Europe, Asia · 6 Days · 38 Moments · October 2017

Far East business trip!

14 October 2017

Day 5/6: in the air Super tired, but grateful for the experience! Tried to sleep on the plane, ate well and watched cultural movies 😂 Once at home, after 24 hour trip, I collapsed on the couch at 9pm... Woke up next morning at 8am, first 11 hours of sleeping from high school!!! Japan stole my ❤️! Need to go back for a closer look!!

13 October 2017

Day 5: Seoul Back in LOTTE Mall Food Court for dinner.
Day 5: Seoul Walk in shopping streets: food and skincare shops, tons of skincare shops!! In love 😍
Day 5: Seoul Back in LOTTE Hotel for check out and then late lunch in LOTTE Mall with tomkatsu and seafood noodles.
Day 5: Seoul Find out your horoscope! Mine is ox!
Day 5: Seoul Gyeongbokgung palace: 3$ fee, worths a visit!
Day 5: Seoul Gwanghwamun Square. Also we assisted a commemorative celebration for 2015 ferry tragedy.
Day 5: Seoul Morning walk around the City Hall

12 October 2017

Day 4: Seoul Dinner at Hanam Pig Lesson learned, Korea BBQ is not suitable for a veggie!
Day 4: Seoul We're staying at LOTTE Hotel, very nice and clean room. They have a lady's floor at the top, unfortunately unavailable when I checked in.
Day 4: Seoul Here we are... welcome in South Korea 🇰🇷!!!
Day 4: from Yokohama to Seoul Goodbye Japan with Mt Fuji shape in the horizon!
Day 4: from Yokohama to Seoul Leaving Minatomirai on the Haneda bus..

12 October 2017

Welcome to Seoul!
Day 3: Yokohama Night walk alone in Minatomirai. The unusual sensation of being alone in an empty street and feeling safe. I love Japan!
Day 3: Yokohama What are you going to have for your second Japanese dinner? Same as first! 🍣🍣🍨
Day 3: Tokyo The most crowded street crossing in the world: Shibuya!
Day 3: Tokyo Lunch in the expensive Ginza Six food court
Day 3: Tokyo The fancy Ginza St
Day 3: Around Tokyo Some Japanese style!
Day 4: Tokyo My first Japanese garden!

11 October 2017

Day 3: Tokyo Inside the temple..
Day 3: Tokyo Approaching the famous Senso-ji!
Day 3: Tokyo First stop, the free balcony of Tourist information building close to Senso-ji temple. The bad weather ruined the landscape, but still great!

10 October 2017

Day 3: Tokyo Starting the challenging adventure with Tokyo public transport! Will we make it?
Day 2: Yokohama And after sushi, the famous and delicious Cold Stone ice cream with song! Mine is cheese cake fantasy! 😋
Day 2: Yokohama First REAL sushi!! 😍😍
Day 2: Yokohama Evening walk in Yokohama bay!
Day 2: Yokohama Here we are, JGC meeting
Day 2: Yokohama Good morning Yokohama!
Day 2: Yokohama Arrived in the hotel, at last! Funny toilet welcomes me!
Day 2: Somewhere in the air Western breakfast in the air!
Day 2: Dubai airport Boeing 777 Emirates business class!

9 October 2017

Day 2: Somewhere in the air Last supper in the air, but first mojito!
Day 1: Somewhere in the air! A380 Emirates Business class!
Day 1: Malpensa airport Emirates business lounge! Let's treat myself!
Day 1: Malpensa airport Here we are! Fast passport check!