kong island and our rooftop pool and night skyline. Im sporting my new holliday haircut which cost 17 quid thats 1.7 beers at the prices over here.

12 June 2018

Business sector downtown Shanghai. Big buildings and lots of them.
TRIP on the Maglev speeds over 500kph. Great way to start the day.

10 June 2018

Single double treble... Shanghai by night
Waiting at the airport to board a flight to Shanghai

9 June 2018

Another 500 step walk to the top of a mountain with very nice views
A visit to a Tea plantation seemed a good idea as we are in China. Tried out for a job and failed, good job really as i didnt much like the safty helmets. Then on to taisting the different types of tea.... all bloody horrible as far as im concerned.

8 June 2018

18 k bike ride followed by an 800 step walk to the top of moon mountain. Like going up 55 floors in a building but through the rain forest. Hit work so rush back down for a beer.

7 June 2018

Cook it yourself course in Chinese cuisine.... actually it tasted quite good! Can some one please comment as i do not know if this is getting through. Hundreds of thousands sky scrapers being built all over China unbelievable.

6 June 2018

4 days cruising on the Yangtze and countless miles, the three gorges and the odd temple thrown in for good measure we arrive at Maoping near to the Three Gorges Damm. A quick game of Mahjong... about 2 hours to learn! After a brilliant last night party in the presidential sweet which was paid for by John and Alison for their 25th wedding aniversary we toured around the biggest damm in the world.

3 June 2018

16 hour overnight sleeper train followed by a 4 hour bumpy coach ride finally in a hotel with internet

2 June 2018

The largest sitting Buddhu in the world. Street market and our hotel in Chengdo

1 June 2018

31 May 2018

Overnight train journey fron Xi'an to Chengdu what a party!
Amazing Terracotta warrior's a must see if your in China

28 May 2018

Everone is permanently on there phones over here never seen anything like it. Some of the massive sky scrapers going into central Beijing to house the 32 million inhabitants.
What a great day on the Great Wall. Long and hard climb for me from the bottom to the top. Sue took the easy route in the cable car.

27 May 2018

25 May 2018

Water here £9 beer 84p so no problems there! 3 photos of our room you will notice our bathroom has a large picture window into the bedroom, not to sure what to make of that, apart from you can watch the tv while having a bath. We had a meal at the Yumm bar b q place attatched to our hotel ive taken 2 photos of the menus you will need to expand them to see what delicacies we had to choose from. Typical chineese couple in the summer palace.

24 May 2018

Photos 1 the workers stadium 2 Paddys another bar we found walking. 3.Street scene at night... looks like there all chineese restaurants 4. A cage we found along with another dozen or more outside the workers stadium... i guess you dont want to get into trouble after the match. Another long walk today around Beijing and my feet are killing me. Very hot today 35 degrees. Going to the summer palace Tomorrow on the tube... that should be fun! Hope Nesh has a good day on Saturday send him our best wishes if you see him.

23 May 2018

Pictures. Front of 1st hotel in Beijing. Some wiring Mick needs to take a look at down one of the hutongs.The Bell and Drum Towers at the north end of the city and the view from our room down to what looks like a scrap yard but is infact about 35 houses which are being lived in. Walked 18,000 steps around Beijing today taking in the sites of China. Very impressed with how clean and tidy this place is. No one speaks English and to make things harder the writing over here is nothing like our alphabet. 5000 symbols in their alphabet makes it hard to pick up in a couple of days. Moving to a new hotel tomorrow in a different area of the city so we make sure we see it all.

22 May 2018

1. Live scorpions for breakfast from 3. The market. Lunch in Mollie Malones 2. Pint of Guinness for me and 3. A Mai Tai for Sue

19 May 2018

Last pint of Strongbow for a couple of months

5 May 2018

Just testing. Two guys I see on a regular basis

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