4 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

My holidays

6 January 2018

Today 6 of January The kings have come and I am very happy because they have brought many gifts For me a toy and sneakers For my brother a blackboard and sneakers For my dad a waistcoast For my mam a cupful then we went to the uncle's house to eat and the food was very tasty

2 January 2018

Today 25 of December Olentzero has come to my house during the nigh and I and my brother have many gifts For my:a scooter and a cask For my brother:2 balls ,a toy ... For my dad one sweartshirt For my mam one short
Today 24 of December I went with Dani and Jon to the pin with Dani’s mam. we have ridden in many atractions and it is very funny,then if you throw a ball and the boy of the atracción give a premium to Dani threws the ball and it is goal and Dani chose a balon,I threw the ball and is goal and I chose a pop for my brother and Jon threw the ball and it’s no goal this is my day very good day with my friends.